The Baron Bayard Sala had been born on Barbelo in a time of swords and sandals, but being transplanted in an entirely new star system two thousand years into his future does nothing to change who he really was deep inside, which is a womanizing letch.

His basic appetite is for common women, something that earned no end of disapproval from his mother Queen Aurra back home, but when he moves to Taurus City he is surrounded by nothing but common women, all the time. Victoria knows he is getting some on the side, but now that Hope had been packed off to Canterwood Academy, and she had lost her power to fly, there didn’t seem much reason to stick around on the moon and endure living with a shamelessly adulterous husband. So Vic scoops up her little five-year old girl Aliwe and goes Earthside.

There she meets up with her grandmother Robyn, who had made herself scarce the entire time Vic and Bayard had raised Hope.

It wasn’t about you, Vic. Sure I was avoiding you, but it was a deliberate thing focused around Hope. I needed to create a longing in Hope for her real mother. For me.

But why?

I’m setting her up for the moment when she comes to herself, when she becomes truly aware. There will come a time when she will offer her life for me, and that crisis will push her into full consciousness. Right now everything is like a fuzzy dream to her.

I want to do something down here on Earth, Gramma. I want to be the sheriff of King County.

Well, you’re a dragon slayer, Vic, so I’d say you’re qualified to be county sheriff. But it’s an elected position here.

And elections cost money. You’re thinking of the money.

Heavens no. It’s not so much about money, it’s about organization. We can throw our people behind a campaign led by yourself to raise new money and public awareness for your election, but that’s precisely what you have to do. You have to lead the campaign.

Vic agrees to this challenge, and in the fall she wins the off-year countywide election to become the sheriff of King County, a position that comes up to a vote every three years. She defeats a man who runs on a Law and Order platform and when Vic pulled ahead of the incumbent in the polls over the summer things got fairly ugly, with vague insinuations of Church of Greendome influence hanging over her. But such charges only really get traction in that part of the United States known as flyover country. The West Coast is much more progressive than that, so Vic comes through fine. She is handily elected Sheriff, and the name Victoria Shybear becomes known throughout the region.

But Vic had come out of literally nowhere, so now it is up to her to prove to the voters she is the right person for this job. Vic throws herself into her work. Somewhere along the way she stops thinking of herself as attached to the B’nei Elohim in any meaningful way. It is the politically expedient thing to do, and the loss of her ability to fly like Supergirl made it seem easier. She even stopped getting direct mind-calls from Dory.

When the third day of the symposium wraps up early Victoria Vic Shybear elects to bypass hobnobbing with the National mucky-mucks and heads directly home in a generic silver squad car. Driving west from Moses Lake over arid flats she curses the nameless cubefarm idiot who scheduled training in the short week before a holiday. Most of the attendees had been distracted the whole time.

By the middle of the second day even Victoria had set her mind on cruise control and recorded the rest of the proceedings clandestinely with her phone. All those precious Lessons Learned and Tricks of the Trade went right down a bottomless drain of forgetfulness as officers and deputies from seven states nodded, muttered yeah, sure, and let their butts in the seat check off this requirement mandated from on high.

She drives directly into the mid-afternoon sun of autumn with her window cracked just a bit to let in the crisp air. In an hour the flats gives way to long golden hills carved by water into cleavage decorated by gigantic spinning white sentinels of clean wind power. In two hours the conifers turn on again like a light as the grassy hills become the eastern flanks of the jagged Cascade Range itself.

A huge cluster of cars at least a mile long had been piling up behind Victoria for almost an hour, drivers who would normally be speeding along through here at twenty miles per over, but were afraid to pass her. It is a familiar occurrence. Vic decides to pull over and let the crowd of vehicles break up and spread out.

There’s a gravel turnout between the eastbound and westbound lanes of the freeway marked with signs forbidding civilians from banging a U-turn. Victoria notes the State Patrol is not using it for a speed trap at the moment, so she slides quietly and neatly into that spot and cames to a crunching stop. Sitting there for a little bit might slow down some of these idiots without bunching them up, she thinks, as she digs her micro out of a black leather case on her belt next to her 9mm.

Victoria idly imagines telling Alexander Graham Bell, sitting in the seat right next to her a hundred years after inventing the telephone, that she needed to make a phone call with what appeared to be nothing but stylish reading glasses. Vic imagines that Mr. Bell’s reaction would be to panic and beg to be sent back to where he came from. She slips the glasses onto her face.

As required by statute, the act of turning on her micro simultaneously powers down her vehicle. Glowing three-dimensional data is superimposed on the lenses which she could drag and drop with lingering glances and smooth eye movements, a blink substituting for a mouse click. More than once during the seminar she had slipped these glasses on to unobtrusively read whole sections of a bodice ripper from the Swarm.

Vic checks her vidmail inbox. There are a few minor details from the office which she would attend to later, and one missed call from Mark Shelton, who lived with his wife on the northern rim of the Green River Gorge. Mark works out of his home, and his wife doesn’t work, so they are available to watch little Aliwe when Vic is out doing her sheriff stuff. So Vic and Aliwe share the house with the Sheltons.

Vic called him back, hoping it isn’t about Aliwe getting in trouble again. She turns the rear view mirror vertically so Mark can see her whole face when he answers. She knows the thirtyish woman staring back at her with to-die-for cheekbones had quite a luxurious mane of red- brown hair back in the Day. Vic is still a girly-girl deep down, but the exigencies of her current job forces her to keep it, and her neatly painted nails, far shorter than she likes.

A flurry of movement sweeps across her vision.

Hello, Vic.

He had rushed into one of his bathrooms to face a mirror for the call. Marks bespectacled face is superimposed on her own but Victoria, like five billion other people on the planet, is thoroughly practiced at focusing on one image and ignoring the other. It is becoming second nature.

I know this is unusual, Vic, but this is bad. Hope was booted from the Academy at Canterwood so she’s back here at my house.

What do you mean: Booted from the Academy?’

From what they’re telling me, she was talked into that classic game kids play. You probably remember. Playing Doctor, right? So basically Hope knows she’s not a real girl.

So now what do we do with her?

Dory’s telling me she wants to put her in basic training.

Dory’s telling you? Why doesn’t Dory tell me?

She says she doesn’t want to distract you.

Fine, Mark. I’ll be there in about two hours.

For many years the Green River valley west of Stampede Pass was an inviolate watershed, source of the drinking water for all of south King County. Only those who went about on four feet were allowed in there. Growth and population pressures finally caused the Water Authority to relent and allow a spur freeway through, but only after an important concession was made. The highway was constructed using special green methods that doubled the (already outrageous) cost per mile. And not a single exit was allowed to be built. There was no gas stations, motels, or development of any kind. Interstate 86 was just a sweet shortcut that bypassed the heart of Puget Sound City and routed traffic to and from the south end. Vic thought it was the prettiest forty miles in Washington, or possibly the whole United States.

The six-lane freeway rides high on the northern wall of the valley as an elevated viaduct more often than flat roadbed. Far below the highway is the reservoir behind Howard Hanson Dam. There are very few ups and downs or sharp curves on I-86, it was simply a gentle descent from Stampede Pass through ancient cedar forest and mountains of such rugged beauty they would be the heart of a full-up National Park if they existed east of the Big Muddy.

The tangled human carpet of greater Puget Sound City washed right up against the steep front of the Cascade Range, which on the wet side meet the lowlands the way a wall meet a floor, with very little in the way of foothills. The richly forested valley of the Green River narrows around I-86 where the freeway, a railroad, a giant water pipeline, and the river all squeezd between twin behemoth mountains and deliver Sheriff Vic to the sprawl of so-called modern civilization.

Victoria leaves the freeway in a Gordian knot of overpasses, underpasses, and spiraling viaducts that finally smooth out onto a landscaped eight-lane byway at Four Corners and a five-minute red light.

Here, Edgewood Mall with its attendant mini-malls spread around the mighty crossroads with a sprinkling of big black glass office suites clustered together in business parks randomly scattered from here all the way to the hypothetical Seattle core far away to the northwest. Behold: King County. And yes, Victoria is the chief law enforcement officer of all of this sprawl, in theory.

In practice, King County is a patchwork of small incorporated cities with their own local police, while the State Patrol watches the network of highways tying it all together. Victoria and her some thirty deputies patrol the unincorporated areas and that is dwindling by the month. Still, it is an elected position she had secured twice in the last six years, and a traditional launching pad to higher office.

American McMonoculture is self-regulating and self-propagating. Every McFastfood place, every McSupermarket, every McOil-change place, every McGasmart, are franchises exactly identical to ones found anywhere in North America, or for that matter, anywhere in the whole McWorld. Only the gray skies and scattered clusters of tall pines sets this place apart from any suburb in California or Virginia. The United States has achieved this appalling uniformity by 1975, and the rest of the world is rapidly following suit.

Jobs are shifted from one country to another until the workforce which accepts the lowest compensation for their labor was found. Corner Mom & Pop grocery stores and restaurants disappear as they are replaced by cookie-cutter franchises.

Family farms disappear to be replaced by endless tracts of clone McMansions painted in just two different colors and spaced just six feet apart. Every morning and afternoon four-lanes of commuters triy to squeeze down two-lane country roads to and from work thirty miles away, driving alone in identical trucks carrying five dollar a gallon gasoline pumped from one of two different gas brands (Exxon-Mobil-Shell or Texachevron-76) into twenty-five gallon tanks.

On the radio, market researchers conduct surveys to determine which songs did the least to harsh the workplace mellow and these songs are put into endless rotation on stations across the FM dial.

In twenty-theater megaplexes, mindless Hollywood crap is shown with the ethic of get the kids in, show them the Falling Galaxy, and get them out, and everything that makes each corner of the world unique and wonderful is choked off, bought out, and co-opted by the gray forces of standardization as the culture, the religion, the politics, and every facet of everyone’s life conform to the principles of the fast food restaurant.

An Easy Cheezy pizza place is nearby and beige, clone apartment complexes with such names as Fountain Pointe, Evergreen Terrace, Mirrorwood, and Heather Ridge thicken as Victoria drives past Viewmont High School, empty now on the cusp of a four day Thanksgiving weekend.

Vic chuckles at the difficulty of coming up with a variation on teriyaki every ten blocks. Teriyaki Time. Teriyaki Now. I Love Teriyaki. Some are probably just known locally as That teriyaki place next to Tattoo Alley.

Vic drives west past a few typical arterial corners festooned with more strip malls and turns south on the Ravensdale-Black-Diamond Road, a fat six-lane arterial. Across the street from a Burger Goddess is a Taco Fiesta and an expanse of identical faux-Colonial homes, each house sporting four tacky hollow white aluminum bogus columns.

The monotonous sprawl ends briefly for the only agriculture that existed around here, a farm with 300 acres of rolled sod, the source of perfect pre-grown grass for all those perfectly-groomed front yards.

Frozen pink fire fills the November sky to the west, marred by billowing swaths of deep purple. It is one of those beautiful weather moments that stood out in your mind for a lifetime. Victoria would remember this years later: the beautiful sunset marking the final evening that she would see her daughter Hope as just her daughter and not the latest two-legged avatar of Chokhmah.

Under the sky’s neon glow the roads are unusually dark, which causes the headlights of rush-hour to really stand out. Behind her windshield Vic points at the sky with almost a grin, as if to tell the eastbound drivers to turn around and look, quick, but two traffic lights later the fire has shrunk to just a small patch of red.

The road narrows to four lanes. Vic turns left at a country corners type mini-market place. Lake Number 12 is on the right, down in its own hole. Vic passes a Dari-Hut and a little shopping plaza built around a wholesale grocery outlet. A smooth right turn puts her into the bedroom community of Shangri-La.

Mark’s place is a cute little pale blue house, maybe thirty years old, with clean white trim. The yard is more stone than grass, ringed by beauty bark and low-maintenance shrubs.

When Mark meets her at front door he saw that her uniform is still immaculate at the end of the day. The unadorned star of her badge is pinned to her chest, a little piece of tradition harking back to the wild west days. Vic is a short wiry woman in pressed black slacks, a dark gray shirt with many pockets and a light gray tie. Hope had been playing with her sister Aliwe in her bedroom but heard her mother pull up and now rushes out to hug her.

I love you momma!

Vic is very glad to see Hope once again, it has been almost a year since the Bite the Wax Tadpole concert.

I love you too, baby. Lets go back inside and you can tell me whats going on.

It was possible for Hope to cry. That was a very expensive feature. And so the tears flowed as Hope told momma Vic about the thing in the treehouse and all the consequences that flowed out from it. The one thing Victoria couldnt answer for Hope was why her body was different from the other girls, even from her sister Aliwe.

I’m your mother, Hope, but I’m not your real mother. That’s Robyn. I already told you that. Yes we know you’re different but Robyn says she wants to explain all that to you herself.

When, momma?

Very soon. But first, tell me the first rule of this house.

HOPE & ALIWE (in perfect unison)
Never go into the woods behind the house!

Okay! Well, tomorrow morning, Hope, I’m going to take you into the woods behind the house. But that rule still holds firm for you, Aliwe! Don’t even think of following us down there!

After the fur trapping days and the gold and coal mining days the economy of the Green River was based on logging the pines of the productive timberlands all around. The US government became an insatiable customer for timber during the First World War, and most of the nearby hills were stripped bare. The tree-fellers spent their considerable pay locally, just as the gold and coal miners had made Black Diamond a lively place in its day, so there was a trickle-down effect. The good times continued until the Depression of the 1930s.

As part of FDRs New Deal Howard Hanson Dam was constructed just upriver, and this provided the enormous electric power needed by smelters to turn local bauxite into finished aluminum. This aluminum was used in four-engined bombers for the Pacific theater of the Second World War, built in nearby Renton. Snuggled in the gorge was an old US Army installation that has long been abandoned. For many years, the army performed live-fire artillery exercises there and the whole area is littered with hidden unexploded shells to the present day.

When the Cold War came to an end the army sold the land to King County and said, “See ya!” thus wiggling out of paying for cleanup. And the county tried to convert the land into a regional park with hiking trails for all who went on two or four feet, but that worked for about five minutes, maybe, before some children found a grenade and pulled the pin.

That is the Green River Gorge for you, filled with unexploded ordnance, mine shafts, cave holes, coal seams that still burned, and the stumps of giant trees long-since gone, replaced by crap red alder. So the whole Green River Gorge remains a huge undeveloped green hole on the rolling hills before the Cascade front even as million dollar trophy view homes begin to appear on the slopes all around it. Eventually the B’nei Elohim offer to take the land off the county’s hands to build something they call Shangri-La, and the county is glad to be rid of it. At least the B’nei Elohim would be paying property taxes on it, they figure.

Shangri-La is hemmed all the way around by a tall concertina wire fence. The private Ring Road, miles of gravel along the perimeter, is patrolled night and day by a pair of Fallen Angels in a truck. Other angels range through the interior woods on trails known well to them, ever alert for trespassers.

The Ring Road provides access to hundreds of large homes on one acre subplots, all of them estates owned by senior members of the B’nei Elohim. Robyn and Lilith owned one, Hunky and Dory owned another one. Most of the rest are owned by this or that Jill. One was Mark Shelton’s house, where he lived with his wife Phyllis and Vic and Aliwe They are all nice homes but their location isn’t ideal for the construction of home sites by any stretch of the imagination.

Access to the boot camp facilities was to be through Mark Shelton’s house, out his back patio door, and into the woods. And only a full Bnei Eloah could safely navigate the hazards therein.

In the morning two other girls arrive at Mark’s home, together with uniforms and other paraphernalia for Hope. They are Geraldine Sanchelli and a girl named Stephanie, no last name, who is a daughter of one of the Jills. Stephanie is pretty and blond, looking very much like a porcelain doll. She has already spent some time down there in boot camp and has advanced from recruit to ish.

Conscious of Sheriff Victoria staring at her, Geraldine pushes black hair away from the dark eyes on her oval face. She is a mixture of Mexican and Irish. Later, Geraldine would reveal to Vicky how much she despises her parents, and smile when she thought of how their lives would be complicated beyond belief by her sudden disappearance.

Both Stephanie and Geraldine are already wearing Girl Guard uniforms. Vic knew Stephanie would eventually just become another Jill, and then her ponytail would have something to hide.

Ersatz Girl Guard threads are becoming all the rage out in the Real World. The prim uniform of a gray and white smock dress, red tights, and black knee boots are hot fashion for good girls who want to look bad, and bad girls who want to turn heads. So for a sweet season that would certainly be brief, genuine Girl Guards may walk undetected anywhere among a million B’nei Elohim wannabes trying to cash in on BE chic.

Remember, when you join the B’nei Elohim there’s no going back, theres no getting out, and there’s no end to the ride.

Not even suicide, Ma’am?

Jill takes suicidal personalities and gives them bodies of girls who are happier. Bad attitudes are bred out. Eventually there is nothing but warm fuzzies all the way around.

Victoria gives her daughter a long sleeve half gray and half white thick cotton dress with an elaborate decorative pattern embroidered in black thread on the left, or gray side. Pink wool socks go over the feet of her tights, then she is zipped up in a pair of shiny patent leather boots that end just below her knees. Then Victoria stands back up and faces the three of them.

We’re not interested in keeping you busy just for the sake of keeping you busy, like they do in fellas’ boot camps. That’s why, for example, your boots are already as shiny as they can be. Now one or two of you will eventually be in the full-up Girl Guard, or maybe one or two of you will just become civilians. So Hope, Geraldine, I don’t want word to get back to me that you deliberately screwed up to be civilians. That will adversely affect Stephanie’s chances of being picked up for malak. You are a team!

Yes, Ma’am!

Hope makes it sound more like Yes Mom.

We don’t treat our recruits as the scum of the earth, like other armies do. Still, the Girl Guard is the most formidable fighting force in the world. If you don’t believe me just check out the daily news from Barbuda. That means you will be toughened up, big time. You’re the elite! They’ll throw a lot of mind games at you when you get in there. Just remember, that’s all they are: mind games. I promise you will understand what is being done to you before you graduate. Stephanie already knows.

Vic issues Hope and Geraldine a supply of red nail polish, pre-moistened towelettes, a lighted makeup mirror, ruby earrings, and a host of other girly accessories that seem strange to be called army issue.

Okay, let me take a good look at you. This is for the guards here at Shangri-La. They will call up on the Swarm this very memory of mine being taken now and just know who you are. The Girl Guard doesnt issue ID cards.

Then Victoria kisses all of them in turn, opens up Marks patio door, and leads Hope, Geraldine, and Stephanie by secret ways over the lip of Mark’s backyard lawn and down into the gorge.

The rule for the architecture in Bnei Elohim boot camp is no straight lines. Most of the buildings look like fat commas in their top view, irregular with trees and ferns planted on their roofs. The walkways are gravel and dirt. No airborne photography would capture the existence of a training facility there. Stephanie knows the rest of the way, so Victoria hands Hope and Geraldine off to her and climbs back up to the house, bawling the whole way.

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Also if you don’t Snapchat people your junk.
Also known as petitio principii; or assuming the premise. Gets you an F in logic class.
Also known as Political Tao; or the Law of Unintended Political Consequences. Pop some corn and enjoy the Republica…
Also known as “The Graduate II”
Also known as the Great Return to Form
Also; on page 19; “The CIA Stole My Brain!”
Also political. It’s not a “gay marriage” or a “same sex” marriage; it’s a marriage and the topology of our genita…
Also sold under the alternative title “Madame and Eve”.
Also; the man who fears the coming of the Great White Handkerchief to the nose of the Great Green Arkleseizure fear…
Also the mix is a bit too hot; unless you wanted it that way. Could come down a few dB.
Also the mix is a bit too hot; unless you wanted it that way. Could come down a few dB.
Also there is a 3rd reasonable possible answer; that the error or contradiction is valid; and the scripture is wron… ;
Also; there’s all these cool colors and brisk sunshine at the treeline on Mt. Rainier; and fearless herds of deer i…
Also the woman who anointed Jesus “…there shall also this; that this woman hath done; be told for a memorial of h…
Also: using ESP to attempt to change the mind of an immutable God who otherwise planned everything from the beginni…
Also wax cylinder!
Alternatively; here’s a list of 40 advertisers who would otherwise run spots on O’Reilly if the sexual harassment t…
Alternatively; Mike Pence sends every gay and lesbian in America to the FEMA camps that used to hold gun-totin’ pat…
Alternatively: O’Reilly Out at Fox News as Accounts Receivable Dry Up
Alternatively; we can believe a pissed-off bearded dude happened by sheer chance and then created a complex univers…
Alvord Desert in southeast Oregon.
Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.
Always more galaxies!
Always one more excuse to put off doing what theists have been putting off doing for 3;000 years; which is just lay…
Amateur Hour
Amazing drum work after the spooky middle section.
Amen sister Michelle; amen and amen!
American taxpayers will pay for it and when they do they will learn precisely why Paul Ryan will call the legislati…
Amerithrax; Saudi Arabia coup; first nuke since Nagasaki; bomb team suits; “Patriot File” dossiers on lib senators;…
A moral paradox is something like God finding Noah alone righteous in his generation; and later Paul saying there i… https
An abortion truck on every corner!
AN atheistic
And 100 million years from now; when they’re gone; Flat Earthers will go; “See; the moon landings were fake!”
And a bit further south is the elevator down to the Sea Lion cave! Enter and leave through the gift shop; natch.
And abstinence is a sexual position; by the same ridiculous token.
And after that they’ll have to release Kamikaze hornets to kill the Samurai stink-bug killing wasps! Where will it…
And all this without overturning Roe v. Wade and re-criminalizing abortion! Go figure!
And a lot of that is accounts receivable in Trump’s own venues.
And also about 75 years of continuous carrier ops; which is a ballet you have to see to believe. Top Gun really d…
And anyone living in either galaxy is all; like; whatever.
And a Republican offensive line in Congress to protect them. https
And as we say in Calculus; the rate of increase of the rate of decrease is increasing!
And at least the cosmos won’t torture me forever for liking girls; a lot.
And Bigfoot skeptics secretly believe he exists; but keep telling people he doesn’t because one time Bigfoot let th…
And by the time you’re an old man it’s down to 205; but now they have a little blue pill for that.
And “Children of Lucifer” is Peter O’Donnell at his finest. Like a full novel.
And Christians are atheist about nearly as many gods as full-up atheists are; so there you go. Explains much.
And Christians cannot. They should read it more often; not just memorize select verses.
And Dean is on tape with a President discussing laundering a million dollars to keep Hunt; McCord; Liddy and the Mi…
And don’t ask what ideas women have about him!
And don’t get the Mohel with Parkinsons!
And droid-jacking pizza will be a thing.
And dudettes!
And even then God wouldn’t be believed; only understood; because belief is claiming that something exists without e…
And for the occasion; Kirk wore his Dress Puke Greens.
And gonorrhea just doesn’t have that alpine wholesomeness about it.
And having observed; you convert the smooth evolution of the Schrödinger equation into a single Eigenstate. All ha…
And he even looks like an Oompa Loompa!
And he’s just getting started!
And how it is a global phenomenon. 😉
And Hubbard wasn’t even a particularly good sci-fi author.
And if the Unabomber was given the nuclear football.
And if we know less; his energy-mining patrons make more.
And if you divide Alaska into two equal halves; Texas becomes the third largest state in the Union. She it!
And I’m enjoying every minute of it.
And it’s not even the second month of his “presidency”.
And it’s worth every second.
And later we find out that a corporation running a chain of private prisons has sent this fellow a million dollars…
And lo it came to pass in the days of King Chedorlaomer that Maher-shalal-hash-baz begat Nergalsharezar the Rabhal…
And look out; here comes Jews for Jesus; Punks for Pink Floyd; Dykes for Dick and Chickens for Colonel Sanders!
And Lynch; Hitchcock; Coppola; and Fellini. But never Lucas; fuck Lucas.
And most of those are in hell because they lived anddied without ever hearing about; let alone accepting;Christ a…
And my head I’d be scratchin’ While my thoughts were busy hatchin’ If I only had a brain
And no one wants to take it from you. But in the long run every pattern dissolves; from mayflies to galaxies.
And no wonder; God once drowned every little child on planet Earth. #atheism
And Other Trumpian Masturbatory Fantasies.
And our little dog too!
And religion is afraid God lost control of his lightning bolts.
And right now that little escape plan is starting to look good to 45.
And She’s a pissed off black Muslim lesbian.
And SHE’S the immigrant.
And so all Israel shall be saved as it is written; There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer; and shall turn away… ,
And someday the actual flight to Japan will take less than an hour too! @AeroSavvy ,
And that’s astonishing; because if any group specializes in anticipation of consequences you’d think it would be fa… https
And that’s saying something; because we have started several land wars in Asia. #theprincessbride ;
And the Bernie Bros would bring the fuel. That’s how we got into this mess.
And the Bible was written by fellows who lived on tithes and offerings. Funny how that worked. ,
And the GOP Senate confirmed.
And the GOP Senate rubberstamped his ass.
And the Indian; Chinese; Russian; European and Japanese space programs all collude with NASA to cover up the firmam…
And the Mercer Mess not much better than before.
And then; after the Spanking…the Oral Sex!
And then do it once again in the gospel of Luke and getonly the names Shealtiel and Zerubbabel in common withMatt…
And then Joseph Smith wrote a big section of his Bookof Mormon starring Alma; not realizing his hero had aname m…
And the notification was easy! All he had to do was tell any one of his advisers.
And the question is; “What Is Six Times Nine?”
And there’s nothing to explode into; space is created dynamically as the expansion continues.
And the rings on the other’un!
And the winning couple of the Native American traditional dance contest; Dances with Wolves and Sleeps with Beavers!
And they all agree they taste like chicken!
And they don’t even exist in thought; since only thoughts of lines and points exist; not lines and points made of t…
And they only like part of the Second Amendment; ignoring the “well regulated militia” part; which implies a chain…
And they’re buzzing Navy assets in the Black Sea. Nice new “friends” you got there; Republicans. Saint Ronnie is…
And they want to make the Martians pay for it.
And they want to make the Martians pay for it.
And think of all the abacii with unpatched BC2AD bugs!
And think of all the abacii with unpatched BC2AD bugs!
And this ISN’T my nose; it’s a FALSE one; THEY put it on me. #KellyAnnConway
And this love called God burns people who eat hot dogs on Fridays of Lent with eternal hellfire.
And to see the results of that; visit the NASA page and look at all the moons and rings and things.
And Trump cites
And Trump will blame Obama; because he has a sign in the Oval Office that says; “The Buck Doesn’t Even Slow Down He…
And wear little yellow six pointed star armbands too. https
And we’re saying the universe is an uncaused being. William of Ockham would vote with us; for refusing to multiply…
And we’ve been waiting for this evidence since the time of Socrates when he was forced to drink hemlock on account…
And we will never be voluntarily Christian. Might have to break out the rack again.
And what is Twitter but a bunch of electronic fortune cookie messages?
And when they go out of tune; all those billions of pianos go down on a conveyor belt loop to the other place to be…
And why have Christians always persecuted Jews for “killing Christ” ? They should be grateful somebody did it; rig…
And why would the only two people on Earth cover up when an omniscient God comes calling? We don’t do that in our…
And without reading the Bible; then people aren’t saved. So the gospel consists of salvation through proper traini…
And with your weed you’re gonna also need tacos; natch.
And yet Goebbels was a practicing Catholic and high up in the Nazi party apparatus. Fortunately I do not draw con…
And yet it was your buddy Beauregard commanded the South Carolina militia to fire on Old Glory that April day in 18…
And yet nobody heard of this Yahweh fellow until around 1000 BCE when the Judahite Canaanites first started talking…
And yet womenfolk make 77 cents for every male buck.
And you can flog your indentured servant to death; as long as he doesn’t die under the lash but survives a day or t…
Angela is fine with that. She doesn’t know where that hand has been.
Animated tattoos are so @GreatDismal 22nd Century.
An immutable; omniscient God cannot exist because knowing it is time t+1 sec is a change from knowing it is time t.…
An one-shot antimatter laser that was pumped by letting matter in the back-door would be a hella good long-range we…
Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone and another one gone Another one bite…
Another way to phrase that it to say it took 36 hours to make Donald Trump understand that Republicans have a major…
An uncreated universe is too hard for theists to swallow. They need to postulate their uncreated dude first; and th…
Any more undetectable and neutrinos would be the real God particles.
Anyone else wanna step up to work for Trump and eventually see what it looks like under the bus?
Any ting you wan.
Ape Canyon; where that whole Bigfoot thing got started.
A perfectly good god would never create evil (Isa. 45:7) nor command the genocide of the descendants of a people th… ;
Apollo 11 had an early computer. Aldrin feared it might have carried 5 when it should have borrowed 8 making them become “one with the moon”
Apparently “Pray you don’t get sick” isn’t an acceptable plan.
Apparently there’s an oubliette ready for Soros if Mossad ever gets him.
Apparently they have piled up a modest quantify of anti-atoms and verified they have the same emission lines on the…
April typhoons bring May flower blooms!
A proto-Puritanism (based on gnosticism?) entered Christianity creating a narrative of Mary’s perpetual virginity t…
Aquinas came up with this idea of no infinite regress; but why not? Isn’t a God that extends infinitely back in ti…
Archaeology; bingo; that’s science. You go out in the field and dig up evidence.
arctan x + SEE you hit my bumper!
A redundant plot device in a Garden where a man and woman were immortal anyway; and barred from it when they weren’…
A relationship goes 2 ways. One cannot have a relationship with a being invented to explain natural phenomena befor…
Are there nor truuuue Scortsmen in the hooooose? Those there Catholic gerrrrunts are trampling o’er ma God-gi’en ra…
Are there persons not born from a male and a female?
Are those images taken from the crayon drawings you have made on your mother’s basement wall?
Are we supposed to obey the part about (Re22:11) “He that is unjust let him be unjust still and he which is filthy…
Are you for real?
Are you on bandcamp?
Are you talking about hating the same Constitution that says all citizens are entitled to the same protection under… https
Are you talking about John “I have never found common sense in any Jew” Calvin? What a goofy fellow he was!
Aristotle had his good points; but he also thought things required a constant force to remain in motion; betraying…
Arriving at Jupiter after a 2 year transit in hibernation feels like the biggest ice cream headache ever; except that you’re the ice cream.
Arthur: “But your arm’s off!” Immortal God Family Member: “‘Tis but a flesh wound!”
Article II of the Constitution gives Donny certain powers; but ultimately he works for We the People.
As a democracy we have agreed that using taxation to establish a commons is more beneficial than charging tolls for…
As an atheist I despise Koranic injunctions as much as I do Judeo-Christian ones. Liberty is man setting himself f…
A second term.
As God designed
Asimov; “The Martian Way”; Earth embargoes all water exports to Mars so the colonists shrug and haul it in as ice from the rings of Saturn.
As in every endeavor; the key is to find the right talent. ;
As long as the job requirement is that men do not have sex with women; the RCC will continue to attract gay applica…
As long as they lay the hell off my female sacrament; which is; of course; chocolate.
A sort of “sequel” to A Space Oddity. Major Tom is Bowie himself; who had a cocaine addiction.
A spaghetti science fiction film!
A special lifetime achievement award for NOT giving in to the temptation to sing.
A square circle is a meaningless term also. I don’t believe in square circles either. #atheism
Assember. Eve had an Apple ][. Adam had a Wang.
As soon as the check from Mexico clears. Oh wait; no; we’re paying for it.
Assuming he doesn’t get impeached or quit; November 2018 is going to be so sweet.
Assuming we don’t nuke ourselves and we still have books and not cuniform on clay tablets.
As sure as my name is Lucky Day; the people of Santa Poco can conquer their own personal Trump; who also happens to be *the actual* Trump.
Assyrian as a heart attack.
A student of history knows that the various Sumerian legal codes preceded that of Moshe by from 1-2 thousand years.…
At about the five minute mark this gets so darn…liquid!
At every stage; they are pursuing a course to optimize profits.
#atheism #bible
Atheism cannot be an organized “ism” at all; it just means when you claim there’s a creator god atheists don’t beli…
#atheism #cA-The ruling patriarch of Family Gerash bows before the avatar of THAUMIEL.
#atheism #catholic
#atheism #creationism #FlatEarth @AtheistEngineer
#atheism #creationism #science #KenHam
Atheism is a lack of belief in Yahweh or Allah. It’s a nothing. You can speak against a nothing any time you want…
#atheism #islam
Atheism is the denial of a claim. There’s no argument to be made on our side. Its up to theists to make the argum…
Atheism is to religion as celibacy is to sex. If you’re good at celibacy; that means you don’t slip up and tear o…
ATHEIST A Thoughtful Honest Ethical Intelligent Skeptical Thinker
@AtheistEngineer #FlatEarthFools
@AtheistEngineer needs to see this one.
@AtheistEngineer says “Your god is indistinguishable from non-existent.” It’s such a LinuxGal-like statement I’m no…
Atheists are counting on not experiencing an afterlife; and theists hope there is one. Neither side will be disapp…
Atheists are non-believers of God. And God ever smites them. Smotes. Smoteth. Whatever!
Atheists do not accept human emotions (such as the assurance of things not seen; which Heb.11:1 defines as faith) a…
Atheists don’t believe in God. Babies don’t believe in God. Therefore…(wait for it…wait for it…) babies are… ;
Atheists generally don’t have Origins Compulsion Disorder. We study their properties; yes; but we don’t really won…
Atheists understand; rather than just “believe” that values which respect human dignity lead to a better outcome fo…
A thing is about to happen which has not happened since the Elder Days. The Ents are going to wake up and find that…
At least by doing nothing; the inaction weighs on your mind and you might end up doing something. After praying; y…
At least he didn’t call to say “There’s more where that came from!”
At least; that is what is reported in the sacred writings of the very same one nation; coincidentally enough.… ;
At least they’ll be together with their families!
At least you’re going the right way; Junior. My life is a series of Senior Moments.
At Mud Mountain Dam; near Enumclaw; Washington.
At one point Syd showed up for the Shine sessions; and the boys hardly recognized him.
A town below the Mountain is named Enumclaw; which; translated; means “place of evil spirits” out of racial memory…
At some point I figure he’ll pull a “Ken Ham” and block me. But you have to bring your A Game when I’m playing.
At some point; next two to six months; Donald will either quit because he’s bored of losing or be impeached. Then P…
At that time even the Judahites viewed Yahweh as their tribal deity and didn’t universalize him until the trauma of…
At the end of the Book of Jonah; God says; fine; never mind the 600;000 people that would die; think of all the cat…
At the Weeping Wall in Glacier National Park there is a free car wash for people driving westbound down the Going-t… ;
Aw; crap. Us’uns Cold War Navy vets seen these AGIs before. Dime a dozen.
Awful House; we called it at CTT “C” School in P-Cola. Grits are extra.
Aw; what a shame; trouble in Galt’s Gulch. #AynRand
A #Xena fan can dream; can’t she?
A year ago you could just insert an image into a retweet. Twitter didn’t like the trend; so to still do it; you ha…
B. 1. Dr. Luke was excluded from the list of Paul’s companions who were “of the circumcision” (Colossians 4) and he…
Babies always start as atheists. They don’t believe in Zeus or Jesus or or what-have-you. If you leave them alone they will remain atheists.
Back alley urinations are unacceptable.
Back before the ruling of Loving v. Virginia; 1967; black fellows wanting to marry white girls was considered “spec…
Back in the day; before Washington State had legal same-sex marriage. Same sweetie though!
Back in the Day execution wasn’t “here’s an injection; go to sleep” but more of a deterrent to others. https
Back in the Day the Pope issued a bull titled “Ad Extirpanda” which authorized enhanced interrogation and Jesus started rolling in his grave
Back in those days Jimmy Buffet blew out his flip flop; stepped on a pop top; cut his heel; had to cruise on back h…
Backward queer is only one of some fifty or more positions.
Back when planet Earth looked like Gethen in Leguin’s “Left Hand of Darkness” and my backyard was deep under the ic…
Bad as in; it doesn’t reach it.
Bad Band Name #202: Alcoholics Unanimous
Bad Band Name #243: Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program
Bad Band Name #244: Jesus Christ Super Fly
Bad Band Name #262: Nervous Christians and the Lions
Bad Band Name #287: Skeptic Tank
Bad Band Name #357: Ben-Wa and the Blue Balls
Bad Band Name #450: Lawnmower of Death
Bad Band Name #509: Social Coyotes
Bad Band Name #524: The Brady Bunch Chainsaw Massacre
Bad Band Name #547: 30;000 Screaming Sphincters
Bagged it once. And I’m 51!
Balls? LOL.
Banjos! Paddle faster!
Barron; do you like movies with gladiators?
Based on BSD Unix; so like second cousins once removed; or something.
Beatles released “Help!” so Dylan introduced the boys to cannabis and the result was Rubber Soul.
Beautiful but bumpy AF.
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. https
Beauty is where you find it.
Because after the Syrian strike on behalf of the “Zionist Occupation Goverment”
Because Anybody And His Dog Can Write On The Internet. Even I Do It.
Because a shit sandwich on rye instead of white bread is still a shit sandwich.
Because Christians like Trump attack the Gold Star families and refugee people in the Islam.
Because Christmas is not about the birth of Jesus Christ; it’s about getting in a fistfight with some other shopper… https
Because coverage is pure Communism from the Eighth Dimension! https
Because encyclopedias aren’t self-replicating machines with four billion years to get it right.
Because female humans have a wider pelvis than menfolk; and lesbians are all about females. https
Because going to any prison is such fun!
Because he drowned all the puppies and babies in the world one time.
Because he said we can get into heaven now.
Because he’s the least racist person you’ll ever meet. He said so.
Because he throws like a girl.
Because Hitler was so awesome he went back in time; converted Socrates to atheism; and caused him to be executed by…
Because if the universe is the uncaused necessary being (the First Cause) then a homophobic pork-hating bearded God…
Because if they’re still behind in the third half; there’s no way they can pull it out in the fourth half! 😉
Because if we believed Five Corners Baptist Church was the one true church instead; we’d quit and go join that one.
Because it’s like a big black hole in the center of the Linux galaxy sucking up more and more roles. Pretty soon yo…
Because it took that long for a U-Haul truck to be made available.
Because last week is when they cooked up the narrative that Flynn misled him; rather than took orders from Trump.
Because life is better when we all agree that the right to swing one’s fist ends where another person’s nose begins.
Because moral naturalism is subject to the same rules as natural selection; as opposed to Divine Command Theory; wh… https
Because Muslims rolled out astronomy; chemistry; map-making; and physics when Christians were burning people for as…
Because of how they fit inside. https
Because only Christians have full-on lives. Everyone else just gets lifestyles.
Because people realized the letter “J” with a sound distinct from “I” wasn’t even invented until 1633.
Because real D’s are attached to smelly hairy things with weird bumps on their abdomens and poor muzzle discipline…
Because Republicans do not believe lesbians; gays; bisexuals; and transgenders are even human beings; let alone Ame…
Because shoes that go CLOP CLOP CLOP announce “breeder”. https
Because storms only hit blue counties that didn’t vote for Trump and his allies; never red ones.
Because the copyright expired in 171 C.E.
Because the GOP is firmly in the hands of the Ku Klux Klan.
Because they can get ’em on a Magic Sing Karaoke chip!
Because they could; and the Protestant publishers of their own versions (KJV; etc) saluted the Pope and said; “Jawo…
Because they keep trying to teach it to our kids in public schools.
Because they’re attached to hairy muscular things who smell funny and like the Three Stooges. https
Because they’re tired of the bull they get the rest of the year.
Because those holidays have been totally purged of Christ and now celebrate rampant consumerism and chocolate bunni…
Because three or four times every hike we peel off the trail into the deep woods and tear off a piece. Howzat? https
Because Ubuntu is all; “Me too!” and changed the windows manager to look like a fricking Windows phone. Don’t giv…
Because using an emotion like faith as sufficient evidence of the existence of invisible things is to commit a stup…
Because we are the sole wielder of the red dot!
Because Western Washington is the Saudi Arabia of rain!
Beer will be the urination of me!
Before I was pretty much forced to join the Navy I was an underwear saleswoman in a men’s tartan kilt shop.
Being correct has its own reward built right in. Very Tao.
Being dead from heavy metal poisoning sure relieves sore limbs; but it’s rather drastic.
Believe it or not; I already work for Jesus. I flip the tables of his self-satisfied “disciples” who add human trad…
Believe it or not; this picture of the West Point lighthouse was taken inside the city limits of Seattle.
Belleau Wood was merely one square mile; yet it took from 6/6 until 6/26 in 1918 before the US Marines reported it… ;
Ben Carson is the intellect of the GOP. Coulter is the Heart. Dick “Chickenhawk” Cheney is the Courage. Trump is…
Be nice if we put somebody on the Supreme Court who knew how to quote case law.
Be nice if we started with not splitting our base with the Green Party and a Socialist independent Senator.
Ben-Wa and the Blue Balls
Be prepared
Besides; I thought Jesus eternally atoned for sin in His blood. Why do we still make sinners shed their own blood…
Best enjoyed with the substance of your choice.
Better watch what goes in your hot cocoa from here on out; Billo.
Better yet; how does Venus get a three-quarters full phase without a heliocentric solar system? That’s what got Ga…
Better yet; why did he rebuke a fellow for calling him good (Mark 10:18); and went on to say there’s only one who i…
@_bibIe: According to American Psychology Association there is a gene which turns people gay and lesbian // In my c…
Bible Jesus said; “Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have…
Bible mentions Moses married an Ethiopian wife; Miriam didn’t think she was white enough; God showed her what being…
Bible says; rather; “Hath not the potter power over the clay; of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour; and…
Bible tats don’t fly (Leviticus 19:28) Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor print any mark…
Bigfoot believers think it’s cute when skeptics act like they have a rational worldview and believers have to prove…
Bill Gates; shortly after being arrested for including the GOTO command in Altair BASIC.
Billionaire Bob has at least a billion dollars by definition; but that doesn’t mean he actually has a red cent.
Bill O’Reilly freakout; dance remix:
Binary religion: We are all 0 before the great 1
Bingo; that’s exactly why every media outlet did it. https
Bit – The increment by which programmers slowly go mad
Black Thong Down
Blade Runner meets Tarantino.
Blame Obama.
Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves; for they shall never cease to be amused.
Blink SOS in Morse Code if you need help; Sean!
Blondes. Hot tubs. What happens in Sweden stays in Sweden.
@BoboDoobee knows in Zillah; Washington there’s a Church of God; Zillah. It predates the movie.
Bobo’s crush du jour!
Boobs that big on my back always turns my stomach.
Bowling Green; Sweden?
Boy; that’s not going to go over well with Trump’s new Aryan Nations friends.
Brain dead is such a harsh term. We prefer to say Republicans are electroencephalographically challenged. #maga
Brain-wiring thing. Written erotica does it for us like visual erotica does it for menfolk. Viva la difference. https
Bravo. Almost there; Bish. One more step to “Jesus Christ does not exist because he was invented by the Catholic…
Brilliant; and very Tao.
…bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.
B-THAUMIEL: A mountain of ice will soon to strike the temperate belt of Barbelo.
Buddhism says end suffering by becoming numb to it. Atheism says end suffering by curing disease; feed the hungry;…
But after that it’s not a thing!
But at least they aren’t deleting emails; because then Comey might say something.
But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law because these are unprof…
But by all means Jesus followers; make more opportunities for Muslims to show themselves better students of Isa(pbu…
But by all means; Pubs; ram Ryancare right the fuck through.
But calendars go backward to prior to the EU.
But Darwin’s insight is the simplest alternative with the greatest explanatory power. William of Ockham smiles do…
But Evangelicals think he’s the bee’s knees. They must be squatting in the same position.
But Evangelicals think he’s the shit.
But every day Science goes farther and farther; so God’s personal iceberg platform is getting smaller and smaller.…
But he got it from
But hey; Republicans; there’s still a lot of unfilled openings; anybody still want to get on the Trump Train? Newt…
But Hillary’s emails were deemed more important.
But if he wants to attain to the Second Life; he needs to cut all that loose.
But if you get cancer; like I did; then gamma rays are good again.
But if your VOIP or TCP/IP packets go overseas; the NSA has you. We already know that. (Hello; Fort Meade!)
But I’m a Cheerleader!!!
But I suffer not a woman to teach; nor to usurp authority over the man; but to be in silence.
But it also has an elliptical orbit; so it appears to wobble back and forth a little bit; such that we can see; ove…
But it comes with a free red ballcap!
But it’s shit for timekeeping; always forty minutes slow per day.
But laws preventing same-sex couples from adopting kids; that’s not part of the problem? #lgbt
But Modesty wouldn’t embark on the caper unless Trump abused a donkey at a rally as a symbol of what he wanted to d…
But no President has tried a pardon in situ. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to try to run an Administration with we…
But not for gay women; because gay women are kinda hot.
But science still hasn’t caught up to the thing in the Bible about water existing four days before POP-1 stars to c…
But she already had a talking to. Spicer said! https
But short! Too short!
But so much for Trump’s campaign promise; using only the best words; of getting only the best people.
But that’s onesies twosies. A ripper soft will do a whole disk and get the titles from the innerwebs.
But the freight costs are astronomical.
But the GOP made out so he’s cool with that.
But then again; venture capitalists are never in their right mind.
But then he goes apeshit in the last book.
But they saved $200 by smacking that passenger in the mouth rather than sweetening the offer to bump him off; so th…
But we had a charge/parity symmetry violation that resulted in a universe that was mostly matter; rather than mixed…
But worst of all is; “There are things God didn’t intend for man to know.” #atheism
But you can’t telegraph it. That takes practice. Start today!
Buy Linux. HA.
By all means promote the bad news that God did not really send his only son because He so loved the world; but to f…
By claiming that gospel discussion is off topic; you admit that you are not serving Christ with your many Tweets.…
By experiment and observation. For instance; we find that acceleration due to gravity is 32.174 feet per second sq…
By realizing that our knowledge of the 22nd Century now (zero) is identical to our knowledge of it when we get ther… https
By the middle of the Trump term we’ll see public floggings for errant reporters. https
By the time Trump gets done fucking with the American economy Mexico will start thinking about putting up a wall on…
C. 2. Dr. Luke was excluded from the list of Paul’s companions who were “of the circumcision” (Col.4) ; and he wrot…
Cairopractor: (n.) An Egyptian masseuse.
Caitlyn Jenner.
Cali is net accounts payable to the Feds. Trump can’t defund Brown; but Brown can defund Trump. “I’ll buy YOU ou…
Calkwalk Kinetic 1.0 for piano roll stuff; Magix Music Maker 6.0 for loops. Freeware VSTi’s in ASIO4ALL. Audacity.…
Calling for Trump to be impeached; HITCH? I’m fine with that. But delight in the fantasy of him being whacked; and you’re blocked. Sorry.
Call Me Ishmael
Cannot lie? (Ezekiel 14:9) And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing; I the LORD have deceived t…
Can’t beat those cyborgasms!
Can’t help it! https
Can’t let the mofo pauperize you! Ideology be damned!
Can’t say what I did/do in the NAV but this guy…ah…yeah. Throw away the key.
Can’t you feel how great America is again? #tcot
Capitalism is not only getting blood from a stone; but in the following month raising the stone’s quota.
Capslock = BrainLock https
Captain; hormone levels are off the scale! https
Capture a bird chirp and look at it on a DAW; you see a time-domain wave packet. Add 2 spacial dimensions and it w…
Carolyn’s Fingers
Cartoons – music played in an automobile?
Casanova huh? Too bad he gave dick pics a complete miss! https
cat /etc/*-release
Catholic clergy thinks he’s the bee’s knees.
Catholicism in a nutshell: “Eat the bread of life or you’re toast.”
Catholics hold that faith is based on divine initiative; giving humans knowledge of godly truths. This “knowledge”…
Cat thinks; “Where the hell is my customary butt-flavored Purina mix?”
@cattiekit says I am his (or her) favorite purveyor of Twitter snark right now.
C code run. Run code run! Aw come on code! RUN! PLEEEASE? C program crash. C programmer cry.
CE = AD; and atheists use it because we can’t quite bring ourselves to say “The Year of Our Lord”. Particularly since he isn’t our Lord.
Certainly churches love money.
Certainly I am a big Kubrick fan; from Paths of Glory to Full Metal Jacket; excluding Eyes Wide Shut.
Certainly if Jeff Sessions takes away our legal cannabis and marriage equality that would be true.
Certainly it doesn’t seem to be running out of some concern for the spiritual well-being of others.
Certainly Jesus didn’t think he was God the Son when he rebuked someone; “Why callest thou me good? For one alone…
Certainly not Tyger!
Certainly the first 100 days of this Administration has been a bumbling monkey show for the ages.
Changing the weekend social-media/news narrative from Steve Bannon to Syria: Priceless
Chechnya; Russia. Ruled by Trump’s buddy-pal.
Check it out; @RelUnrelated
Check out my write-up if you got a moment.
Cheeto is the rep they gave me.
Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar. Classic song. Classic video.
Chicken and pot do go together.
China wins; Mexicans get to pay for the wall with IOUs; Muslim Ban overturned by 9th Circuit; but Trump is going to…
Chirpes is a canarial disease with no possible tweetment.
Christ denied he was God when he rebuked a man for calling him good. He said there is but one who is good: God.…
Christianity died the day the first church put up Ben Franklin’s lightning rods to have the same protection as the…
Christianity in a nut shell. Emphasis on nut. #atheism
Christians come up with a scheme whereby God erases all evidence of himself to allow free will to flourish; as thou…
Christians handle the problem of evil by saying folks have free will. That’s exactly how atheists handle it also.
Christians: “If it feels good don’t do it.”
Christians: “Moses wrote the Pentateuch!” Exodus 3:1 Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law; the pri…
Christians never feel THEY have to explain their religion of not believing in Zeus and their religion of not believ…
Christians not having anything to do with us sounds all upside and no downside.
Christians refuse to confront the idea that prayer amounts to ESP; or that it is absolutely useless to influence a…
Christians telling atheists they are hell-bound is like a five year old girl telling an adult they aren’t getting any presents from Santa.
Christ observed the Law of Moses perfectly; since He was sinless; and sin consists of transgression of that Law. To…
Circumcision is also a Jewish thing; and a person can be a Jew and an atheist at the same time.
Citizen Cocaine
Claims are not how evolution is falsified. Fossils documented to exist in strata out of order is how evolution is…
Clarence Thomas quietly celebrated his elevation to eighth-best supreme court justice.
Close enough. Lusk; Wyoming!
Come back to the nothingness!
Come on. How do you expect to rule the world if you can’t answer a few impossible questions?
Comma comma comma Chameleon
Concept art for Grand Canyon Trump Business Park. #MAGA
Congress has half that number; and they keep getting sent back. Go figure.
Consider: How many women do you know stop at 7-11 on payday and pick up a copy of Playgirl? (Ahh; awareness dawn…
Convert a MIDI file to a .WAV file: timidity -Ow -oRUBY.WAV RUBY.MID Then launch a DAW. That’s why!
Cookies for lesbians.
Cool; we missed Justin Bieber by THAT much.
Correctamundo! The same with Jesus a little later; and any number of would-be Messiahs.
Correct. Its a warning to armchair theologians and scientists that their most clever pet theories might not surviv…
Cougar Mountain (Seattle) and Forest Park (Portland) are urban wildlands; vast green places NOT making noise or CO2…
Count Istvan on my timeline reminds me; I better pull the trigger on my shopping cart so my next Modesty Blaise boo…
@CountItsvan I wonder if Tomb Raider would be as popular with boys if Croft had to seduce a baddie; Blaise style; to get to the next level.
Couple times I went to KCMO to learn to program a vendor’s shit; I normally get up at 3:30AM here; 5:30AM there; no…
Couve girl here. It was easy to live through them; prevailing winds took the ash to Yakima. 😉
#cowmoovies – The Moosic Man
Creationists always resort to metaphysics because God sure as shit can’t be detected by physics. #atheism
Creepy laugh.
Criminal: The poor guy who gets caught.
Cristie should shut up and be grateful he wasn’t ordered to eat a shit sandwich.
#CSIMiami #StarWars
C-THAUMIEL: Family Gerash will be safe enough here; supplied by priests on Earth.
Cue Gattaca.
Cue John Cleese saying; in an American accent; “Boy; they whooped yer hide REAL GOOD!”
Cunning Stunts
Cuz I’m Bach in Black!
Cuz you say so. No counter-evidence to falsify either claim.
Cyborg. Epic. Schulze couldn’t afford an orchestra-simulating Mellotron so he recorded an orchestra to simulate!…
Daaaady; I want to go to Miaaami!
Daddy Sandman is good to me.
Damn that systemd userland error handler!
Dance like a butterfly. Sting like a cat. #DavidLynch #Dune
Dang spoiled kids! Back in my day we used carrier pigeons to tweet. And they literally went “Tweet tweet” ! Hee…
Daniel 9:3 And I set my face unto the Lord God; to seek by prayer and supplication; with fasting; and sackcloth; an…
Daniel 9:3 And I set my face unto the Lord God; to seek by prayer and supplication; with fasting; and sackcloth; an…
Dan writes potatoe Don writes potato lets call the whole thing off!
Dark Helmet: I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate Lone Star: So what does that make us?…
Darwinism is about changes in allele frequency. Hitler terminated all his alleles with a bullet in his bunker.
Darwin scoffers; meet Darwin!
Data; data; where’s that confounded data? Looks like you have an underbyte.
Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper is off the charts hot.
Death has a precise meaning: The irreversible cessation of life. Dead guys resurrecting and floating into the sky…
Death is defined as the irreversible cessation of life. If Jesus returned to life; then he didn’t die; by definiti…
Death: to stop sinning suddenly.
Deception Pass Bridge from the Whidbey Island side; dropping down from Goose Rock.
Dems will take more losses like these any day of the week. Faster; please!
Dern that mean old USA; picking on poor ISIS when all they want to do is throw acid in schoolgirl’s faces and burn…
Detour: The roughest distance between two points.
Diablo Lake on Highway 20; the most beautiful road in Washington State; at least according to this lifetime Washing…
Diane Sawyer. She used to work for Tricky Dicky; who called her “The Tall Girl” at first but very soon began to ca…
Didja stay at the cute hotel across the street?
Didn’t Chekov write “Have Gun; Will Travel” ? 😉
Didn’t Trump run on the promise to pick only the best people for the job?
Did Revelation in the Bible correctly nail down the butcher’s bill from WW1 and WW2 as well?
Did the DNA-bearing bacteria that reached symbiosis with eukarotic cells as our mitochondria stop living?
Did you ever think that “eternal” may be an adjective that refers to the character of a life; as in “kingdom” life…
Did you know the flood account was plagiarized from the Sumerian Gilgamesh epic by Jewish scribes in exile between…
Dimmer stars are distributed equally because everything orbits the galactic center. How can you be an astrophysici…
Ding dong…
Dip a corner of bath soap in there and that paperclip and skeeter go straight to Davy Jones’ Locker.
Direct hit amidships on the Klingon K’Tinga class cruiser; Captain!
Discovered. The distribution of primes among thenatural numbers is just “there”; like Mt. Everest.
DJT has already sunk so low he’s actually below the level that a potential dossier might bring him. What’s one more…
Do as you will; as long as unscientific theories are not part of curricula in publicly supported schools; per the C…
Doc; I see you don’t quite grasp the genius that is the Trinity doctrine; where they can have their one god cake an…
Does a radioactive cat have eighteen half-lives? @Schr0dingersKat
Does he really have long hair and a beard?
Doesn’t matter if Darwin was a theist or a Buddhist. His idea explains how we get millions of species without divin…
Doesn’t that just tcl you.
Doesn’t the King have to die and stay dead before anyone can inherit His kingdom? #atheism #lgbt
Does something need an explanation to exist? How about we start from observing that which does exist; then set abou…
Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
Doing something is a procedure. A procedure has steps. The steps have order. The order implies time. So it can’t…
Donald is busy explaining himself to Putin’s AGI off the coast of Connecticut for letting Putin’s mole Flynn resign.
Donald likes looking at his daughter. Needs her to be his fluffer when he’s trying to be macho.
Donald shocked he’s not actually king of da worl.
Donald Trump kept his promise to turn the government around; now everyday Americans are running for their lives trying not to get run over.
Donald Trump the pussy grabber; now separated from his third wife; has come out in favor of “traditional marriage”. #lgbt
Don Knotts reincarnated as a fish!
Do not be like the hypocrites who pick a fight on Twitter; lose; then announce they are muting. Verily I say to yo…
Don Peyote
Don’t be like the hypocrites on social media who write a post to say they’re muting instead of just muting. Verily…
Don’t fuck with those first editions; Lucas. You bring `em down; you pay for `em.
Don’t get the mohel with Parkinson’s!
Don’t go by my Twitter profile; which is a bit of a lark. I’m a student of daojia; or philosophical Taoism. Quit…
Don’t hate it; just have no job openings for it.
Don’t miss Chuckanut Drive; the only place where the Cascades come out and get their feet wet in salt water!
Don’t try until mid July; the Going-To-The-Sun Highway won’t open until then.
Do parables teach theological untruths?
Do people become friends solely on the basis of the potential for sexual union?
DOS Navigator
Do those engines have the same thrust as the ones on a 707?
Double density help there!
Double dumbass on you!!
Double the music; double the fun! #GlennBranca
Do we need an unexplained eternal God to explain the universe; or do we just go with the eternal universe and cut o…
Down with semi-pornographic semi-pedophilic Japanese fetish eye candy!
Do you have any idea how many times divorce lawyers have heard that “I got pregnant from midichlorians” defense?
Do you not fear being cast outside of the circles of Arda by Eru Iluvatar and sharing the fate of evil Melkor; whom…
Do you think Jesus would order taking up arms to prevent people from hearing about a fellow who cannot communicate…
Drive Thru; It’ More Fun in the Philippines!
Dr. Strange likes funk.
D-THAUMIEL: There will be a great deluge of water; followed by years of ice.
Dude; all the pages are stuck together!
Dude look like a lady
Dueling scriptures! Micah 4:7 And I will make her that halted a remnant; and her that was cast far off a strong na…
During Ramendan we gather together and share the body; blood; soul and divinity of His Noodliness.
During the timeless interval of lovemaking two lesbians exist in a superimposed quantum state and often do overlap…
Durr Hburr
Early Jim Holdaway goodness. #ModestyBlaise @CountItsvan
Eat Jesus crackers and be forgiven for being the descendant of a woman made from a rib who ate a fruit because a talking snake told her to.
Eat that; #FlatEarth fools; a 360 degree panorama!
Ec. 8:13 But it shall not be well with the wicked neither shall he prolong his days which are as a shadow because h…
Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire. – William Butler Yeats
Ein Klein Longhair Music. Prokofiev – Symphony 5; Movement II: Allegro Marcato
Einstein rocks on the implications of warped space-time. But I don’t value Einstein’s opinion on religions; politi…
Either that; or he was investing in fur-bearing trout farms.
Either that; or he was investing in fur-bearing trout farms.
Either that; or you think consciousness is some inherent property of a person and a human brain is just a big oxyge…
Electrogravitational coupling.
Electromagnetic catapults; rather than steam. We’re out of the steampunk era!
Electrons will align their spin with a magnetic field; but it doesn’t affect their momentum. Electrostatic fields…
Ellipsoid (football): Symmetrical about a long axis
ELO – The Whale. Deep in the soundtrack of my life.
Emoticon: .-{] One eyed pirate w/ moustache
Enchanted people are everywhere; muggles beware!
Endocannibalism: The result of a really hungry cannibal.
Endorphins. https
Enjoying the annual Seattle Rain Festival (January 1-December 31)
Enjoying the annual Seattle Rain Festival (January 1-December 31)
Enjoy! I saw that after watching The OA and then Googling for shows like that. The music is superb.
Entropy is reset to about 10^-120 during inflation when matter is scattered across a vast volume then begins to col…
Equinoxe III is my absolute favorite Jarre track; and he has a lot of good ones.
Eraserhead and Klaus Schulze are mindfucks; how about Eraserhead set to some Klaus Schulze; for a double mindfuck?
Erase the race that claim the place And say we dig for ore Or dangle devils in a bottle And push them from the (…
Escape from New Kids on the Block
Eschew obfuscation!
Especially if the next higher court is the most liberal in America; and the one higher than that is split 4-4 left-… https
Especially the ones with downloaded gay porn on them.
Especially when many people find him again in jail!
Essentially; it was because the Religious Right was for sale.
Esther 1:7 And they gave them drink in vessels of gold; (the vessels being diverse one from another;) and royal wi…
Estrogen so thick you can cut it with a knife!
Eternal September lingers on an on; even after Usenet fades into obscurity.
E-THAUMIEL: But there is enough time for the other families to prepare for it.
Et tu; Brute?
Evangelical Urban Myth #137: Airlines never pair up a born again pilot with a born again co-pilot in case they both get raptured out.
Even if a spirit can take over the mind of a snake; the snake doesn’t have the brainpower nor the physical apparatu…
Even if computers possessed multi-generational genome changes; they are a tool of man. What survival benefit would…
Even if Jesus was a transplanted “Aryan” from Prussia; he’d have a nice dark tan from that sandy stretch of the Eas…
Even if we accept the underlying idea; we would go with the universe itself being the uncaused being; because it is…
Even straight girls aren’t into dick pics. That’s not how any of this works.
Eventually you get tired of a child asking “why” after every answer.
Eve (or Chava); was the first of a noble line of female human researchers that include Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin.
Evergreen for sophmore; Bay for Junior; graduated Fort. It’s a Vantucky Sampler!
Ever notice that the FCC refuses to license VHF television channel 1? That’s the one they used to watch YOU.…
Ever since I learned BASIC the fellows at Clark College in Vancouver; Washington said I was a perfect 10 but they n…
Every belch is CARBON though!
Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.
Every damn time! https
Every day that Obamacare remains in place makes it more certain that it will.
Every minute a crontab issues the command “twidge lsrecent -su
Every nation is erased from history sooner or later. We don’t see Samaria; Judah; Judea; Assyria; Sumeria; Medea o…
Everyone knows “Love Hurts” but my favorite cut is “This Flight Tonight”.
Every one of my followers who have said something like; “Sure; Trump is bad; but Hillary would have been the same”…
Every party I went to in High School we’d crawl into the kitchen for the Doritos.
Every second 600 million tons of hydrogen become 596 million tons of helium; with a mass-loss of 4 million tons; becoming life-giving light.
Every sibling of mine (as a Catholic; there’s many) except my evil sister (I have one good sis) wakes and bakes. M…
Every species is a transitional species; unless it’s about to go extinct.
Everything Jesus said about homosexuals; bisexuals; and transgenders in less than 140 characters—> [ ]
Everything we see in this universe has a finite span of time; from mayflies to galaxies. To have eternal life is to…
Every time an atheist on Twitter hits 666 followers; a hellboy grows his horns back.
Every time I get a mammo they try to make mine flat and it’s not comfy at all. So I carry my resentment over to F…
Every time I try turses on Lubuntu it lets me log in; but crashes; and then immediately crashes on every attempt to…
Every time that’s been tried you end up with a little group of armed elites who do the managing; for a cut.
Every time the GOP passes a bill; a cute little baby duck at Steigerwald Lake NWR is killed.
Every time we falsify yet another part of the Bible; Christians just say; “Well; that part was allegorical!” So it’…
Every word of every song That he sang was for you. In a flash he was gone It happened so soon What could you…
Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Their union was very similar to that between any fellow today and his own hand.…
Evil is merely a lack. A room isn’t filled with dark; it lacks light.
Evolution: Descent with modification; culled by natural selection. Virtually tautologies; both. #science #creationism #atheism #bible
Ew; heterosexuality!
Excellent. Tomorrow the weekend starts; I’ll be buzzed and have more time.
Except Caesar. Jesus was all about giving Caesar what was coming to him.
Except during the years 1861-65 when they took the US flag down and trampled on it.
Except for when (Matt.16:28) Jesus told his followers on Mt. Olive that some would live to see the coming of the ki…
Except pumping your own gas!
Except that he didn’t follow Christ; he followed some imaginary voice and light that popped into his head one very…
Except that the ten tribes in Samaria worshiped El Elyon; represented as a bull on Mt. Gererim; while Judah worship…
Except that the ten tribes in Samaria worshiped El Elyon; represented as a bull on Mt. Gezerim; while Judah worship…
Except water. The Bible doesn’t say he made that; only that he parted it. Look it up.
Except when he whacked Ananias and Sapphira for not kicking the whole take upstairs to da capo.
Except when the situation is whether we should burn witches; stone adulterers or beat slaves; then suddenly the Bib…
Except you ignore the “no eating pork” part of the Bible while enforcing the “no two men sleeping together” part.
Exodus 12:38 And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks; and herds; even very much cattle.
Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God give…
Exodus 21:21 Notwithstanding; if he continue a day or two; he shall not be punished: for he is his money.
Exodus 22:28 (KJV) Thou shalt not revile the gods; nor curse the ruler of thy people.
Because men are inherently drama-free
Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth; it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father…
Facebook is for family and close friends; Twitter is for strangers; and rarely the twain do meet.
Fair’s fair; you know. We can’t favor one creation story over another. Teach the controversy! #atheism
Faith is more like a drunken tumble down Mount Dumbass.
Faith never came with evidence. The claim in Hebrews 11:1 is that the feeling of faith *is* the evidence of invis…
Fallacy of many questions. DO atheists spend any time worrying about what we don’t believe in? That’s the first…
Falsification easily ends the Why Chain that you are on. My reasoning is like a house of cards that any contrary f…
Famous Last Insults: Hey; Moderator! Bite me!
Famous Last Words: ‘I have NO change! Buzz off freak’
Famous Last Words: It’ll never happen in America.
Famous last words: ‘I want to challenge my god to a duel!’
Famous last words of Icarus: Aaaahhhhhhhhh!
Famous Last Words: ‘Shure; trust me; I’m a lawyer…’
Famous last words: ‘Watch me goose that sleeping dragon!’
Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Ulbrich — Echo Gods Get out your sub-woofer.
Fantasy is always fun; but stiletto heels in waterbeds rank right up there with watery tarts distributing swords as…
Fast & Furious Sweden
Faster; please.
Fat Kim is holding millions of people hostage with long-range artillery bore-sighted on Seoul.
FB is doing fine; my wife got hacked by somebody in Laos; we had to change passwords; but FB caught the hack right…
Fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
Feed a cold and starve a politician.
Fellas and fellagirlies know where it is. Shaped like a diamond.
Felt was the #2 G Man; key guy on Watergate investigation; WH knew he was the leak early on; blocked his bid for Di…
Fiddy cent an inch?
Fifty-five year old first time voter kinda says it all.
Fifty points from House Sytherin for Parseltongue-speaking Eve biting into that apple!
Figure out which way it is and get back to us; Muslims.
Filet o’ Shar-Pei
Finding evidence of species out of the expected sequence is the test for falsifiability that Darwin himself propose…
Fine; it’s our fault; as long as it failed.
Finger cots!
Finger cots. Now ribbed; for her pleasure. https
Fired by Trump; banned by Putin; how much more awesome can you get?
First Christians tell me I have to pay for being a sinner; now they tell me I get wages!
First define the parameters by which any phenomenon is classed as a miracle.
First recorded instance of the “chugga-chugga” we know and love as Berlin School; from 1973; but wasn’t released un…
First track from Suzanne Ciani’s first album; Seven Waves. She’s a goddess.
First track is very cinematic; vaguely Russian; bombast similar to late ’80s Jarre; scattered bass ostinatos keep i…
First track is very cinematic; vaguely Russian; bombast similar to late ’80s Jarre; scattered bass ostinatos keep i…
First Trump says CNN doesn’t deserve to have Kellyanne comment; then CNN says exactly the same thing; but with a sl… https
#FlatEarth @AtheistEngineer
#FlatEarthFools be hatin’
#FlatEarthFools call your office. @AtheistEngineer
Florida Man is parked at Wal-Mart.
Flying Spaghetti Monster: “The Holy Recipe Written By My Own Noodly Appendages Says All the Parmesan Is Mine.”…
#Flynn #MAGA #Trump #Bible #Jesus #Bikers4Trump #tcot #tlot #Milo #FOXNews #GOP #hhs #Hannity #AltRight #Breitbart…
Folks have long noted that the moon seems to travel in the ecliptic; rather than on Earth’s equatorial plane as alm…
Folks who follow me will understand this is one my more sophisticated jokes.
Followed by May; “National Grab Them By The Pussy Month”.
Follow that car; Godzilla — and step on it!
Follow the money. Christians pay God every Sunday. Satan pays us every Friday.
Follow the money; the NRA shelled out to his campaign; and Assad didn’t.
For a serpent with a crushed head; Satan sure still likes to walk about like a roaring lion devouring the non-vigil…
For every green photon of sunlight the land at night emits 20 infrared photons into the sky. Life and weather oper…
For every theist who believes in God because they are afraid of the third part of eternity that is coming up; this…
For God so loved the world that he drowned everyone except eight folks for breaking commandments that he hadn’t eve…
For in him we live; and move; and have our being
For me it was when he was gearing up and would go on talk radio saying he had inside information that the President…
For my next trick; I will proceed to earn a block from this account; which is really EA in drag.
For their next trick; they will call three rounds to the back of the head a suicide. https
For the record; it was “Farout man!” back then; not “That’s sick!”
For the record; the MAIN spillway is damaged; so they are using the emergency spillway and ordering evacuations dow…
For the record; the sun is 332;946 times more massive than the whole Earth. Mud puddles don’t fare so well.
For the sake of historical accuracy; we also had to fight to retake Attu in Alaska
For Trump this month; which began with April Fools Day; will end with “Mayday!”
Fortunately; Trump will be impeached in one year and we’ll save a lot of money by switching to Pence Co.
Fourth; Congress “ran like cowards” because that was the way their phone calls and emails from their constituents w…
Fouteen years ago the GOP President used our military to do nation-building in Iraq and try to bring them Vermont-s…
Fox News says this. Must be something wrong over there.
Frankly; atheists don’t much care what labels Gospel witnesses assign or deny each other. It just seems off-messa…
Friedhead Revisited
Friends don’t let friends drink and derive.
From analyzing large sets of random numbers. No algorithm (such as the Matrix) can generate truly random sequences…
From the first principle that A is not non-A. If you accept it; good. If you reject that principle then you are sim…
From The Left Hand of Darkness; when Ai and Harth reach the volcanic desolation near the Gobrin Ice on Gethen; a wo…
From what I can tell by his spokesmen; the only denominations Jesus cares about are $100; $50; $20; $10; $5 and $1…
From what I can tell; you cited no evidence for God at all. Correct me if I missed it.
From what I’m hearing from you; on the sidelines; it doesn’t take the Nailer to do that!
From White Eagle; one of the best LPs from the Virgin “Pink” years.
Frys is Mecca.
F-THAUMIEL: You will command Family Kulsu to make alliance with Family Antero.
Fucking A right; Cunt Istvan. If I talk like the ex-sailor I am; people might think my vocabulary and erudition is…
Fuck that Budweiser shit! Pabst! Blue Ribbon!
Fuck the Greens; they gave us W in 2000.
Fun Fact: Vampires are members of the set of fictitious characters; along with elves; balrogs; angels; dragons; mes…
Funny foundation; when God’s word commands believers to be circumcised and Paulus said no. Almost like he tossed t…
Funny how an “atheist” epic doesn’t work for me
Funny how God sits on the sidelines and doesn’t want to get involved in Roe v. Wade for 44 years. Almost like he doesn’t exist or something.
Funny how in the age of the smart phone we don’t see ghost; Bigfoot or UFO “footage” anymore. By all rights we sho…
Funny how the ballistics lab works.
Funny how the “heritage” thing only kicked in after 1492.
Funny; only my wife seems to have that Windows 10 agita; me being a Linux Gal and all.
Gabrielle used crushed bugs for lipstick; so she didn’t taste like cherry chapstick when #Xena kissed that girl.…
Gal.2:6 …whatsoever they were; it maketh no matter to me: God accepteth no man’s person…
Galatians 3:10 For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse…
Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free; and be not entangled again w…
Galileo found a way to use the fading of a moon in Jupiter’s shadow as a way to figure longitude from an observator…
Galileo got around that by rolling balls down inclines.
Galileo must have felt like a kid in a candy shop when he first laid eyes on this.
Gallium; so good it melts in your hand!
Gates is thinking of how guanine-cytosine pairs alternate with adenine-thymine pairs; forming “bytes” of binary cod…
Gave up Lent for Lent.
Gawd don’t do nuttin’ cuz if he did we’d have no choice but to believe in him; see? He wants us to have free will.…
Gen 38
Generally; Christians determine what is “figurative” after the fact; when Science drops anchor on a wobbly assertio…
Generally I don’t set out to “disprove God’s existence” until I get a very comprehensive definition of that god. Ch…
Genesis 1 has animals created on days 5 and 6; and man on day 6; then comes in 1 chapter later and has man created first; then the animals.
Genesis 2:22 And the rib; which the LORD God had taken from man; made he a woman; and brought her unto the man.…
Genesis 2:7 says a soul does not come into being until a body is infused with the breath of life. Oxygen through an…
Genesis 3:22 And the LORD God said; Behold; the man is become as one of us; to know good and evil…
Genesis !
Gentile woman: “Help me Jesus.” Jesus: “It is not meet to take the children’s bread; and to cast it to dogs.”
Gerrymanding; for courts. That’s something new. https
Get ‘er done.
Get pink for four of the fingers.
Girlcotts cut the crap; however.
Girl with horse trailer; no truck; seeks girl with truck; no horse trailer. Maybe get hitched.
Give it a listen; @FimusTauri
Glacier National Park; Montana. Bag it before Trump turns it into a private golf course complete with palm trees bu…
Glacier NP; a dozen U-shaped valleys; glacial till of the terminal moraine formed natural dams which backed up wate…
Glad we have something in common; AE!
Glad we’re not neighbors Har.
God commanded circumcision that; “…my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.” Lasted until…
God doesn’t burn anyone; there’s no god; there’s only forty Bronze Age authors who couldn’t think of anything worse… https
God: Eat that; die in the day you eat thereof. Devil: Eat that; know good and evil. Adam eats that; lives to be 9…
God forbid I should mock a non-existent supreme being. That’d be as silly as hating him. But his spokesmen on th…
God has the Schrodinger Plan; both His Will and Your Will; in a superimposed quantum state; until you open the door…
God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts
God prefers larger denominations.
God revealing something that no human has thought of yet; like a way to convert matter to dark matter.
God saved fewer people in the Noachide Flood than Satan ever killed.
God’s existence is entirely indistinguishable from non-existence; hat tip to @AtheistEngineer
God’s name is Yahweh. I’ve never seen Mr. Jillette drop his bowling pins when he’s juggling and blurt out “YAHWEH!” https
God supposedly created all animals between Adam and Eve; on day six; when Genesis 1 has some animals created on day…
God used to walk in the Garden; wrestle Jacob; talk to Moses; but “Christianity bridged the gap” and he does none o…
GOD: “Whew! I just created a period of alternating light and darkness!” ANGEL: “Now what are you going to do; sir?” GOD: “Call it a day.”
Go figure. God makes the foreskin; then commands men to cut it off. Like buying a table from IKEA with five leg…
Going from the Biblical “come short of the glory of God” to total depravity is like the dogma of no pushing elevato…
Going to Kalispell
Gone 5/5/16
Good doggie! @CountItsvan
Good! Heh heh heh! Gooooood! Heh heh heh! Let the fear flow through you!
Good ol’ Soyuz; the VW Bug of spacecraft.
Good. That means democracy still works.
Good thing Canada is only two hours away.
Good thing it was just one of God’s handwritten Ten Commandments he broke; and not something from somewhere in Levi…
Good thing it was just one of God’s handwritten Ten Commandments he broke; and not something from somewhere in Levi…
Good thing Sean has a gig saying what Trump thinks. If Spicer said what he thought; he’d be speechless.
Good thing the constituent wasn’t a woman or he might have smacked her around.
Good thing the constituent wasn’t a woman or he might have smacked her around.
Good thing we didn’t elect Clinton; who had a private server that could have been hacked by the Russians; but wasn’…
Good thing we didn’t elect Hillary; she had a cold once during the campaign and needed help up ladders and stuff.
Good thing we didn’t get Hillary with her emails and stuff. That was a close one.
Good thing you got out before they merged with Twitter and YouTube and became YouTwitFace !
@goooolag solemnly assures us that hell is a place where we can get away from his genocidal monster and its followe…
GOP: What a “party” !
Gorsuch and Procedure Compliance
Gosh; a Christian who calls another Christian an idiot and says fuck off. Makes me want to go RIGHT out and join t…
Gosh darn it; you’re absolutely right; Don! We shouldn’t spend any time at all convincing people our non-existen…
Gosh; Donald; a red line! I guess America won’t be great again after all! Shucks! Oh well; there’s always the…
Gosh; is that all it was? Then ending his career at Brietbart and shitcanning his keynote address at CPAC seems to…
Gosh; Ken Ham; the origin of a species! This must be what happened after the “kinds” debarked the ark.
Gosh Rachel
Gosh; we better call the cops.
Gosh; what’s wrong with Ryan? I thought the God Emperor said it was all the fault of Nancy Pelosi.
Gosh; you better email Ken Ham and tell him to get rid of the dinosaur stalls on his Ark mockup.
Go to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful; and we’ll throw in the Grand Prismatic Spring for free!
Gotta pick up the Queen from work; then back later and I’ll listen.
Gott Mit Uns and all that.
Grade A Zettai ryōiki
Gravitational Wave society says; “We don’t want you around the Galactic Core anymore!”
Gravity: An illusion of a force between 2 particles traveling on separate geodesics in space-time which is curved b…
Great confounded bridge on this song.
Great; I’ll put on headphones and work on my Great American Novel.
Great; I’ll put on headphones and work on my Great American Novel.
Great product placement by Timex!
Great way to ingratiate oneself with the Fourth Estate.
Grocery clerks make YOU pick paper or plastic because baggers can’t be choosers.
Growing the economy without Republicans is like visiting the pyramids without your snowshoes.
G-THAUMIEL: They must store food in ice caves to supply both families for a generation.
Guinan’s secret power: her hats all have solar panels.
Gummint hangs on to their PCs until they die. Linux gives them a life after death; Walking Dead style.
Guns don’t kill people; the hydrostatic shock from the round kills people.
Had this on 8-track. One of the good things about the 1970s!
Hail Adobe
Hail Hydra!
Hanford Reach; Washington State.
Hangin’s too good for him! Burnin’s too good for him! He should be cut into teenie weenie pieces; then BURIED ALI…
Happier times; before Joan Crawford discovered that her daughter hung dresses on wire hangers.
Happy Hour in Utah is when they have a CoJCoLDS stake potluck.
Harvey Manning of the Issaquah Alps Trail Club once said to make the world bigger; go slower. Seattle is like Tok…
Hate to hear you got one of those bastards.
Have God post 100 digits of pi about one billion digits past the current maximum expansion. We can verify the set…
Haven’t bagged Harts yet! But I know what it is.
Haven’t you messed with a cat by using a laser pointer? Send the red dot under a couch or something?
Have some Alka-Seltzer; Baghdad Barbie. https
Have you done Kettle Pass out of Republic? Highest one that goes somewhere. Harts dead-ends.
Have you heard of the Evangelical Catholic movement?
Have your last name legally changed to ; so it doesn’t columnize on importation. Do it in court and send me the pa…
Having a TS clearance is bad enough. Some jackass decided Ivanka Trump also has the requisite need to know.
Having once been Roman Catholic; I can certify that the gospel of Rome is Christ-centered; by grace through faith t…
Hawking’s feelings on the matter isn’t news. Actually getting evidence we aren’t alone would be news.
He already nominated all the Beltway people who call him God Emperor; and no one else is stepping forward.
Hear Roger’s scream give way seamlessly to Richard’s shimmering synthesizer howl with exactly the same pitch; then…
Hear that; Mexicans? No Coast Guard. You just boat your way around the wall.
Heaven Heaven is a place A place where nothing Nothing ever happens (Talking Heads; “Heaven”; from Fear of Musi…
Heaven’s Gate; Tianmen Mountain; China; wow
Heaven uses Chrome OS; which is updated automatically from the (wait for it…) cloud.
Heb. 12:2 “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” (I guess it’s true; the Bible is the most po…
Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as the evidence of things NOT seen. A set of data documents results that WERE seen; so…
Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as the evidence of things not seen. Atheists do not accept undetectable things as exist…
Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 4:2 …but the word preached did not profit them; not being mixed with faith in them that heard it…
Hebrews 5:9 And being made perfect; he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him. (I pres…
Hebrews 6:13 For when God made promise to Abraham; because he could swear by no greater; he sware by himself;
He can blame liberals on the way out; as long as he goes.
He can run but he can’t hide.
He climbs into bed and he’s in uniform.
He could explain how the universe is finite in linear age but infinite in logarithmic time; and you’d totally under…
He didn’t preach against divorce; legal under the Law. But he did preach against the marriage of Antipas to Herodi…
He does a pretty good self-portrait on toast these days!
He does not suffer buggy kernel code gladly.
He doesn’t know he’s been hit by the truck yet. I found him; not the other way around.
He doesn’t want to tap that anymore. Thinks Obama did; though.
Heer at Microsoften vee have zee vays to make you use Vindows Ten!
He had to send the Australian PM a message first; not to be so rude on the phone.
Hell; even Anakin Skywalker regenerated as a female (Rey) on the first try. #StarWars #DrWho
He’ll resign because the job isn’t fun for him anymore; if it ever was.
Hell will be the sun? What a relief! The sun will be room temperature in only a few trillion years. I was afraid…
Help a derelict Republican in Congress get a new job in November 2018.
Help! I’m being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!
Help! I’ve risen and I can’t get down!
Help! I’ve risen and I can’t get down!
Help me; Rhonda Help; help me; Rhonda Help me; Rhonda; yeah Get her out of my heart
He means all the arrests of legal cannabis store owners spiking when the Federal hammer comes down on them.
He must have been thinking of the time Sherman took the city; before he put together a lawn mower sixty miles wide…
Hence GOLDEN mean. Cha-ching!
Henzo isn’t cool enough to be gay.
Here at Mary Queen of the Universe etc. we use the King James Version only; written in King James English just like…
Here in Seattle we make sure the caffeine comes in by IV drip and it’s easier to adjust the other ratios.
Here is wicked; bad; naughty Zoot; sir Knight; who has deceived you with her grail-shaped beacon.
Here’s a clue; Trumpsters. It’s not al-Bertson’s; it’s Albertsons. #maga
Here’s a much better (and slightly earlier); more epic; but overlooked cut from Obscured By Clouds; try it!…
Here’s some data for ya. Eight years ago Pew had the general public at 4% no belief in God; and scientists at 41%.…
Here’s the real #swedenattack and Trump’s gonna roll right the fuck over for it.
Here’s to all the #FlatEarthFools @AtheistEngineer
He’re to the next 84 years!
Hero of Li’l Round Top.
He said some folks listening to him on Mt. Olive would see the Son of Man come in power and glory. He must have cha…
He’s as tight-lipped about it as an Aldebaran Shell-Mouth – Dr. McCoy
He’s a traveler from the 29th Century but he’s trying to fit into our time.
He says “Notorious Atheist” like it’s a bad thing or something.
He’s gonna say the claim that it didn’t happen is fake news.
He’s got a third choice; and that is have the GOP-controlled House and Senate run cover for him.
…he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time; houses; and brethren; and sisters; and mothers; and children;… ,
He’s too stupid to read the Executive Orders he signs; managing a coup would be above his paygrade.
He thinks having a black guy in the white house is an attack on democracy prima facie. ,
He thought it looked like a Sloppy Joe sandwich but it just didn’t smell right.
He told the President about the NSA. There’s No Such Agency. ,
He was an amoral robot until he acquired the knowledge of good and evil; which means he stopped being a robot preci… ,
He will rule a rump Syria with mainly coastal territories; multinational coalition will divide and subdivide the in… ,
Hey; Dan Simmons fans; it’s Brawne Lamia!
Hey; hey; baby; when you walk that way; Watch your honey drip; can’t keep away.
Hey; it beats Spirograph!
Hey Krusty McDouchenozzle; what about the other side of the equator where a whole different set of stars does the s…
Hey; look folks; I got my own Putin egg!
Hey; maybe Melania is Deep Throat!
Hey; that must be the same gang at Yellowstone think they own the road.
Hey there’s a wide spot in Highway 26 by that same name.
Hey; you’re stealing the market strategy of #TeamLesbian! Stop it!
Highways are pure communism. The Republicans would have us fly jet packs to the grocery store.…
Hi; I’m Boba; last name’s Fett. People call me Boba Fett.
Hillary was investigated for having a server that COULD have been tapped by the Russians. Trump has one that dump…
His cheese has slid off the cracker.
His fruit is a gay guy formerly of Brietbart who was to deliver the keynote at CPAC and who advocated sex with teen…
His idea is that evolution selects for conditions that make more stars; hence black holes; hence baby universes. Li…
His kili-kili power maybe #taglish
His profile says he’s an aspiring writer. He needs to aspire a bit harder.
History is written by the victors. If he had prevailed at Moscow or Waterloo he’d be considered another Caesar or A…
His venture capitalist backers are getting antsy.
Hitchcock rocks.
Hitler’s birthday in the USA is 4-19 thanks to the International Date Line. Guess what day Timothy McVeigh lit off…
HMS Boaty McBoatface
Holy smoke!
Homo erectus.
Hopefully Trump will just stick to insulting Kim Jong Un on Twitter. He seems to think that’s devastating.
Hope you enjoy your 7 x 12 coffin in Florence Supermax; Eddie.
Hot springs near Surigao City; on the island of Mindanao; Philippines.
How about deleting his account; Twitter; that doesn’t take six folks on a jury to decide.
How about we genetically engineer humans who can flush the products of ionizing radiation on the surface of Mars.…
How about you pray for God to bring atheists to the truth; then? 😉
How can anyone “make God angry” when he sees all of future time at a single glance?
How can I repent if I never pented the first time; Henzo?
How can the Atlantic Ocean; consisting only of water; start Land’s End in Cornwall; England. It just does! And wr…
How can you tell there’s an afterlife for lawyers? Because after they die; they lie still.
How come muggles get to have lives and we enchanted people have to settle for just lifestyles? #lgbt
How did God get from minus infinity years to minus 6;000 years and start making things? Wouldn’t he still be way back there? #atheism
How did he get 23 followers so fast?
How does an insurance company underwrite something like that? They can’t. Don’t build another reactor until they…
How do we know the Necessary Being is your God? Maybe it’s some other god. Maybe He’s a She.
How do you like the view under the bus; Steve?
How do you like your Jello in the morning? https
How I felt when Firefly was canceled.
How is that different from today; when the Bible still says we can have slaves; but our law says no. I guess we ju…
How many non-homegrown ones here? Zero. 9-11 was a sucker punch; we tightened up.
How many Xenas does it take to light a torch?
How’s that gonna work in Washington where we have a cannabis store every five miles?
How’s that mouthpiece for the alt-right gig workin’ out for ya; Murdoch?
How will we know when he has destroyed his presidency? Will it be a shit sandwich with pickles?
How would we know when the Trump Administration unravels? Mustn’t there be a baseline state of ravel against which…

Huey; Dewey; and Louis on the Valley Forge had Skype built in but round-trip messages from Saturn to Earth took bet…
Humans are still apes. Four genera; seven species; human; chimp; gorilla; orangutan; top of the world; deal with i…
Hume: No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle unless the testimony be of such a kind that its falsehood w…
I accepted Christ and was born again on Wednesday; August 15; 1979; at 9PM PDT at Black Lake Bible Camp in Thurston…
I accept the correction gladly. I have no “enemies”; for they are only the shadow that I myself cast.
I actually prefer that we confine our wars to breaking things and not people.
I actually think days when his bills are failing while he pretends to be a big boy are good days for America.
I added your portfolio to my online link list here so I can get to it from any platform
I admired Direct from about 1988; but then I was out of the Vangelis loop until he finally rolled out his Blade Run…
I admire Lewis’ fiction but his theological works fall short in my book (I deem fallacious). His mentor Tolkien is…
I agree with some of your stuff; but I don’t need a single issue follower. So; yeah; bye.
I already have Oxygene 3; you won’t like it very much; I didn’t. Flat like a day old soda.
I also love to contradict the claims of religious people who think they know the Bible and atheists don’t.
I always recommend Puppy Linux for aging laptops.
I am Argon; son of Arathorn! Hear me sing the lay of Boron and Lithium!
I am Casually Feminine. My scores are 22% masculine; 47% feminine.
I am fully and solely responsible for all of my thoughts; non-beliefs; actions and non-actions. Adult human being…
I am grinning with surrogate pleasure for all the enjoyment you will soon derive from your Ken Ham explorations.
I am not a crook.
I am only responsible for answering for my own words and actions; just like everyone else is individually accounta…
I am Quark of Borg. You will be assimilated. But with the right amount of gold pressed latinum; I can overlook your…
I asked Father Bryan that; he said the Holy Father in Rome had loosed that ruling with the keys to the kingdom of h…
I assume the job title of “pastor” requires actual college; rather than just sending $5 by PayPal to an online “sem… https
I automatically deduct forty points from the IQ of anyone who tells me his or her IQ.
I believe the sun delivers 1300 watts per square meter at noon on the equator and I believe the sun is higher than…
I betcha Trump and the GOP won’t subsidize it; and I betcha the blue-collar folks who are hurt by that action still…
I calculated how much of my offering was going to pay off jackpot boy butt sex lawsuits and walked. One; Catholic;…
I call it equilibrium morality. If a man is beating his wife; the neighbors gang up and give him a “talking to”;… https
I can get down with that Bobo!
I cannot overstate the importance of this 1988 track; which inaugurated the ongoing age of neo-Berliner Schule.
I Can’t Get No Science Fiction!
I can’t get too worked up. She volunteered to meet with the dork.
I can’t love a god that does that to people and never stops.
I can tolerate Mozzarella Cheese on Pizza; because it’s tasteless and serves a function; but not slices of Cheeseli…
I can’t relate; I have six laptops (1 Win 10; 1 Chromebook; 4 Win7 ones); 1 XP netbook; twenty desktops; a Chromebo…
I can’t stand Alan Keyes after he shunned his little girl for being gay. Even Richard B. “Dick” Cheney loves his le…
I can’t stand tyops.
I care that Evangelicals don’t care about Melania’s nudes; but thought Michelle’s bare arms were too risque.
I compared Psalm 23; it looks very much like the ESV.
I concluded some time ago that everything Trump says is a lie. He goes out of his way to lie.
I consider Philip Glass to be a big influence. I have a minimalist aesthetic. Laurie Anderson’s “Big Science” is…
I could never really get Fruityloops going in Win98; and by the time I was using XP I had moved on to ASIO4ALL; fre…
I’d become a pagan myself if I had the Baals.
I’d crawl over fifty feet of broken glass to sweat in Maddow’s shadow.
I decided that belief itself is misguided; and instead I seek to understand things. #atheism
I’d have a lot more followers myself; but I shit-canned the #MAGA assholes; social media gurus; “But-Clinton-Does-I…
I’d have to check if that figure is normalized against prevalence of atheism in the population.
I did not; but now I do. All my tweeple are gold!
I did. Nothing about the Holocaust. Some stuff there about RFID chips on your potato chips at the supermarket may…
I didn’t ask anyone to die for me. I don’t accept a scenario where anyone has to die because the first woman ate t…
I disagree. My very best friend; my wife; is a homosexual.
I do believe in spooks; I do believe in spooks; I do I do I do!
I do it for the edification and entertainment of the people who choose to follow me. Certainly not to “convert” an…
I do not fear nothingness. If a book’s pages were completely covered in ink with no nothingness between the charact…
I don’t accept the concept that anything mankind does is unnatural. We are children of this world.
I don’t accept the ontological premises from the Middle Ages that leads to contingent vs. necessary. In QED particl…
I don’t always cast money-changers out of my Father’s house; but when I do; I make my own whip. Stay out of range… https
I don’t always use Windows 3.1; but when I do; I use Calmira to make it run a lot like Windows 95.…
I don’t believe in morality but I do believe in the laws against murder; theft; etc. that our democracy has defined…
I don’t blame him; he’s lonelier than Lesbian Mexicans for Pat Buchanan.
I don’t even value Einstein’s opinion on most science; let alone theology. He thought plate tectonics was a joke;…
I don’t focus on who’s saying something so much as on what is being said.
I don’t get down on my knees before menfolk. Womenfolk; different story.
I don’t get new ‘stros because they have snazzy new desktops. I want my OS to stay the hell out of my way when I’…
I don’t have anyone blocked. I only use block; briefly (a day or two); to force someone who accidentally followed…
I don’t have a problem saying lesbianism is a choice. 😉
I don’t know but I been told A big legged woman ain’t got no soul.
I don’t know; Max. If there is evidence for God; lay it on me. It will be the first time he has appeared since Mt.…
I don’t know what Trump’s problem is. Our little brown nuevo Americans play baseball. France’s little brown nouvelle French people burn cars
I don’t know what you mean by “fight so hard to believe”. You claim there’s a god; we don’t believe you. That’s all…
I don’t like it. Jumps around; dig? Misses tweets.
I don’t like Pence; but at least Amateur Hour would be over.
I don’t like that one; usually skip to Time.
I don’t like to retweet memes about the low prevalence of atheism in prison because there’s a low prevalence of ath…
I don’t love a gender; I love a woman’s soul.
I don’t march against Christians. My wife is Christian. All my siblings and my mother are Christian. Heck; I used…
I don’t see how there can be any since density was infinite; and there was no wiggle-room for activity; and so noth…
I don’t spend a lot of time lamenting the electoral college system. It’s a headwind for progressives; but we can o…
I don’t spend my life looking for evidence of God but I will certainly reach the end of my life before you provide…
I don’t think the Vancouver Columbian; owned by Seventh Day Adventists; would have run those panels.
I do wish they’d get this penis hat business sorted; Ms. Rowling.
I’d rather do a Sacajawea than a Christopher!
I’d say he takes a very wide stance on that.
I’d tell him; “Fuck off asshole; we’re eating.”
I dunno
I dunno; I haven’t gone blind yet.
I’d wanna move to Canada; but Washington State is already a kind of Canada.
I even have the longer version of the novel that changes everything at the end.
I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money!
If AIDS is a divine punishment; then lesbians are God’s chosen people.
If all else fails; pray to McAffee
If any attribute of God can change; then he cannot be eternal and immutable. There must have been a change from no…
If a policeman arrests a mime; would he tell him that he has the right to remain silent…?
If at first you don’t succeed..skydiving isn’t for you!
If at first you don’t succeed; you’ll get a lot of advice
If at first you don’t succeed; you’ll get a lot of advice
If atheists published our ideology in a book it would be like those jokey books you see; “Everything Men Know About…
If banks can count why do they have eight windows and only two tellers?!?!?!?
If by Potus you mean 44; you’re right Donald.
If by “ramming their values” you mean getting creationism removed from public schools by citing the 1st Amendment I…
If by that he means we should ditch the EC; I’m down with that.
If Cats cough up furballs; what do Tribbles cough up?
If cats could talk; they wouldn’t. –Nan Porter
If Chekov owned a computer; would it be a Wax?
If chiropractors are not scientists how come we get better and better drugs for back pain? 😉
If Christians actually sat down and read their Bible they’d soon be an ex-Christian atheist like me.
If clergymen can be defrocked; can cashiers get unregistered?
If Elvis were still alive; he’d be dead by now
If everybody was out to get you; you’d have been got.
If fish is brain food; why do they still get caught?
If God can’t take it back himself; then he’s not much of a god; is he?
If God controls everything and he wants me to come; then I have to come; invitation or no.
If God didn’t want us to eat animals why’d he make ’em taste so damned good?
If God does a thing that he didn’t foresee; or doesn’t do a thing that he did foresee; then he has no foresight. W…
If God dwells within us; I hope He likes enchiladas; because that’s what He’s getting.
If God had meant for us to be naked; we would have been born that way.
If God had the foresight he is said to have; he would have created Noah and his wife; rather than Adam and his wife…
If God intended us to use Metric; He would’ve rested on the 10th day!
If God operates on a “Once Saved Always Saved” basis; then I’m good to go.
If God really wanted atheists to believe in Him then He would exist.
If God told me; “There’s a me” I would believe Him. As it is; Christians tell me; “There’s a Him” and I don’t beli…
If God wanted us to use that damn libral globalist New World Order metric stuff he would have made us with ten fingers.
If God wants some of my kitchen clean blotter acid he can keep his hand out of my apparatus and pay for it like the…
If God was involved that day why did he allow birds to enter the engines? #atheism
If grandma wants to eat she can go get a job humpin’ roof tiles.
If he donated his brain to science it’d set civilization back 50 years.
If hell is real; then it’s in a place. Where is it?
If he raped someone then he has a lot to apologize for.
If he should ever change his faith; it’ll be because he no longer thinks he’s God
If he’s not willing to help stop the virus that is Trump no telling what other nasty bugs he’s picked up.
If he’s such a great Jedi; how come I have to keep rescuing him?–Solo
If he thinks a parody makes him look weak; then he is weak.
If he was sacrificed in 33 CE; and your sin in 2017 put him there; then you are living out a script. There’s no fr…
If Higgs was a pope he might have commanded us to adore his boson as a revealed god. That’s the difference between science and religion.
If his nose really did do that then his separation with Melania would be over.
If I am elected no one will ever have to do their laundry again!
If I could; I’d rearrange the alphabet to put U and I together.
If I’d have wanted your jumper; I’d have nicked it
If idiots could fly; Gary Bettman would be a 747.
If I give you lingerie;what’s in it for me?
If ignorance is bliss then why are there so many unhappy people?
I figure if we spend no time convincing people our non-existent God doesn’t exist then he can just go out there and…
If I have to explain the joke; it won’t be funny anymore.
If I’m ‘non-PC’ does that mean I like the Macintosh?
If I’m not myself today; why are you telling ME?
I find it unprofitable to guess at the interior motives of historical figures. There’s no way to make an objective…
If I put my vibrator on a digital weight scale I get a false reading of lesser weight. I guess it only takes me i…
If Iraq invaded Turkey from the rear would Greece help?
If I sleep I come undone;and throw my life into the sun-Course of Empire
If it came down to just us; would you take my head? – Duncan MacLeod
If it did I’d be on board. There might well have been a previous universe where some aliens tweaked the conditions…
If it doesn’t move; eat it; else kill it. Then eat it.
If it is impossible to detect God by natural means then the inverse must also be true that it is impossible for God…
If it itches – Stroke it!…..It might Work.
If it’s a Windows Phone; nope. Android; you’re good to go.
If it’s in good taste; then I’ve failed.
If its power cable is thicker than your neck; it’s a mainframe.
If it wasn’t for our lungs there wouldn’t room for smog.
If it wasn’t wrong; can’t be reproduced and works like always; it’s been fixed
If it was pink it’d be the ultimate chick car.
If I was God I’d have a 900 foot tall obelisk with a spiral catwalk and my word would be carved thereon in cuniform…
If I “wasn’t entirely forthcoming” to the FBI I’d be in the federal lockup in Sea-Tac.
If I was queen of America everyone would need a phone app to start their cars. While the car was running; you couldn’t text or receive calls
If I were any more convenient; I’d be a nuisance
If I were to walk on water; the press would say I’m only doing it because I can’t swim. — Bob Stanfield
If I wore my hair up in a chignon like Modesty you’d love it more!
If lesbians are attracted to “manly” women; that what do “manly” lesbians find attractive? You’re not making a lic…
If Linus were Italian; he’d wait for the Great Zucchini on Hallloween.
If love is time; and time is money; then love is money! 😉
I fly EVA from Seattle to Taipei; start 2AM; see a glimmer of dawn over Attu; then back to dark again; then land ab…
If Mac is a woman; Windows is a transvestite.
If Microsoft had a nickel for every time someone got the Blue Screen of Death on Windows…oh wait; they do!
If my script tweets something overnight that doesn’t look like something I would say; please don’t unfriend me; I’ll fix it in the AM. Nite!
If num(cooks) ‘ max(cooks); broth = spoiled
If one hundred people do a foolish thing; one will become injured
If only family came with pull-down menus and on-line help
If only God had included a table of contents at the start of Genesis it would have saved a lot of bickering over Ca…
If only he had a sonic screwdriver handy!
If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we wouldn’t need to waste so much plastic on them selling…
I for one don’t have the slightest enmity toward the Japanese or Germans for things that their grandfathers did 20…
I for one welcome our Russian Twitter-Bot Overlords.
I found the first half of eternity to be restful indeed.
I found the West Pole!
If people look up in the sky and say; “Oh; look there’s the ISS *and* God” then they are forced to believe in Him;…
If Pluto lost its planet stripes; can it even HAVE a moon?
If Poland is populated by Poles; why isn’t Holland populated by Holes?
If puns are outlawed; only outlaws will have puns; and Bard of course!
If santas realy real ; why doesnt his beard get soot on it ??
If sex violates his body without consent; it misc rape.
If somebody actually provided proof that God exists it would be big news; the first time in human history that a de…
If so then Joshua writes; “never again did there arise in Israel a prophet like Moses” & that seems presumptuous af…
If TCP/IP packets go to and fro off-shore from Trump Tower the NSA has ’em; FISA or no FISA. That’s just the natu…
If that is the case; what need have we for a savior? https
If the Bible is inerrant in any format; it is profoundly self-contradictory (1/2 Gen.; Matt./Luke post-resurrection…
If the Book of Revelation was written more like the Return of the King I might have stayed a Roman Catholic.
If the cancer was God’s plan and she prayed harder; then God would have had to change his plan. If it wasn’t planne…
If the curtains in your trailer come in two-ply rolls; you might be a redneck!
If the government loses control; we’d stop paying taxes. If there’s no God in control; we’d stop passing the offer…
If the love of money root of all evil; why do churches want it so badly?
If the music stops; there is only the sound of the rain.
If the polls are so accurate; why are there so many polling companies?
If the President of the United States does a thing; that makes it legal.
If there really is a god then he should park his ass in orbit so folks can see him with binoculars and also register his site on GoDaddy.
If there’s a steady paycheck in it I believe whatever you want.
If the rhyme won’t fit You mustn’t tweet it.
If the Rush discography was Star Wars Movies; “Grace Under Pressure” would be The Empire Strikes Back. Dark AF; but the best one by a mile.
If the US is found guilty; then a total embargo on Matryoshka dolls to the US I think would be in order.
If the white-ass Mormon Adam and Eve spent 900 years in the Iraqi sun they’d sure as heck would be red!
If they bring back Clippy it’s game over.
If they don’t exist; then there’s nothing to worship. The existence of the “sin” of idolatry presumes they do exis…
If this be treason; let us make the most of it.
If Trump ate his words; he’d have to get his stomach pumped.
If Trump does manage to destroy the Republican Party it will be the first good thing he’s done since taking office.
If Trump goes to the full 9th Circuit; he loses. If Trump tries to get five liberals on an 4
If voting could change the system; it would be against the law.
If we are sinners by nature then punishing sin is like banishing your dog to the cold outdoors because he won’t eat… https
If we did somehow see “outside” the universe; that stuff we saw would be; by definition; instantly inside the unive…
If we don’t wake up soon; this place will look like the moon!
If “we the people” invoke an Article V con con and replace the Constitution with Sharia Law; then it’s fully legal.
If we went up a mountian together I would leave you in your veggie dust
If you actually believe there was a historical King Darius the Mede then I also have some Pecos Bill and Paul Bunya…
If you actually read your fricking Bible (Revelation 20:10) you’d know the devil himself will be roasted day and ni…
If you add up all the people Satan killed in Scripture; you get ten. And you get about two million kills for Yahweh…
If you are saying that in the capacity of a divine prophet; I’m getting a bucket of stones ready per Deuteronomy 18.
If you believe in a God who built a solid dome over the Earth with windows that open for rain (Gen 7:11); Voyager 2…
If you can compartmentalize things so totally as to spend eternity in bliss still knowing you have loved ones in he…
If you can’t elucidate; eschew obfuscatory interlocutions.
If you cheat; you’ll eventually punish yourself.
If you don’t ask; they can’t laugh at you.
If you don’t believe in 999 gods you are making a statement only 0.1% less comprehensive than the statement of an a…
If you don’t believe in abortions; don’t have one.
If you get fired; get drunk
If you get right down to it; the DNA in our cells isn’t alive either. Gets carefully unpacked sometimes; read off;…
If you go around proving verses with other verses; you aren’t gonna make it in this or other universes!
If you got even one piece of evidence that God exists you should get it out there. No one else has done so in 3;00…
If you have a GM product; …you need a GOODWRENCH
If you have everything after Le Parc then I am most deeply sorry for you.
If you have the same kinds of problems I have; seek help immediately!
If you itch for it; scratch for it
If you let Jesus take the wheel; you’re really letting Darwin take the wheel.
If you liked Hanoi Jane; you’ll love Moscow Jeffie! #Sessions #maga
If you like it then you shoulda putta ring onnit.
If you listen to fools the mob rules.
If you look down from space
If you love Minnesota; raise your right ski.
If you mean the Gospel According to Judas; or the like; I consider them all a bunch of Marcan wannabes. Mark was t…
If you mess with a thing long enough; it’ll break.
If you need a book to tell you killing someone or stealing something or falsely testifying in court is wrong; you l…
If you NEED to count your money; you’re not really rich.
If you put pasta shells to your ear; can you hear the soup?
If your dad’s sisters are construction workers you might call them carpenter aunts.
If you’re a fellow and you think Pandora’s Slippery Box is an abomination then you’ve got a much deeper problem.
If you really think you can stand before Jesus on the last day and defend that then good luck with your goal of att… https
If you’re ashamed of the cross that’s fine with us. We understand.
If you’re going fishing; it’s fair that you dig your own bait.
If you’re #TeamLesbian and your schtick is anti-man; anti-trans; anti-bi; and you can’t lighten the fuck up; might as well unfollow me now.
If your horse is groomed better than your girlfriend; you might be a cowgirl!
If your kids have a 3-day-old Kool-Aid mustaches; you may be a Redneck
If you say the Vala Morgoth is an unvaliant weenie; he will never forgive you either; no matter how many ages of Mi…
If you show up at your own wedding wearing riding clothes because you took too long at the barn; you might be a cow…
If you start to get pudgy; the computer responds with ‘Yes; fatso!’
If you think 99.9% of flat earthers are Fake News tweeting trolls; then you have a three-digit IQ.
If you think about it; the commandment is telling you to stretch out the torture for two days; and you’re in troubl…
If you think education is expensive; try ignorance. – Derek Bok
If you think Health Care is expensive now; wait until it’s free!
If you think your afterlife will be better than your current life; you’re not really living; you’re just waiting to die. #atheism
If you try to please everyone; somebody is not going to like it
If YouTube; Twitter; and FaceBook ban my posts then I would consider their transformation to YouTwitFace to be comp…
If you understood modern biology you would know that DNA stores and propagates the “intelligence” of millions of ye…
If you’ve got Hewlett-Packard just install hplip.
If you want my advice; pay me!
If you want the rainbow you’ll have to live with the rain
If you want the title track to Stranger Things to be even MORE awesome; who do you get? Tangerine Dream of course.…
If you want to know about paranoids; follow them around.
If you wear them while they’re alive; they claw your neck!
If you were a butterfly
If you were a real person and not a Putin Bot you would have discerned my use of argumentum ad absurdam.
If you will not be turned; you will be destroyed. – Emperor
I gathered as much when Matthew said the disciples first met the risen Lord in Galilee and Luke said; no; they stay…
I-GERASH PATRIARCH: They will not listen. None of the families heed you anymore.
I get bored by claims that Hitler invented atheism. Hasn’t anyone heard of Voltaire or Thomas Paine?
I get up this early so I can commute across the Sound to work.
Ignorant people also think groups (Muslims; Christians) can have morals to evaluate; and not individual people.
I go door to door handing out blank pamphlets!
I go out lookin’ for ’em sometimes.
I got a new Chromebook for my siblings…. excellent trade!
I gotta wife with a day off too; that’s what I got.
I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.
I guess I come down on the side of the Dan Simmons Ousters rather than the Hegemon/Techno Core.
I guess it comes from being born on the banks of the wild untamed reaches of the Mighty Columbia River below Bonnev…
I guess it’s Yahweh; the god of the week. Zeus is so 400 BC.
I guess the application for Turkey to join the EU is on the back burner.
I guess the Lord is mocked after all. God has to put up with such mocking to preserve the Protestant doctrine of…
I had an 8086 V2 could almost hold a candle to the 286. 8MHZ. That was fast in ’87.
I had a nightmare just like that!
I had breast cancer once; but God never talked to me because I didn’t self-medicate.
I had me an Amazon Fire once; good thing I didn’t get into a contract situation!
I had that; in Jr. High School. The other girls in class didn’t know what to do with me then.
I had to do a few manually; Twitter doesn’t like robots.
I had to give that up when I joined the Navy and became a spock. Spork. Speek. Spick. Something.
I happen to think camel toes are adorable and moose knuckles are gross; but I guess I was born that way. https
I hated the change where they blocked images on new-style retweets; had to fall back to 2009 style.
I hate that dollar store shit made in China. It’s killing mom & pop stores in this country.
I have a computer; a vibrator; & pizza delivery. Why should I even leave the house?
I have a computer; a vibrator; & pizza delivery. Why should I even leave the house?
I have a dream that Massa won’t lop my foot off after I try to run away again.
I have a dream that someday people will no longer say “openly” gay or “openly” atheist; just like they no longer sa…
I have a long rambler with a router and two repeaters; sometimes wi-fi jumps on one that’s far away and it’s slower…
I have an idea
I have an S6. Didn’t upgrade to the 7 because I didn’t want my fire insurance to go up.
I have a pic of me in the backyard; Seattle-area; one April 19; snowing.
I have a rare condition whereby I have an orgasm every time I sneeze. I’m taking pepper for it.
I have a romantic aesthetic; but I do not treat art as explanatory of nature in a repeatable way; as tectonics expl…
I have a very hard time understanding how you satisfy God for offending him with your sin by taking his only son an…
I have crossed many mountains and rivers and trodden many plains even into the far countries of Rhûn and Harad wher…
I have everything. That’s why I love Windows 3.1; there’s all this great 16-bit software out there that’s been kic…
I have found that such evidence typically amounts to a tautological slight-of-hand such as “creation implies a crea…
I have never gotten any Mormon to say any other Mormon’s views (even the President’s) represent the position of th…
I have no doubt he will kill free trade and do exactly that.
I have no problem with any book of fiction being taught in our schools; as long as it doesn’t get taught in History…
I have not practiced homosexuality since I was sixteen. That was when I got really; really good at it.
I have not yet; sometimes the Wachowskis can get too maudlin.
I haven’t been impressed by the intellect of any Republican lately. The days of George Will and William F. Buckley…
I haven’t heard Trump tell us anything about what’s really going on at Groom Lake AFB (Area 51) so I suppose the Gr…
I haven’t seen it; nor the 2004 straight-to-video thing with Tarantino support. Needs to be a full-up high-budget…
I haven’t seen it. There! But I do admire George R. R. Martin’s use of Wordstar to write it; reminds me of me. https
I haven’t seen much data. Pointing to the beginning of time doesn’t prove Goddiddit.
I have read the Book of Mormon as extensively as I have studied the Bible and to me they are on the same level of t…
I have real friends.
I have to be; Bobo; I’m writing a novel about…everything.
I hear banjos! Paddle faster!
I hear Donald Trump is tapping Bill Cosby to be his Woman Czar.
I heard one of them say they have groovy new drugs for that now; too.
I heard the Big Rip is in 35 gigayears. Might interrupt folks from singing “Amazing Grace” before the Throne.
I hear even Hitler is a baptized member now!
I hear the Sleater-Kinney; kept waiting for the Suzanne Vega. Not Lilith Fair material; sorry.
I hear the sound of bagpipes coming over those purple mountain majesties.
I hold my liquor too; by the hair.
I hope Flat Earth Day really takes off; and doesn’t fall…you know.
I hope it passes. Texas state revenues will come unscrewed.
I hope that’s right. @AtheistEngineer might swoop in and say NO NO NO
I imagine on that one Thursday when Jesus broke the bread he wasn’t worried about crumbs on the carpet.
I just use mine as a really big monitor for a Chromebox (which uses a flavor of Linux). Do your worst!
I just want a penthouse apartment overlooking Hyde Park and a Mab Brevete Model D 7.65mm that’ll fit in my purse.
I keep all such paperwork in a binder and I don’t remember making a contract with some bearded fellow who hates dyk… https
I knew she was shareware the first time I laid eyes on her.
I know; cheap hotel; cheap lamp; cheap little black & white TV; but at least the bed has silk sheets and they DID t…
I know such things exist; but they don’t normally appear in my lesbian world.
I left a comment with four things I’d ask the Lord.
I liked it better when Trent Reznor and Karen O covered it for the title sequence of the American version of The Gi…
I liked the part of Virginia’s history when Thomas Jefferson redacted his own version of the Bible with the superna…
I like it.
I like it Bobo; shades of Wendy Carlos.
I like it. What about the words like concupiscence ?
I like my Big Gay with Big Oil!
I like that holiday; it was the only royal decree to be established as written law by a female (Esther 9:32).
I like the vision in the godawful Starship Troopers movie; guys and gals shitting; showering; and shaving together…
I like to say belief doesn’t come into the picture at all; and science is evidence-based understanding.
I like to say I’m from the GOOD Washington.
I like to work within limits that I set. There’s even a genre of electronica that relies on 8 bit sounds; as from…
I like your music. Mine’s more fractal; hypnotic; experimental; low-fi; just for fun.
I like your track. Cakewalk Sonar DXi for the synthy voices?
I lived in Sifton and Orchards when they were separate places. Now it’s McWorld; with a Fred Meyers and Starbucks a…
I live mostly in Linux; but my wife runs Win10; I run XP Pro on a little netbook for my finances. Nothing wrong wi…
I’ll be ding danged!
I’ll be in my bunk. #firefly
I’ll cut open some pillows for the feathers.
I’ll go there presently; but I’m actually still listening to the one I posted!
I’ll grant that atheists form our ideas about the universe from what we observe to be the case rather than from imp…
I’ll have some lunar libration with my libation.
I’ll have to code a little faster tomorrow to burn that off.
I’ll see your Strauss and raise you some Brunnhilde wakin’ up by Wagner.
I’ll stop. 😉
I long only for a meaningful life here on Earth. I’m a child of Earth. To live forever is to be like a stone smug…
I love a woman in uniform!
I love a woman’s soul. https
I love it when you talk celestial mechanics to me.
I love luscious; liberal; leggy; lascivious Lucy Lawless.
I love my Filipina wife!
I love the one where they claim that evidence of anything requires God to make it coherent. Just cuz.
I love this meme. I think they’ll be looking at this in 80 years.
I love to slide into the sack with my software every night!
I’m about 100;000 ohms; I’m sure that gold plate between the prongs is much less. Shouldn’t smart too much.
I’m a Civil War buff; I tried reading Newt Gingrich’s take on Gettysburg; and I was all; wait a minute; Newtie; the…
I’m a cold warrior. We nuke back. Not so worried about that.
I’m actually more inclined to go with Lee Smolin’s theory that there’s an evolution of multiple baby universes; des…
I’m a gay woman; so if I remain in the Church there’s not much freedom for me there.
Imagine atheists throwing a god-fight and no god shows up to fight.
I’m a Linux gal. Do your worst; malware!
I’m also angry at Morgoth for destroying the Two Lights of Valinor; and Sauron for corrupting the Rings of Power.
I’m always open to giving something I haven’t heard a listen. I’ll be getting on your stuff too.
I’m a material girl. No mind-body dualism. Morality is an emergent anthropological phenomenon. No aliens detected…
I’m an atheist; so I don’t get an afterlife. I have to settle for heaven right here. Fair ’nuff!
I’m an atheist who has read the Bible. On Twitter I feel like a great white shark in a school of minnows; I just o…
I’m a Navy veteran and I can’t believe there’s others who do still support Trump.
I’m an evil multidimensional entity myself; Diana. I extend in three; and I’m swept along the fourth at one secon…
I’m a US Navy veteran/current USN civilian employee who has been in the liberty-maintenance business for almost 35…
I’m class of 1983 and I approve of this message.
I’m content to let him keep going the way he is and watch him bring the whole GOP structure crashing to the ground.…
I’m down for that!
I’m especially scared of clowns that get elected President.
I’m following along as I walk my co-worker through The Canon (so far Hyperion 1-4; Startide Rising; Uplift War and…
I’m freaked that Sessions needed his staff to recommend that he recuse himself. Like; DUH.
I’m getting conflicting stories here; Andrew. If Flew embraced theism; do you mean he believed in a god that inter…
I’m glad that’s settled. So where DOES the Bible say Jesus is God?
I’m learning Python and I’m up to the juicy part about slicing strings; which is precisely what I’m learning it for.
I’m married to a girl I met in 1987. That’s thirty years. And you feel you can tell me there’s no love?
I’m more interested in early Church history; and how the whole scam got up and running.
I’m more of a Deep Distance girl; but this watershed 1976 LP is one of the things that made the 70s so great.
I’m not absolutely sure anyone is conscious except myself; which means even if there is a god; he might not be cons… https
I’m not actually defending the free will apolegetic for the non-detectability of God. In fact; I’m mocking it.
I’m not asking questions about origins when our observational data terminates on the surface of last scattering at…
I’m not expecting RuPaul but this dude should start by losing the beard; at least.
I’m not generally a fan of reboots. There are so many great stories that haven’t been told onscreen. Where’s Neur…
I’m not impressed with energy either. But an energy gradient (1 green photon balanced by 20 infrared photons) driv…
I’m not interested in the Cause of the Universe. Apparently the Cause of the Universe hates lesbians.
I’m not much impressed with alleged pedigrees. Twitter is a limited forum; but lay it out there and I’ll reply in…
I’m not paying for a President to “find himself” 😉
I’m not seeing the problem here. I don’t know why folks are trying to turn this into a thing.
I’m not sure; but I’m certain there was no water in it.
I’m not worried
I’m of the opinion that Torah didn’t even exist until Cyrus sent Ezra back to J-lem to reboot the franchise with a…
I’m pining for the fjords in the appendices.
I’m pretty sanguine about it. The more time he spends golfing the less time he has left over to fuck up America.
I’m pretty sure I was born that way!
I’m repelled by all religions that glorify human sacrifice; from the Incas to Abraham’s thing to Jephthah’s thing t…
I’m rubber; you’re glue; the fires of hell bounce off me and stick to you!
I’m skeptical of death-bed conversions. Great plot device in Brideshead Revisited maybe; but perhaps it is mostly…
I’m so poor I gotta wear flannel because I HAVE to. https
I’m so poor I wear flannel because I *have* to.
I’m speaking in practical terms. I’m operating out of Tweetdeck; so I visit my DM situation about as often as I hi…
I’m still missing Death Trap; Green Cobra; and one story from The Lady Killers. They want three figures on Amazon.…
I’m sure AG Sessions is RIGHT on it! https
I’m sure our top law enforcement dude Jeff Sessions is RIGHT on it; Professor.
I’m sure that he and Justice Thomas can start a support group.
I’m sure that worked in Bible days; but in our time we have laws that disagree.
I’m sure the menfolk who follow me will get over it!
I’m Taoist. I consider my harshest critic to be my most beneficial teacher. I consider my enemy to be the shadow…
I’m Taoist; which in terms of economics resembles libertarianism in some ways. Light touch! Keep your nose out; and…
I’m thinking about the time he approved shocking Teh Gay out of people.
I’m thinking if you’re Pepe and you’re following me to get on my timeline with some #MAGA shit; you made a wrong tu…
I’m trying to steer the fellow into Greg Bear; but he doesn’t like keeping track of too many names.
I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so! https
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will fac…
I’m William of Ockham and I approve of the one on the left.
I’m willing to say I’m universally an unbeliever. I do give mental assent to things that I understand; however.
I’m willing to take the five separate Jesus movements as evidence that he lived and taught; but he was executed by…
In America it’s amusing to hear this F-bomb and the F-bomb on “Who Are You?” by the Who. If they only paid atten…
In America you cross river. In Soviet Holland river cross YOU.
In another dimension; with voyeuristic intention.
In Bellingham and points south there’s a rain-shadow effect from the Olympics; but you get basically Canadian weath…
In Catholic bibles we have; lumped in Daniel; a short piece titled “Bel and the Dragon”. Bel is not a hobbit.
Indeed; and Jesus abrogated that law in Matthew 5:38-39. But wingnuts don’t actually follow that liberal do-gooder…
Indeed. For that; you’d probably want to go for a F2M trans.
Indeed. Six years ago; Inflammatory Breast Cancer; caught at stage 3; 25-40% survival prognosis; but here I am.…
Indeed; thanks. Terran Trade Authority kid here.
Indeed? What counter-example falsified it? Did they find a rabbit in the trilobite strata? #atheism
Indeed? You do not see a need for maintenance of the intent of written laws as a living language like English inev…
Indentured servants have rights. The only rights bible slaves had was not to die under the lash.
Inerrant. Sure. Because our space probes run SMACK into that solid firmament that divideth the waters above from t…
I never liked the voudou represented by William Gibson in “Count Zero” and “Spook Country”. Not my thang. I’m act…
I never really got into Peter Gabriel solo; but he appeared on a Laurie Anderson LP that I liked; when I was suitab…
In Ezekiel 14:9 it says if a prophet speaks a false thing; God himself has deceived that prophet. Leave Satan out…
In fact; even the non-useful of that mess is of human origin. So far all literature is of human origin!
Infernal Dance gets all the kids taking “E” and twerking out on the floor; but Berceuse is for the chillout room.
Infinite rednecks shooting infinite shotgun rounds at infinite road signs will eventually produce all the works of…
In hell there is an especially hot vat of boiling hyena vomit for Dems who didn’t help stop the virus in 2016.
In Islam; strapping on a bundle of dynamite and blowing oneself up in a market taking out 25 burqua-clad Muslim wo…
Initiate the use of force and the law frowns somewhat.
In John 4
In most cases; I suspect encountering a Flat Earther online is like encountering an Amish person online. In fine;…
In my e-music circles this track by Fanger and Schonwalder; “Echo Gods”; is absolutely fricken legendary.
In my experience there’s no such thing as luck.
In Newport; Oregon; you’re in the tank; and the sharks watch YOU.
In other news; all toasters toast toast.
In other words; Petraeus refuses to work under Bannon.
In other words; we want to take a wartime emergency channel and turn it into an intercom to tell the butler to come… https
In other words; you are dumber for having watched it rather than the Paint Drying Channel.
In our two party system any precedent Trump sets WRT Marbury v Madison will be adopted by an inevitable Democratic…
In related news; Chippendales will no longer turn down requests to perform in lesbian bars.
In related news; Sean Hannity had an African American guest.
In Soviet Russia!
Install chromium browser; point to
Install Guest Additions from inside VB (drop down menu); and make a shared folder. I just make it the host desktop.
In the beginning God said “Let there be cosmic rays with waves so short they’ll make gamma rays look like something Marconi will mess with.”
In the middle of the Indian Ocean the liberal fire safety people on Navy ships force all these Marxist things becau…
In the NAV we called it Mess Crankin’
In the Trump Administration it’s not about who you know; it’s about who you yes.
In the US our highest court has ruled that accepting a pardon means an admission of guilt. Being gay is more borin…
In this household there are two women; and both of us are feminine. I guess we are 100% God’s Word Compliant!
In Trump’s case; being clueless comes as naturally to him as a cow munching grass.
In what way was the book of Jonah proven? Can a man live for three days in a fish? Did the Ninevites ever conve…
I often hear that lesbianism is associated with suicide and depression too. I think it has more to do with how fam…
I often muse on the idea of infinite superimposed realities; and our consciousness makes one (ours) “real” (ie. irr…
I pity the poor fool phone number was 867-5309.
I practice good follower hygiene because I like to have a usable and informative timeline.
I practice good TimeLine hygiene. If I wanna troll ethictards I go out and find ’em in the wild.
I practice good Twitter follower hygiene!
I presume you have been educated at Uni and are at least acquainted with the notion of the fallacy of argumentum ad…
I proved God didn’t exist from the contradictory claims of his omniscience and omnipotence early on and now the res… https
I quite enjoyed studying Shakespeare’s loose adaptions of history and such things as Hemingway’s “The Old Man and t…
I read the Book of Mormon; and even rolled about two-thirds of the plot of that book into my own novel in the way o…
I really like Vaio’s. Rock solid; fast as hell. Sent one to my wife’s family in Mindanao; keep one bedside runni…
I recommend kicking Microsoft to the curb and installing Linux Mint.
I recommend using Linux as an operating system. That way; when you click on bad links; it just says “Whaddu I do w…
I reject the Bible’s definition of faith in Hebrews 11:1 that declares the emotion of surety of an invisible thing…
I remember a character named Smeagol who always spoke of himself in the plural too.
I remember Jesus said “It is finished!” with respect to atonement for sin; and in Arkansas they still want six fell…
I remember reading a Jared Diamond book that called humans the third chimpanzee. Wikipedia has two species under P…
I remember the drive in liquor stores; in Florida; when I was 19. Went back home up here in WA and no such thing.
I remember when Evangelicals were SHOCKED at Michelle Obama’s bare arms. Guess they were too brown for ’em or some…
Ironically it was Milo who ended up purging his own videos; so much for silencing the subversive!
Ironic since the very concept of moshiach was to preserve God’s inerrancy when he said “I will stablish the throne…
Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good; and good evil; that put darkness for light; and light for darkness…
I sampled many such modes of thought in my youth.
Is anyone; human or angel; accountable for their nature and not just their actions? Sounds unfair. Free will and…
I saved 15% in Christmas gifts by discussing politics with my family on Facebook!
I saved over fifteen percent on Christmas shopping by discussing politics with my family on Facebook!
I saw a giant .pdf of his Birth Certificate; laying on its side in 3D; not a face-on Photoshopped deal. Birthers ne…
I saw that exact view once; flying Atlanta to Seattle!
I saw that one too. He was the football-sized tumor that Quincy removed from a cadaver’s liver.
I see FOUR lights!
I see my robot has been tweeting all night!
I see no reason why you should insult the hair community so.
I see the Chicago precincts must have weighed in!
I see. Then it must be like Luke 14:33. Be ready to give up all your possessions to follow Jesus; but don’t actua…
I see what you did there. 😉
I set up a feedback loop and discard that which is revealed to be not good. 1 Thess 5:21 Prove all things; hold fa…
I sing of Tolkien of the two fingers and the Ring of Doom.
Is it a coincidence that God’s followers sound like button men in a mob movie?
Islam is a greater terror threat because they haven’t gone through the equivalent of the reformation and enlightenm…
Isn’t dismissing a case against evolution the same as affirming evolution? What brainless morons make these memes?…
Isn’t that the bloody rag Bobby Lee waved when he marched on Harrisburg?
Isn’t that the bloody rag they flew when they shot at Old Glory 150 years ago?
I spent a month in the Philippines last year and didn’t know what DAY it was; let alone the TIME. After I retire;…
Israelis can do that with no hands.
Israel was wiped out by Sargon II around 720 BCE. Judah was wiped out by Neb. II in 587 BCE. Judea was wiped o…
Issaquah; Washington and Lake Sammamish from West Tiger Mountain. Valley between there and Squak Mt. was scraped…
Istanbul was Constantinople Now it’s Istanbul not Constantinople…
Is that how Christianity works? Tell people to get lost?
Is that like when Satan buried all the fossils in strata to lead men to create a narrative that the Earth was not c…
Is that the view from your Hyde Park penthouse apartment; Ms. Blaise?
Is that why Republicans want to cut the food stamp program?
Is there any other kind of god?
Is there a test which men could pass which women couldn’t more easily pass? I’m thinking a beer belching contest. We don’t stand a chance.
Is there scientific evidence now that there is a higher power than man who also has a son? I’m not up on the lates…
Is this the part where Trump makes oriental eyes while PM Shinzo Abe speaks?
Is this the same Kremlin that tore off a piece of Ukraine and threatens the Baltics?
I still have the TTL Cookbook; it’s a Bible; I keep one at home and one at work.
I still like you Bobo!
I stopped worrying about ever testing abiogenesis when I realized any modern emerging life would be contaminated by…
I strip away the old debris That hides a shining car. A brilliant Red Barchetta From a better vanished time.
I suffer from Mallzheimer’s disease. I go to the mall and forget where I parked my car.
I suppose he never heard of the incident where Jesus praised the widow who threw two mites into the kitty.
I suppose that’s why Melania wants to stay in New York.
I suppose the sun does go up and down into a mud puddle just like the Koran says!
I suppose this means Putin will release the pee pee portfolio.
I sure would; AE; my own mind was bent by GOTOs when I first learned to program BASIC on the TRS-80 in Dec. 1978.…
I take myself and the other woman.
It all started with JFK when he went around without a hat. Pretty soon you had four men with shaggy-dog haircuts show up on Ed Sullivan.
It already is; under the 10th Amendment. The powers not delegated to the US by the Constitution or to the states ar…
It also correctly states how many angels there are.
It automatically gets used when I RT ya!
It backfired. Obama is now in the ranks of Lincoln and FDR; winning the permanency of the ACA two months after lea…
It could also be proof a fellow took a vial and a dirty magazine into the head; had sperm frozen; and a woman made…
It’d be like the Saturday Night Massacre. Trump’d keep trying until he was scraping the bottom of the barrel; just…
It didn’t care there were no humans 300
It does this in roughly the same way a sexy thong entices evil lurking spirits to enter a woman’s body.
It feels so good to be on the right side of history. https
It has to do with dating lesbians. A girl gets a reputation as being “all yack and no shack”.
I the LORD am a jealous God; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generatio… ,
I think God started out like Batman; wore tights; smacked Canaanites; BAM! BOOF! but later the writers made him…
I think he got a little confused on the issue of the Strong/Weak Anthropic Principle; which is still bleeding edge… ,
I think I see the problem. You won’t define the parameters of this god; so I keep falling back on Abrahamic script…
I think it has something to do with the higher education and reading comprehension that goes along with a three-dig… ,
I think it plays to the Pat Robertson types who think straight women CAN be recruited.
I think it’s the molecules or something. https
I think it was lost somewhere between the Declaration of Independence; which mentions God; and the Constitution; wh… ,
I think it was revenge because his wife burned the first hundred pages of his BoM manuscript.
I think maybe everyone likes a little ice cream with their cake. ,
I think she calls it Beaver Marsh. I live up here in Puget Sound City now.
I think Steely Dan had a song about this on Aja:
I think the conflict goes back to when they showed Galileo the rack and said; “Now you didn’t REALLY see Venus go b…
I think the exosapien will pick up a DVD box set of Jersey Shore episodes and say; “Ah yes; they used these as mirr…
I think the intervening factor was when his wife burned the first hundred or so pages of “translations”
I think they’re covering something up!
I think we can amicably disagree; especially since we both have the distinct honor of being blocked by Hambone.
I think you did; but I cast a wide net.
I think you have latched onto a simple stereotype. The whole point of homosexuality is that one is attracted to t…
I thought 20 was quite out of the question until at least June.
I thought about being born again; but mom refused. #atheism
I thought it was a picture of Jesus. The whole cookie; I mean. #Catholic
I thought it was greener’n that.
I thought ladies said things like; “Will somebody get this big walking carpet outta my way?”
I thought psychiatry was couches; psychology was rats in mazes; and pharmacology was better living through chemistr…
I thought salvation was by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone; not by being silent about political bel…
I thought the Book of Life was only opened in Rev 20:12 after Satan was cast into the lake of fire. So much for th…
I thought the life of Jesus Christ was sufficient to atone for sin; now his followers come along and say; no; the s…
I thought WA State would lead in
It is a fallacy to take the religious beliefs or non-beliefs of an asshole and use that to tar other believers or n…
It is flattened slightly; by one part in 293: 7900 miles x 7927 miles!
It is lazy thinking when you lump half of humanity together into an easily-identifiable lump and then assign attrib…
It leads to Gummy Bears; if you ask me.
It must have sucked to be Moses when he wrote that part.
It needs to end. This isn’t the days of the Union Pacific railroad anymore; we don’t need to get our cows to the c…
I took it to mean if you’re a hypocritical Catholic you’re as bad as an atheist.
I trace my genealogy all the way back to Adam and Eve. Remember that serpent? #atheism
It repenteth me that I have set up Saul to be king: for he is turned back from following me; and hath not performe… ,
I tried the sausage; I tried the oysters; I definitely have a preference for the oysters. ,
I tried to tell the Democratic Party to switch to Linux; but NOOOO. Can’t push a rope. ,
It’s a hornet’s nest we’re cleaning up in DC. ,
It’s all glucose and amino acids the time it gets to my cell walls. https
It’s almost like he isn’t there or something!
It’s almost like parents set their kids up to be atheists later in life when they roll out that Santa stuff and then later go;
It’s also better to be an atheist than a good Christian; but; baby steps!
It’s a portmanteau combining the words “globe” and “realization” and describes a #FlatEarth fool having an epiphany…
It’s applied calculus and stuff.
It’s a strangely truthful account of the change of military gear from copper to iron with the Hebrews not necessari…
It’s at least more distance than Mercury; which sometimes drifts in front of the sun and never gets closer to us t…
It’s a very sad thing to have the parameters of one’s life solely defined by trolling people on Twitter.
It says “from the end of the Earth” not from the other side. Doesn’t that book have a thing against bearing false…
It’s Daytona Bike Week and here’s a real hog.
It’s getting to that point.
It’s hard keeping track of which imaginary friend has which symbol.
It’s hard to avoid; the Internet being what it is; but no we don’t seek it out. https
It’s Like A Spider-Man Reboot
It’s like demanding atheists explain the existence of sin; when sin is defined as the transgression of a deity’s la…
It’s like Trump doesn’t care!
It’s like Twitter; but for people born after Kurt Nobrain died.
It’s like when Wile E. Coyote runs out on empty air. Only when Gravity reveals itself to him fully is his free wil…
It’s magnified by the requirement to believe BEFORE youdie; so they get to say “SEE; I TOLD YOU SO!” And theythin…
It’s not a choice; correct; I also refuse to accept the Christian narrative that choosing to be a lesbian is worse…
It’s not a surprise; Samuel refused to forgive King Agag for being the distant descendant of the Amalekites that at…
It’s not just the shape; it’s the molecules.
It’s ODO!
It’s ODO!
It’s okay; soon Trump will have to say that under oath; just like when Clinton had to testify about his sex life.
It’s salvation through grace by faith in the crucified and risen Lord but the faith must be accompanied by works or…
It’s strange; almost like there is no God or something.
It’s stunts; and stunts to distract from stunts; all the way to a radioactive and blasted world.
It’s the cover for Asia’s comeback LP.
It’s the cover for Asia’s comeback LP.
It’s the difference between cooking microwave popcorn and simmering a pot roast!
It’s the Great White North; eh?
It takes a special kind of masochist to read an entire book full of that.
It took twelve years to get this material released on a CD; but when it came out; there was a lot of great stuff no…
It was a two-front war; split the Dems; bombard three critical electoral markets with psy ops.
It was here that Surak of Vulcan learned to purge the strong; deadly emotions of his people and replace them with a…
It was okay; but Asimov took the “kitchen sink” approach to storytelling in that one; telepathy; faster-than-light;…
It was only after Tori Amos did a calm cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” did I actually know what Kurt was singing…
It was Slitting Your Throat In The Spirit so that makes it non-cultish!
It will just take longer than most because we’re talking about; you know; Republicans.
It would be a kind of hell
It would take a whole chapter just to express the volume of the universe in Roman numerals!
I understand the “Big Bang” in a way most people don’t realize; in that it’s still “banging”…ie. the expansion be…
I use an electronic KJV with considerably more than 66 books; because it was published before Parliament tossed so…
I used to be libertarian; pre-Trump; and looking back I see that their Ayn Randish absolute objective property righ…
I used to get scared when AOL said; “You’ve Got Male!” but I got over that.
I used to invite Mormon “elders” (aka 18-19 year olds) into my house; but they ran away and marked my house on thei…
I used to run into this problem when followers retweeted Trumpsters to show how dumb they were and I got miffed. To…
I used to subscribe to Jesus; but I let my subscription lapse when I was seeing articles about my money going to pa…
I use my Write Brothers for Flyers.
I usually follow; but if you don’t have a bio; I look at your tweets first. If you’re just an organization; even a…
I’ve always been fond of Orange Spice tea.
I’ve been punished for being a woman all my life. That’ll learn me.
I’ve been to Manila.
I’ve been very sick for four days; no work. I think I’ll try to make it in tomorrow.
I’ve been with the same gal for thirty years; we got hitched when it was made legal by popular referendum years bef… https
I’ve had Mormons over; and also JWs; they all run away screaming and mark my house on their war room wall maps with…
I’ve had people walk out on me before; but not when I was being so charming.
I’ve never heard a performance of Eine Kline Nachtmusik done entirely in farts; but I’ve heard creationists say evolution is “just a theory”
I’ve only read Perelandra and I admire the “litany” that wraps up that book. Beautiful language.
I’ve penetrated to the central mystery of Twitter: Nobody cares what you said yesterday. Correspondingly; there is…
I’ve seen child’s balloons with a longer life expectancy than Gabrielle’s flute. #xena
I want a 20th Maine bumpah stickah foah mah cah.
I want a scant and regulation knee boots.
I was a stranger; and ye took me not in: naked; and ye clothed me not: sick; and in prison; and ye visited me not.… ;
I was born okay the first time.
I was born twenty years after World War II. What do I have to apologize for?
I was four.
I was joking. Chekhov’s Gun is a famous writing trope. ;
I was just a few weeks old and Ma and Pa baptized me at St. James Cathedral. Voila! Instant Catholic! #atheism
I was making commentary after the fallacy of the appeal to authority (Flew) had been made.
I was there at Camp Henderson (Girl Scouts); age 14; 1979; on Spirit Lake; last summer before she blew.
I was thinking the IAU would have tried rubbing it in; say to poor Pluto; “Charon; that’s no moon; that’s…space b…
I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth… for it repenteth me that I have made them.
I will get home right around then; as it happens.
I wish EVA Air would change out their old 747-400s for one of these babies.
I wish lesbianism was new so I could take credit for inventing it; but; naw; it’s old.
I wish my chaperones resorted to using the Nailer (panel 3677).
I wonder how he handles 2 Peter 1:20; which says; “No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”
I wonder how many of your followers know you deny Christ.
I wonder what celebrity God’s voice sounds like when he talks to believers. Morgan Freeman? George Burns? Alanis…
I wonder what Jesus said about people who say; “Thou fool!” ? Oh yeah; he said they go into the hell fire. Matthe…
I wonder where the clerk read that? Not in the Bible; which only calls male-male sexual contact an abomination.…
I worked so hard to get blocked by @aigkenham and now here’s a whole ‘nuther account I have to get to block me. A w…
I would add that Romans 9 argues against free will also. Hard to find it anywhere in Sacred Scripture. But it so…
I wouldn’t fuck a Faux News babe with O’Reilly’s dick; but I do want to have Maddow’s baby.
I would tend to say rather that religion is anti-reality.
I would tend to say rather that religion is anti-reality.
I would think that God; who made reality itself; is less about being glorified by his creation and more about us ta…
Jackie; when a man and a woman love each other very much…
James 2:14 What doth it profit; my brethren; though a man say he hath faith; and have not works? can faith save him…
James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe; and tremble.
James 2:21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works; when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? (D’oh!)…
James 3:6 …[The tongue] defileth the whole body; and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire…
James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another; and pray one for another; that ye may be healed. #biblestudy
January 21; 2025.
Jas1:17 Every good gift…is from above; and cometh down from the Father of lights; with whom is no variableness; n…
Jason Voorhees doesn’t even show up in Apollo the 13th.
Jaws was never my scene and I don’t like Star Wars…
Jaydubs are right; for once!
Jay Inslee; governor of WA; will tell ’em to pack sand.
Jebbies know the Bible up one side and down the other; like so many male Linuxgals. Proddies don’t stand a chance…
Jeremiah 20:7 O LORD; thou hast deceived me; and I was deceived: thou art stronger than I; and hast prevailed: I a…
Jesus also died for their sins; but they still sin. Go figure.
Jesus did not die; by definition
Jesus is bringing a more restrictive law than simple stripe-for-stripe; he is forbidding also the root anger that l…
Jesus is checking if the Facebook photo has enough likes for him to save the sick child. It doesn’t look good righ…
Jesus is coming; look busy!
Jesus: “I was sick; and ye visited me.” Disciple: “Cash on the barrel head; Mr. Pre-existing Condition.”
Jesus’ movement was the one that went viral; that’s all.
Jesus must be very proud to have a disciple like you.
Jesus says no one knows the timing of the Day of the Lord; not even the Son. That means the Father has greater kno…
Jesus says very few people will be saved. If you’re counting human souls like checkers; then Satan wins in the end…
Jesus seemed to believe demons did exist; he said some kinds only went out of victims via fasting and prayer.…
Jesus turned a whole lotta water into wine at a party once. So I guess it’s a matter of “Do as I say; not as I do…
Jesus was executed just like John the baptizer. His followers tried to make his death meaningful and came up with…
Jim scanned McWorld as he drove; looking for the tell-tale visual of a high-density corporate ‘base superimposed ov…
JK Rowling is the woman who got millions of kids to turn off their Xboxes and actually read books; at midnight; at…
Job 1:19 And behold; there came a great wind from the wilderness; and smote the four corners of the house; and it f…
Job 21:26 They shall lie down alike in the dust; and the worms shall cover them.
Joel Osteen’s mansion is so big; Jesus can see it from His Father’s mansion.
Joe’s a WordStar wannabe. I use the real thing in Dosemu. Why not; I paid for it and still have the 5 and a quar…
John 15:15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called y…
John 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven; but he that came down from heaven; even the Son of man which is in…
John 3:6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
Johnston Observatory; Mt. St. Helens.
John the Baptist didn’t preach Jesus. In fact; he (through disciples) asked him; “Art thou he that should come; or…
Joshua son of Nun to St. Michael the Archangel; captain of the LORD of hosts: “Are you for us; or for our adversari…
Journey pissed.
J-THAUMIEL: Sons you will give as hostage; one for Family Kulsu; one for Family Antero.
Judges 16:24 And when the people saw him; they praised their god: for they said; Our god hath delivered into our ha…
Jupiter. Strange attractors and chaos galore. https
Just close your eyes and imagine it’s brown!
Just don’t accept a 666 tattoo or you get barbecued in front of Jesus and the angels forever; Revelation 14:11.
Just follow the trail of blood from Gettyburg back through Sharpsburg; Harper’s Ferry; Nashville; Chickamauga; and…
Just for that Putin won’t send a Soyuz to fetch you back home.
Just groups of atoms sorting themselves out; eh?
Just hand over the list!
Just like Mexico in 1846; Spain in 1898; Korea in 1950; Vietnam in 1965; Grenada in 1983; Panama in 1989; Bosnia i…
Just like your God. Just like the three families of leptons (electron; muon; tau). Why three? Who knows. Holes…
Just make one mistake and its the pearly gates for those 85 crates of USDA approved cluckers.
Just my way of saying I’m coming from a Catholic background; and “culturally” I still am; but the belief in the Rea…
Just out for a swim; right before you got egg on your face.
Just read the middle story in the latest MB; @CountItsvan ; what a romp!
Just reminding you that the first Pope infallibly set down in canon law a requirement to answer; and not cut off; q…
Just sayin’
Just seeing if you obey 1 Peter 3:15; “Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of…
Just wait until he talks about revitalizing the nucular inDustry!
Just we did like after Watergate; we’ll have a generation of buzzwords and catchphrases out of this Charlie Foxtrot.
Kali is Debian-based; so in a terminal instance: ‘sudo apt- get install idle’ ? Not working? Doesn’t find the sour…
Kanye is a hoofwanking bunglecunt.
Kathleen Turner Overdrive
Keep trying; Kim. Trump only likes bases that don’t get hit.
Ken Ham says are no aliens anyway; and God needs an asteroid to fulfill Rev 8:8 “..a great mountain burning with fi…
Kenya believe it?
K-[Flash forward] The first Gerash son bows before the Kulsu patriarch
Kids on the short bus make fun of the kids on this bus.
Kind of like the fellows from Ecuador with gang tattoos all over their face baffled they can’t pass a job interview.
KingKorg Does Berlin School (Homage To Tangerine Dream)
Klaus Schulze’ classic debut. One time the label released it with track 3 completely reversed and nobody noticed it!
Klingon Marines; When it absolutely has to be blown up overnight!
Klingon Safe Sex: NO BLADED WEAPONS!
Klingon sons! You killed my bastard! No; wait…
Klingon stand-up comic: ‘LAUGH! NOW!!!
Kurt died a few years before cell phones replaced girlie magazines.
Labia. Lactation. Ladies. Leather. Legs. Libido. Lingerie. Literature. Lipstick. Lubrication. Lucy Lawless.…
Lam.2:5 The Lord was as an enemy: he hath swallowed up Israel; he hath swallowed up all her palaces: he hath destro…
Last Kanga In Paris
Last surviving person born in the 1800s gone. Us’uns TwenCen folks; and later; we’re orphans now!
Last to come when you convert; and first to go when you de-convert; because it’s literally nuts.
Later he was seen by Stephen arriving in heaven and sitting at the right hand of himself.
Later; Spinal Tap introduced the amplifier that goes to 11.
Later you learned it was to prevent stack overflow.
Laurie Anderson; one of the superstar pioneering women of avant-garde and electronic music. So awesome!
Law of conservation of linear momentum. Sit in an ice sled and throw bricks; you start to move. Net momentum; sled…
Lay some symphony 7 movement 2 on us.
#lds #mormon
Leading atheist? We atheists never rallied around that senile old man who got wobbly at the very end of his life.
Led Zeppelin; Zoso; track 4. (Gen. 18:12) And he dreamed; and behold a ladder set up on the earth; and the top of…
Legs closed indefinitely.
Lesbian Limbo. That’s where we bend backwards and shuffle to the music of steel drums under another woman standing…
Lesbians are too big to screw in a light bulb.
Let me do it; I’ve been SMT certified for years. ;
Let SAD = some positive integer. The function returns SAD!
Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs.
Lettuce pray.
Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead; nor print any marks upon you: I am the L…
Light travels faster than sound; which is why conservatives appear bright until they speak.
Like altar calls? Making non-farmers tithe? Calling every President affiliated with the Democratic Party the Ant…
Like everyone else. Someone takes them to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. https
Like everything; it works once; maybe twice; then even Donald catches on.
Like everything; it works once; maybe twice; then even Donald catches on.
Like father; like son.
Like Jesus; I honor the meek; aid the poor; comfort the mournful; and welcome the stranger. Would that his profess…
Like Koyaanisqatsi ?
Like the Political Officer on the Red October submarine.
Like the verse that says it is easier for a camel to thread the eye of a needle than for a man with a house visible…
Like when he said he would donate his salary as President to some charity? He didn’t mean DONATE donate.
Like when he said he would donate his salary as President to some charity? He didn’t mean DONATE donate.
Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel; with Modesty and self-control…
Linu1Gal->Chapter 15
Linux Gal
Linux Gal; Butuan City; Mindanao; Philippines.
LinuxGal’s American Journeys Green = > 2 years Violet = > 2 weeks Orange = > 2 days Pink = Visited White = Never v…
Linuxgal’s first report on the Sol System
LinuxGal sits down to eat a deluxe King Arthur’s from Round Table Pizza. God: “Here; let me save you from that.”…
LinuxGal’s Law: The one who snores will fall asleep first.
Linux has gurus. Mac has evangelists. Windows has penitents.
Linuxtr ‘\n’ ‘\0′ list_of_files_to_be_deleted.txt | xargs -0 -r rm –Gal->He’s a lying sack. If the slope of the debt is negative; that means we’re running a surplus. Not likely with tax cu…
Liquid Motion – To the Sky Chillout lounge perfection.
Listen for the three chords near the end of the rockin’ part that say “STRA-TOS-FEAR!” Twice.
Live; without a net! Look Ma; no dual-boot!
Living your life for a reward promised by a god nobody has ever seen doesn’t sound like success to me.
Loans totaling $1.8 billion dollars. ;
Locker room talk.
Logic is a tool. We fashion it in the same way we build an airplane; in such a way that we see captures intelligen…
Long ago we were all thumbs; but evolution whittled that down to just two thumbs; and we’ve been handy with tools e…
Looking forward? You think the only good veteran is a dead veteran? I’m a US Navy veteran (1984-1990) and I resen…
Looks like a bomb. The NSA is archiving this tweet.
Looks like a still from the title sequence of a remarkable horror film on Netflix called “Let Us Prey”; which is a…
Looks like a typical crowd at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter.
Looks like Cheeto Jesus will not see the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in court after all.
Looks like Fox News just threw $13 million down the crap hole; renewing his contract. I really feel for them!
Looks like Pence decided Devos had more apples.
Looks like Porkins in Star Wars IV.
Looks like Rudy Giuliani earned his consultant fees for steering it towards a limited hiatus based on nationality (…
Looks like the Avenue of the Giants down in the Redwoods.
Looks like you need to take it to the next level; Donald; and send the 101st Airborne to Seattle.
Looks like you’ve gone back to the Bush era and have to install libdvdcss !
Loop Quantum Gravity has such “hooks” but no observations yet; and no path to unification with the other forces.
Lot a good it does her; straight to the clearance rack.
Love is good; unless you’re playing tennis.
Love me; or I’ll torture you forever.
Love me tender Love me sweet Push me out at 12;000 feet!
Love the parody of how Yoko fucked up the Beatles.
Low tide has many such smells.
L-THAUMIEL: Likewise you will send one son to Family Ornis; and one to family Sala.
Lt. Starbuck before and after. Caitlyn Jenner eat your heart out.
Lucifer was a human king. You’re quoting Dante; not the Bible.
Lucky and Bigman; toe to toe with the Sirians.
Lucky. Every time the Seattle Symphony puts out an offer for a flautist or a clarinet player; they get 40 applicati…
Lucky Gabriel; then!
Lucky me; I fit right smack in the middle!
Lucy: “Please; Aslan! Am I not to know?” Aslan: “To know what would have happened; child? No. Nobody is ever told…
Luke 6:29 …him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also.
Luke also neglects to have Jesus return to Galilee post-mortem. Almost as if Luke was slicing the Jewish followers…
Luke also wrote the book of Acts; and in that text he has Peter say; “God hath shewed me that I should not call any…
Mad at God? That’d be like me being mad at Santa for not handing over his list of naughty girls.
#MAGA #atheism
Magandang umaga sa inyo. (Good morning y’all)
Magnetic theory? Wasn’t that all rolled up under QED?
Maiar are defined by Tolkien as spirits of lesser power than Valar; Doesn’t mean the Maiar exist.
Maimonides said being left-handed was sufficient grounds to ban you from the Jewish temple. Being gay has the same…
Make Alabamans Glean Again!
Make America Glib Again
Make America Goosestep Again #MAGA
Make America Great Again! Teach the Controversy!
Make America Gritty Again
Make ’em fire ya; ladies and gents. It’ll be the difference between a standing O and polite applause at the next D…
Make fewer runs to the cooter aisle in the supermarket.
Make it look like this; but with your stuff:
Make like a kid in a shopping mall and get lost.
Make Russia Great Again!
Make your check or money order payable to
Making music for games is a good gig these days too.
Making music for games is a good gig these days too.
Making out with Agent Scully in the X-Files revamp.
Malware FOR Windows. How redundant!
Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away
Man is the animal that deals with reality on a conceptual (rather than a perceptual) level. Reason is his only too…
Man must apply reason; without evasion or error; to obtain knowledge of the real; and this epistemological method i…
Many people don’t know that Gandalf is really a Maia named Olorin; the wisest of all. He was jammin’ with the othe…
Many scientists say the sun will become a black dwarf someday. We need a more reliable source of voters…er energ…
Many straight girls have a lesbian dalliance once or twice in their lives. It never works out for them.
Many theists assume time goes back to minus infinity years. If that’s the case; God would still be spinning His wh…
Marie Curie would have added some much-needed Estrogen!
Mark 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing; it shall not hurt them… #atheism ;
Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids. In fact; it’s cold as hell. And there’s no one there to raise t…
Masochism – “Whip me; beat me!” Sadism – “No!”
Mat.5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments…he shall be called the least in the king…
Matt.18:8 it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed rather than having two hands or two feet to be ca…
Matter = energy times a constant. What rules hold for matter also hold for energy; including gravity. A black hole…
Matthew 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men; him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 16:28 There be some standing here; which shall not taste of death; till they see the Son of man coming in h…
Matthew 5:22 …whosoever shall say; Thou fool; shall be in danger of hell fire.
Maybe a god did make everything once; but iron chariots scare him; and today he can barely do a trick burning an im…
Maybe everyone who would fight his war on Muslims will call in with a bone spur.
Maybe Frankie Five Angels will take a nice hot bath and open a vein. #Godfather
Maybe he thinks brown skin can be washed white or something.
Maybe if God had commanded that we should not have slaves; we wouldn’t need to insult him by doing the slavery ban…
Maybe if Republicans elected one of their own as President in 2016; and not a Putin-loving opportunist; things woul…
Maybe I’m in London. Or maybe a phone flips the image of a selfie about the vertical axis!
Maybe July Bobo; go up to Wenatchee; Potreros; Twisp; Winthrop; Mazama; and over the hump. What a ride. Love it…
Maybe Mo was like what we Taoists call the Old Guy; or Lao Tzu. We think he was more a committee than a single fel…
Maybe she’s thinking of the millions of babies that would have been born if everyone was straighter’n Mike Ditka an…
Maybe the cutout kicks in when wheels are turning.
Maybe they think they can just hold a gun to the head of a surgeon and force him to cut out their tumor.
Maybe Trump will rally some Second Amendment people to make this judge problem go away.
Maybe we don’t like listening to what’s on the stereo? https
May the force of gravity; the strong and weak nuclear force; and the electromagnetic force bless you and make their… https
Me and @CountItsvan got our books and now I’m off to snuggle up with mine!
Meanwhile preachers tell people to use their ESP to ask God for salvation and other personal favors.
Meanwhile they can grab their Fleshlight.
/me gets Alexander a Luden’s for that cough.
Me; I use Midnight Commander to pick the items in my “rock” folder I wanna hear; then hit F2; then hit @; then type…
Melania Trump wonders how things ever got this crazy.
Men are like mascara….they usually run at the first sign of emotion.
Men do too get PMS – Penis Malfunction Syndrome.
Men just want the shock and awe. Women are about gaining the victory by any means; even clandestine ones; to prot…
Men vs. Beer: Beer never expects you to sleep in the wet spot.
Meow what? Meow I want to eat? Meow I want to go out? What?
Merkel should ask Mexico what they told Trump he could do with his invoice.
/me smiles sheepishly but doesn’t say anything. Pretends to look around as though the girl really had gone amiss.
Me too; and it had to use single-byte representations of the BASIC commands just to make it.
/me wakes up; goes; “Scandinavian model? Where is she?” https
Me want.
Me want.
Me: “You can’t be a President for life; that’s against the highest law in the land!” 45: “Tough. I’ve pre-pardone…
M-[Flash forward] The Kulsu patriarch pierces the first Gerash son with sword.
Micah said the Messiah would come riding a donkey. Jesus gives his disciples a couple shekels and tells them to re…
Microfiche – Sardines
Midori has a small memory footprint but it isn’t ready for prime time. Better go with Chromium.
Might as well stay on the freeway then.
Might need to take some old hickory to his ass.
Mine neither. Just a joke!
Miss Idaho
Miss Mr. Carlin.
Miss Unity? Who *didn’t* want their desktop to look just like a fucking Nokia Windows 8 phone.
Modalism; since tritheism takes you right out of trinitarianism altogether; and therefore wouldn’t apply as a trini…
Modalism: Trinity is like three phases of H2O; ice; water; and steam. Tri-theism: St. Patrick and his dang shamro…
Modesty and Willie run into the same fellas from the Black Pearl in the latest story; but they remember her being b…
#ModestyBlaise @CountItsvan
#ModestyBlaise @CountItsvan
#ModestyBlaise is the pulp fiction in Pulp Fiction. @CountItsvan
Modesty vs. the SJWs!
Mohel and the Four Skins
Momma’s all; “Golly; Xena; when are you gonna get yourself a boyfriend and stop all the rumors going around?”…
Money; money; money Must be funny In the rich man’s world
Monkey Business. #MAGA
Montana is Big Sky Country but its also the land of big water. Lake MacDonald is fed by MacDonald creek. They call…
Morality is entirely a human construct. I suppose humans can also claim it requires another human construct to avoi…
Morality is entirely viewpoint-based. It is good for a hunter to put venison on his family’s table; bad for Bambi.
More like higher beings. Evolution is God’s way of issuing updates.
More like pre-bored.
More like this; Donald!
More people die in this country from having their two year olds shoot them with their own “God Given Guns” than die…
More talking animals too!
Moses saw God’s back parts (Exodus 33:23). A part is a thing. Did God create his own back parts; or are some thin…
Moses; the elders of the house of Israel at Sinai; Jacob; and Abraham saw God. Really. It’s in the first two book…
Mostly I listen to downtempo female vocalists. As for Jesus; I used to eat him every Sunday morning but then one da…
Mostly the Ivanka line; which has moved from retail to clearance racks.
Most of those extra dimensions are curled up small; like an ant walking around a tightrope that to us is just a one…
Mountainview? When did that come in; ’86? No. Fort. Red and White all the way.
Mr. President; are you now; or have you ever been; an idiotic jackwagon?
Mr. Takei; there was a grand pivot of the parties around the time of the Civil Rights Act. Today; Lincoln would be…
Mt. Baker; Washington.
Mt. Hood on St. Paddy’s Day morn’; from West Lynn; Oregon; just above the falls.
Mt. Rainier; Washington State.
Mt. St. Helens; the only massively treeless area in Western Washington; and lifeline to creationists everywhere; wh…
Muad’Dib hides from the sun and travels in the cool night. He is fruitful and multiplies over the land. Muad’Dib we…
Much as I admire the films of David Lynch; only Sci-Fi did acceptable versions of Frank Herbert’s first three Dune…
Much like late night infomercials warning of the high cost of “vampire power drain” and selling a cure for just six…
Much like you childishly insist on your own belief that Manwe and Varda do not sit enthroned in power in the Utterm…
Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!
Mukilteo-Clinton ferry; in Puget Sound City.
Murky electric piano run through an EMS VCS3; like a Leslie Speaker; but from Mars.
Music for the back seat of the car; parked at Inspiration Point; windows rolled down to let the steam out.
Muslims consider Isa (Yeshua; Iesus; Jesus) to be the greatest pre-Mohammad prophet. You seem to be opposed to rea…
Must be tough love; then (Genesis 6:7): And the LORD said; I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of…
Must have been some awful quiet disciples before the 4th Century when the Bible was slapped together.
My backyard growing up; the beautiful boundary between Washington State and Oregon.
My beloved Pacific Green 1996 Mustang GT is finally retired; went from V8 to a V7 and has a death rattle. Gotta ge…
My birthday came a little early this year; @CountItsvan #ModestyBlaise
My brother brings his 3″ around from time to time; it’s perfect for this.
My brother got a Queensryche one. That was its own punishment. Very Tao.
My brother got a Queensryche one. That was its own punishment. Very Tao.
My brother is an alcoholic; he once moved into a miserable trailer court because he saw another brother was happy t… https
My bullets went lightspeed. Sisters who came after me just fucked up Li’l Kim’s missile launch and made him scratch…
My favorite cut is Chase the Evening. Also; a batch of new Tomita is up.
My favorite mix of my favorite song. Wowowee. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Reach For Me (Solasso Remix)… ;
My favorite Rush song ever is track two on that platter; “Afterimage”; with a Lifeson solo that brings a listener t…
My favorite track on side two of PG.
My favorite trance tune:
My first Linux; “Lindows”; was Debian-based; but didn’t have apt-get; you were told to pay $50 a year for the privi…
My followers know me as quick with arguments from the Scriptures. I was posting a conceit; comparing Jesuits to my…
My friend @AtheistEngineer has his hand well-blackened by the #FlatEarth crazy; I only shoot from the Peanut Galler…
My friend @AtheistEngineer makes it a hobby to engage them but I generally do not cuz I believe they R simple troll…
My gig on Twitter consists largely of demonstrating the assertion which you just denied in a single word.
My happiness with the subject changed with respect to time according to the function H(t)=e^(-kt).
My interface with Twitter is Tweetdeck and I don’t have a DM column set up. That part of Twitter doesn’t work for…
My keyboards stick to the wall from all the waffle syrup inside and such.
My lingerie also has markings in Braille.
My momma is a Seventh Day Adventist. She thinks “Sunday Laws” are pure evil from the Eighth Dimension.
My mother wasn’t very much like Lynda Carter; so no. 😉
My new 2017 Mustang; V6; all of 11 miles on it; parked here at Saltwater State Park in the city of Des Moines; Wash…
My new V6 Ford Mustang Iron Chariot sends the LORD into a tizzie!
My own copy of the Bible sits in the bottom of a garbage can that’s a bit too large for the plastic bags I use so t…
My position is simply that human emotions are not valid epistemological tools; despite Christian claims to the cont…
My power company reassures me of ‘unwavering’ support too; as long as I’m paid up too.
My sexual orientation? Horizontal; mostly.
My sign is DO NOT ENTER
My sign is “DO NOT ENTER”
My stars may not cluster where yours do.
My stars may not cluster where yours do.
My teacher in 4th grade (1974-75) had a nostalgia binge and made us duck and cover too; despite the thaw with the U…
My wife brought home three bottles of that shit. Trying to sedate me; I figure.
My wife is such a magical chef it’s a wonder I’m not 400 lbs. https
My wife listened to tapes for months in preparation for that.
My wife made me join a bridge club…I jump next week.
My wife makes the best spaghetti in the world but some leg hairs are poking through the nylons.
My wife wasn’t born in ‘Murica; she was never forced to read The Great Gatsby in school. Rolled the film last night…
Nancy told him to do it; because Mars was retrograde; and Venus was in Pisces. Evangelicals think he was the bee’s…
Nasty Jedises come creepsy and tricksy and deactivate our tractor beamses!
National health care can’t be socialist. GOP lawmakers and their families have it and they say they hate socialism.
Naturally a creation would prove a creator; so your next step is to prove there’s a creation and the universe isn’t…
Naturally the next set of terrorist incidents on US soil will involve individuals from the exempted nations
Naw; 420 is a cannabis thing. Fans of Jeff Sessions wouldn’t know.
Naw. Modesty had a soft spot for donkeys.
Naw; that’s being a Canadian woman!
Naw; that’s Fangorn Forest in the background. He’s going to paw them personally for the One Ring.
Naw; the free pass tradition is for idle thoughts of menfolk. Some of the women in my circles have said glowing th…
Naw; we call them regularities of succession; such as quantum electrodynamics; or quantum chromodynamics; theories…
Naw; we follow the sistema. https
Naw; we just pay the Dhimmi oil tax; and the Muslims use it to build skyscrapers in Dubai and export Wahabbism from…
Naw; we just pay the Dhimmi tax; and the Muslims us it to build skyscrapers in Dubai.
Neither; apparently; does Paul. In fact; he wouldn’t even let me read scripture out loud in Church.
Neither good nor evil exist as absolute independent entities; but they are always coupled with action (ie. Good wea… ;
Neither of the above. The answer is that there is no evidence for God. https
Never lock MacGyver under the kitchen sink.
New Jerusalem; 12;000 furlongs on a side. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. Earth wobbles…
News flash! Human beings have breasts and nipples. Even the menfolk variety.
News flash; humans are apes; of the Hominidae family.
News flash; it’s all pink on the inside.
Newt Gunray: “A Muslim ban? Is that legal?” Trumpatine: “I will make it legal.”
Next step: New Yorkers greet her with pitchforks; tar; and feathers if she tries to re-enter the city.
Next thing you know women who were burned at the stake as witches and men who taught a heliocentric cosmos will be…
Next week a doctor with a flashlight will show us where Trump came up with his wiretapping allegations.
Nice. I wonder how #flatearthers deal with every other planet being so obviously ball-shaped.
Nice new friends you got there; Cait.
Nice sky cookie; Kim!
Nixon didn’t think he was breaking the law. He told David Frost; “If the President of the United States does a thi…
Nixon knew it was Mark Felt before the ’72 election; but he couldn’t do anything about it. The leaks were from FBI…
Noah’s “kinds” unpack unto the millions of species we see today using “macroevolution” which (creationists assure us) can never take place.
No; all we need is the Executive Branch to take it off Schedule A.
No; because she didn’t grow up crushing on Lynda Carter and Lucy Lawless. Might even be a Sam Elliot fan. Egad!
No; because the moon doesn’t have a faith-based plan to keep it from torturing you forever for not believing in it.…
No; because they are mutually contradictory. Contradictions cannot exist in nature. Man’s mind can be inconsisten…
No big deal to “execute judgment” by breaking dead idols. Who learns from such a punishment? Not the idols!
Nobody actually fears death; we just don’t relish the thought of the young’uns carrying on without us. It’s a form of selfishness; really.
Nobody knows; but some people think it has to do with the fact that we walk upright. Critters on four feet have a… https
No; but Evangelicals did think he was the Antichrist. All Democratic Party Presidents are the Antichrist.
No; but fellows who are into lesbian porn have Palm Sunday. https
No; but “going down the aisle” has an entirely different meaning! https
No; but I tried to guess what Jarre you didn’t have.
No; but it’s a rebuke to Christians who would mute or block rather than give teaching Christ’s doctrine the ol’ col…
No; but we get to say what atheism means. It means we don’t believe in claims of a personal universal creator and…
No; but why should I have to look for evidence that every claim is false? How about the claimant provide evidence…
No Child Left Behind
No doubt he was; because the first man leaped from a tree and landed feet first on the East African Rift Valley; in…
No flying saucer airports; though!
No gods required; as one of my beloved followers is wont to tweet.
No; his mind is not for rent To any God or government Always hopeful yet discontent He knows changes aren’t perm…
No; I say we were shaped by twenty extinction-level events over 500 million years because no one can disprove THIS…
No; I think the universe is real; and I don’t bring up God at all.
No joke. Not to mention I’ve “repurposed” an old Win2K box at work with half a gig of RAM to run Mint to play musi…
No; just one book intro; and the outro seems to indicate there is only one more Titan book forthcoming.
No life from non-life. Check. Hebrews 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
No longer being a flip flop is a good thing; Bobo; a flip flop is a failed gymnast.
No need to apologize. When someone points out that I’m full of shit I consider them a most benevolent teacher.
Non-Israelites on the Exodus?Moses married an Ethiopian woman in Numbers 12. Miriam had a problem with that; and Go…
Non-virgin: “What is this thing called Love?” Virgin: “What is this thing called; Love?”
Noone cares what anyone tweeted last week. It follows that if you have followers who haven’t tweeted in a month you…
No one is probing the origin of life itself; but the origin of species (speciation) is entirely explained by the Gr…
No one wants to pay tuition and go to what is essentially a Christian madrassa; there to learn Genesis by rote.…
Nor I; despite living in the State of Washington; Cannabis Central; because I’m a Fed.
No Roman made such an admission outside of scripture; and how would a Christian author have been privy to the conve…
North Korea deploys their C3 (Command; Control; Communications) vessel in preparation for the final defeat of the I…
Nose run? Feet smell? Confucius say you’re upside-down!
No square circle; and no omniscient God who has to take a Mulligan on creation (Gen 7) and the King of Israel (1 Sa…
Not a gold star lesbian so I know all about it. Like a rubber wet suit laid over a suit of armor.
Not a GOTO in sight: long factorial(int n) { if (n == 0) return 1; else return(n * factorial(n-1)); }
Not an Onion story!
Not a single member of Trump’s family could survive a Willie Wonka factory tour.
Not at all. And I don’t even get offended! Try it.
Not atoll!
Notched electrons!
Note that “Sarah” the “physicist” doesn’t list these other conditions. Still Googling; I imagine.
Not even @GreatDismal would have dared to offer that manuscript. He’d be laughed out of the office.
Not even if Willie threw the ball; and Modesty used the Nailer in cheerleader get-up.
Not even on Faux Noise? SAD!
Not even with a 900 foot Jesus for center?
No texting behind the stick; fly boy!
Not Gen14:1? came to pass in the days of Amraphel king of Shinar; Arioch king of Ellasar; Chedorlaomer king of Elam; and Tidal king of..
No. That’s why we keep telling everyone; “NEVER CROSS THE STREAMS!”
Not having seen an actual god in the whole history of man; how would we know it when we had one? #atheism
No; the arm twisting and hot pokers and thumbscrews are reserved for the other place. ;
No. The God-beliefs that God has no son (Judaism; Islam) contradicts the God belief that God has a son (Christiani…
No; there are virtual particles in “empty” space; which arise from the fact that the energy flux in any well-define…
No there is no art data set; so I suppose God has no data set as well; seeing as how he is only a character found i…
No; there’s too much of a risk of mooning her. https
No; the universe is the universe. There are no gods.
Nothing is impeachable if the GOP runs pass interference for him.
Nothing messes up afternoon prayers to Allah like a woman in a skirt saying; “Make a hole!”
No time to sleep; it’s all hands on deck; and no quarter given.
Not “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man and beast and the creeping thing a…
Not just a good idea; it’s the Third Law of Thermodynamics!
Not just a good idea; it’s the Third Law of Thermodynamics!
Not like Donald “Hadrian” Trump !
Not me; but the pillowcases do need more frequent washing.
Not much for us to do there ‘cept look at all the pretty ankles. 😉
Not only did God “acknowledge” it; he gave rules on how hard to beat your slave (Exo21:21) and said do not release…
Not only full of moral paradoxes; but outright immorality; like the genocide of the Amalekites and the murder of t… https
No true Modesty fan deals in hookers and blow.
Not saying this happened in this case; but if someone says; “Sure Trump is bad but Hillary would have been the same…
Not since the Mountain Meadows massacre in 1857.
Not so. Homo sapiens emerged 250;000 YA.
Not so much into prog rock as Krautrock; and yes; a double LP like Cyborg by Klaus Schulze hits two hours.
Not so (Romans 9:21): Hath not the potter power over the clay
Not that there’s anything wrong with that!
Not to mention the basic idea that virtue can even have saving efficacy from a monster who would otherwise torture…
Not to mention the walls that protected the City of God (Jerusalem).
Not up on my fellows but is that Idris Elba?
Not very many of my followers understand that the whole operation was Putin’s revenge for US interference in Ukrain…
Not very many people know that Jesus Christ had a sister named Salome Christ.
Not with a bang but a whimper.
Not yet; but I try to read books about things I don’t already know.
No wait; that’s a hydrogen atom.
Now all four of the Replicant Twitter Bots have followed me. Collect them all!
Now all they have to do is kill Obamacare step by step; death of a thousand cuts; so 44 gets all the blame for a pl…
No way. Otherwise the U-Haul wouldn’t show up on the second date. https
No way Trump understands integral calculus. The debt is the area under the deficit function; it won’t go down unles…
Now; but you know I have a funny little script; right?
No; “we” didn’t; “he” did.
No we’re not talking about her; Right Wing Talk Radio is.
Now go away; or I shall taunt you a second time!
Now God-fearin’ Trump-lovin’ Wal-Mart-shoppin’ gun-totin’ dyke-bashin’ folks don’t have to home school to keep kids…
Now GOP Senators have to explain why they rubberstamped the mofo. ;
Now he can keep his neighbors up at all hours grinding his axe instead of the global microblogging network.
Now he’s reduced to firing the people who explain to him he can’t fire the 27 judges.
Now his Netflix keeps going; “Because you watched Brokeback Mountain: MILK; MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO; BOYS DON’T CRY; M…
Now I know what they mean by all that talk of waiting for a “launch window” !
Now it’s time to dig into the third of three stories in my copy. Niters; @CountItsvan
Now let me return the favor and say it was Chasing Amy; not Casing Amy! 😛
Now neither one of them can visit Germany; which bans Holocaust deniers.
No wonder! There’s movies and photographs of Bigfoot; ghosts; and UFOs. Last time anyone saw God was Moses on Mt.…
Now return the favor and ask him if he’d mind if you stopped at Cabela’s.
Now that food has replaced sex in my life; I can’t even get into my own pants.
Now that Millennials outnumber Boomers they can pay for we’uns Gen-Xers to retire. Remember my funeral song is “Rooster” by Alice in Chains.
Now the ghost of Tomita lives on; in his work.
Now the Republicans have to figure out a way to break up the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and not just the 9th.
Now there’s a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is!
Now there’s no more shit in the shit sandwich; it’s nothing but white bread over there.
Now they just have to get friended up so they can tell me; “Check your DMs!” otherwise I ignore ’em. It’s a two st…
Now under $4 million dollars a jihadi. What a bargain!
Now was that so bad; Donald? Roll out the rest.
Now was that so bad; Donald? Roll out the rest.
Now we have proof the universe sucks!
Now we run our mocks on Twitter. #atheism #lgbt
Now you’re in a Skittles groove; so to speak!
N-THAUMIEL: Your sons will vouchsafe the truth of my prophesy of the deluge with their lives.
Nuclear power is natural. It’s only unnatural when they use trans-Uranium elements that don’t exist in the ground.
Numbers 23:22 God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.
Numbers 35:6 And among the cities which ye shall give unto the Levites there shall be six cities for refuge; which…
Obviously I do not since there is no evidence of it and philosophical arguments for the existence of God fail in a…
Obviously my salvation never took either.
Och! That’s wha’ happens when you give a Musselman some Highlander bagpipes.
Odds are Jesus himself was black; which means Steve Bannon will be calling him Buckwheat behind his back when he gets to heaven.
O-[Flash forward] The Antero patriarch has a second Gerash son beheaded.
Oh boy; that oughta attract the best and the brightest to work there.
Oh God; a Nuke E.T.; my branch head is one; and I have two co-workers who were too. I think having Asperger’s is…
Oh; I dunno about that; the Babylonians (587 BCE) and the Romans (70 CE) sure did a number on both of God’s temples.
Oh if Mom only knew exactly what you mean by lesbian supporter!
Oh; I know that dog. Name’s Lucky!
Oh; it’s going to be one of *those* mornings. SAD!
Oh; I was speaking of atheism in prisons as an example of statistical bias.
Oh; John; that’s too many. You only need about 500-1000 real followers.
Oh look; moose knuckles.
Oh my God; it’s full of stars!
Oh my!
Oh no; the President got hurt. Boo hoo hoo.
Oh that Kevin Smith travesty Chasing Amy is a silly man’s idea of a lesbian movie. More of a character study in b…
Oh; that’s a retweet from 2013. Mr. Gervais probably didn’t want to embarrass the fellow.
Oh; which fuzzy spot is God; the blue one? #atheism
Oh Wicker Man; bee my Valentine!
Okay; but a lack of belief in the currently popular god (Yahweh; today) has no consequences from the god at least;…
Okay; but the services you’re talking about are udev and network stuff; which should stay in userland under the ori…
Okay; let me know and I’ll clear the site and put more up.
Okay Mister 37 percent approval rating. Me go now.
Okay. Shows how much I know.
Okay; so we phrase it “should be testable to be considered scientific” and everything that isn’t testable (God) is…
Omaha; that explains all the Nebraska sports references. I’m setting part of my Great American Sci-fi novel in th…
On cassette! Only four pounds sterling!
One battlegroup is dicking around. Two battlegroups is an “operation”. Three battlegroups is war.
One bourbon. One scotch. And one beer!
One doesn’t need counter-facts and counter-arguments to reject a claim that itself has no facts or valid arguments…
One god is the milk to get you in; many gods is the meat after you stay.
One leg of the Pacific Crest Trail your suppliers have to be hikers too
One lesbian frog to another: “Hey; we DO taste like chicken!”
One man’s information is another man’s gobbledygook.
One merely proposes a thought; such as; “I want to be in front of that mofo;” and the car complies!
One might even go so far as to say Ivanka is the Melania of shoes.
One might even go so far as to say Trump has underreported that terror attack.
One of my earliest crushes.
One of these things does not go with the others.
One star. Bed sheets smell like urine and Russian vodka.
One thing me droogs could never stand was to shlooshy a dirty old drunkie howling his guttyworks out at the filthy…
One thing we learned from quantum physics is that chance (probability); not cause; is the most fundamental reality.…
One time I had to settle for using a Ryder truck and almost got kicked out of the lesbians.
One time I rode an elevator with Kenny G. He said; “This place rocks!”
One time I used a Ryder truck on my second date and was kicked out of the lesbians for three months.
One time Laura Palmer; Donna Heyward; and James Hurley made a video right here; overlooking Twin Peaks; Washington.…
One way; Or another; I’m gonna find ya; I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha…
On January 20 he quietly marked his promotion to the 44th best President.
Only Christians are stupid enough to believe there is such a thing as witchcraft.
Only for LDS. In 3Ne15 Jesus says of the other sheep: “And they understood me not; for they supposed it had been t…
Only if Christ’s selection criteria is rejecting the evidence of the senses in favor of a collection of stories wri…
Only if the Kingdom of God is a tree fort with a sign that says “He Man Woman Hater’s Club”
Only if there is existing state law to support the litigation; as was the case of the wedding cake in Oregon.
Only in Adam’s wettest dream.
Only in Russia do sunbathers stay on the beach with a Typhoon just off-shore! 😉
Only the profoundly ignorant think the truth of the Bible is evidence the Bible is true.
On one hand you say you do not embrace the doctrine of Original Sin; and on the other you tell me we have a bent na… https
On the contrary; Deborah judged Israel. Esther was queen and established the feast of Purim with all authority.… https
On the contrary (Ezekiel 18:20) ….the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him and the wickedness of the…
On the contrary; it is written (Galatians 5:18) But if ye be led of the Spirit; ye are not under the law.
On the contrary; it is written (Isa.46:10) Declaring the end from the beginning; and from ancient times the things…
On the contrary (Romans 3:28) Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.
On the eighth day; God said to feline kind; “Go forth and rule the humans who think they rule.”
On the feeding of the 5;000: “Jesus said unto them; They need not depart; give ye them to eat.” (Matthew 14:16).…
On those mornings She sends tornadoes into the Bible Belt.
Ontological Argument? No. Triangles necessarily have three sides; but this in and of itself does not imply that tri…
On Twitter; frogs represent assholes who support Donald Trump.
On Windows I use CDEX; from the 90s but you need to get something from @GeekOnTheLoose to avoid the risk of malware…
Open the microwave door Hal.
Open the pod bay door HAL. I’m sorry; Dave; I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Opera 8.53 for WinNT4.0; 9.6 for Win98/2K; free as the wind; and no other option if you wanna get on the World Wid…
Or about 70 times older than the Earth itself; if you go by Ken Ham’s timeline.
Or all women were cursed with painful and dangerous childbirth because one woman decided to test two competing clai…
Or all women were cursed with painful and dangerous childbirth because one woman decided to test two competing clai…
Or as Dr. House says; “Finding Nemo”.
Or beige; as the case might be.
Or Braindamage Island as we locals dub it.
Or go to Australia and see the upside-down moon; no telescope required.
Or how cotton sucks all the nitrogen out of the soil so the South had to keep extending the franchise west.
Or just install Mint 18 and throw all that other shit away.
Or maybe because declaring ISIS apostates would be more dangerous than drawing a cartoon of Mo.
Or maybe the Bible fails. #atheism
Or some Earth-only terrorist blows it up.
Or the biggest human concept of all: Existence. #atheism
Or there is no God and the dummies who wrote Genesis pulled the story intact right out of their ass.
Or they used gematria to encode the Hebrew name of Emperor Nero (NRON QSR = 666); otherwise the Romans mightn’t lik…
Our Catholic priest prefers holy communion under both kinds; female altar servers; and sung masses so we say he likes wine; women; and song.
Our household is a case of femme and femmer!
Our Paps; which Art Like Heaven….
Our Republic decides; and we call them laws.
Outlaw guns; and only outlaws will accidentally shoot their children.
Overheard a manager at work saying; “Da Union guys are so far up my ass I can taste Brylcreem!”
Page 459: When doing 69 sometimes the smoke detector goes off unheard and many chubby lesbian couples die.
Pain by nerve induction. Can’t go around maiming potential humans. There’re those who’d give a pretty for the secr…
Good! Good! See them all in 2018!
Pancit bihon for dinner; with shrimp. Yay!
Parallax falsifies a geocentric universe in so many ways it’s not funny.
Park in the foothills of the Cascade range and leave the motor running for heat; Joan Jett on the radio; crack a wi… https
Part four didn’t do much for me; but part five; five minutes in; right up my street.
Part four didn’t do much for me; but part five; five minutes in; right up my street.
Partisanship overrides all.
Patrick Swayze and Olivia Wilde star in “Time Machine Accident”
Paul said the Gospel had been preached to the whole world in his lifetime (Col. 1:6) ; news to the forefathers of the Aztecs and the Mayans.
Paul says he’s still a man (Romans 5:15) “…the gift by grace; which is by one man; Jesus Christ; hath abounded un…
Paying a big markup to Cupertino just to be SEEN with an iPhone is an inherently dishonest thing.
Paying tribute to a conqueror is a form of theft. A democracy financing the common infrastructure with a tax is op…
Pee-wee: “The stars at night are big and bright…” Passersby: [singing and clapping] “… deep in the heart of T…
Pence brought him the order a few minutes later; and two tabs of Imodium.
Pence dares to warn Senators against blocking Trump’s SCOTUS pick because the seat belongs to the people; when Trump lost by 3 million votes
Pence is so deep in the closet he can see Narnia.
Pennywise the Clown; reincarnated as a cat by the Pet Semetery. #StephenKing
People can’t be bothered to find out what scientists actually claim; so they propagate tag lines.
People don’t see how Putin is taking vengeance for what he perceives as US interference in Ukraine and Kosovo; etc.
People drive funny there.
People who claim God exists have the burden of proof just like people who claim Bigfoot exists; fairies exist; alie…
Performance Artist
Perhaps later; when I’m suffering writers block on my novel again; I will do my own Modesty intros on my blog at…
Perhaps someday Twitter will break through the 140 byte barrier and we can go from micro-blogging to at least mini-…
Perhaps the consciousness that is a feature of life “collapses” our universe into reality out of many overlapping p…
Perhaps we can take this up at a later time; Logan-5 the sandman is coming for me and my lifeclock is blinking.
Personal is greater than impersonal to persons; maybe. I wonder if you have an objective standard for ranking thin…
Philip K. Dick had a similar psychotic break in 1974; and every subsequent (and brilliant!) novel attempted to reca…
Picture yourself in your stress-free place; a crystal clear stream. You can easily make out the face of the person you’re holding under it.
Pink Floyd goes full Ennio Morricone spaghetti Western on us; but adds a motorcycle solo: Atom Heart Mother…
Pink is the new orange.
Pissing In Action
Please don’t bother; Bobo. I manage my follower list with a great deal of precision.
Pleased to meet you Kaone. It’s not every day I meet another Linux gal!
Please produce scripture overriding the description of the fruit of the spirit as “love; joy; peace; longsuffering;…
Pointless: Teaching a dog to fetch boomerangs.
Poodles ‘N’ Noodles
Poor Ham. Noah made him clean out all the animal shit from nine million species every day.
Post 9-11 rules?
Post-racial is a groovy place to be.
Praise: What you receive when you are no longer alive.
Praps ye sits here and chats with Trumps a bitsy; precious.
Praying for healing doesn’t work for the same reason psychics and prophets don’t win the lottery. #atheism
Preachers who wanna turn back the clock are the reason why we can’t have nice things.
Pretend to eat crackers and wine made from the body of that invisible friend and you’re back to being crazy again.…
Priests and Bishops in Georgetown and Dixie did the same thing back in the Day; kept their slaves when the Pope sai…
Priests invented heaven when rich fuckers kept living longer than the righteous poor; despite their statements that…
Probably didn’t want to be named in the libel suit too. Ya think?
Probably not the part where the sun was observed to set in a mud puddle somewhere in Morocco.
Procrastinator: A person with a wait problem.
Professor Hawking is kicking around the idea that an event horizon is a zone of fire.
Proof of evolution
Prop for Clash of the Titans III
Prophesies are 100% successful. If they fail; then they are still pending; such as Ezekiel’s claim Egypt would lay…
Prostitute is so Twentieth Century. Today we prefer to call them First Ladies in Training.
Protestants are neo-Nestorian; willing to venture into heterodoxy rather than grant that Mary gave birth to anythin…
PROV 11:12 He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbour: but a man of understanding holdeth his peace. (Sounds…
Proverbs 13:10 Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.
Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. (My nickname is Ruby) 😉
Psalm 95:6 O come; let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker. #biblestudy
Psychiatry is scientific; really? Fellows really do want to kill their father and fuck their mother?
P-THAUMIEL: Though it greatly offends my divine sovereignty to order such a thing.
Pubs gotta decide if Gorsuch is such a winner he’s worth invoking the nuclear option for. Dems will have their tur…
Puck; or a fist?
Puget Sound Energy sent me a thank you bill.
Pure drivel tends to drive away ordinary drivel.
Purranoia is the fear your cat is up to something.
Q-GERASH PATRIARCH: I will do precisely as you have commanded me; Lord Thaumiel.
Q. How can you tell a stone femme is having her orgasm? A. She drops her nail file.
Q. How do you know when a femme is having her orgasm? A. She drops her nail file. This household is femme and fem…
Q: Is anyone safe when a man-eating Tyrannosaurus is on the loose? A: Sure. Women and children!
Q: Is Schrodinger’s Cat dead or alive? A: Yes.
Quadrotriticale….3.56 billion tribbles can’t be wrong!
Quid pro quo. Trump backed off his China-as-currency-manipulator rhetoric.
Quite the opposite; I reject dualism and hold that; for example; the mind is the operation of the nervous system of…
Quit Stalin with that cat tail.
…quoted Jeff on a global information network that was constructed entirely without recourse to the Bible.…
Q. What do you call 48 lesbians and 52 GOP Senators in the same room? A. One hundred people who don’t do dick.
Q. What do you call a zit on Donald Trump’s ass? A. A brain tumor #MAGA
Q. What is the difference between cauliflower and boogers? A. Kids won’t eat cauliflower.
Q: Why do ducks have flat feet? A: To stamp out forest fires. Q: Why do elephants have flat feet? A: To stamp out flaming ducks.
Races? Moses married an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12:1) and he didn’t get kicked out. #atheism
Racism is actually just sheer laziness. The idea you can put people into slots based on one glance without taking t…
Radiator; transmission; so I set my 1996 ‘Stang aside and got me a 2017 one.
Raise; call; or fold. @IPWMA
Rather than going on a hopeless quest for verification I use falsification; such as when the Bible claims the exist…
Ravel also penned “Bolero” where the same old music is repeated by louder and louder instruments until the whole or…
Raytheon is asking who to make out the campaign check to.
Reactors are fine on technological grounds; but the safety repercussions are so vast that not even Lloyds of London…
Read ’em and weep; #FlatEarth nuts and #MoonHoax flakes.
Reality itself is the source of knowledge. It only remains for me to model reality internally without contradictio…
Really; and not “shoot my love into you” ?
Really. Do you think God would turn away Christian and Yazadi refugees from Syria and six other Levantine countrie…
Red Highway @BoboDoobee
Reichert: “When I was King County sheriff I’d go looking for missing people; now I are won!”
Relativistic mass depends on something moving near c with respect to you. It’s dead stop for everything at the sing…
Reliable data on an entirely interior experience. That’s funny!
Remember those 16mm movies at school (in the 70s; mind you) of the insect life on the forest floor as it rains? He…
Remember when all those idiots gave money to a woman from the same Green Party that gave us Dubya?
Remember when Republicans wanted to impeach Obama for selling out to Russia? Ah; the good old days. #Trumprussia
Reminds me of Ray Lynch; so far. Great!
RE-PC in Tukwila has a Zorn fetish; I install Lubuntu right over it.
Repent At Leisure – By Marion Hayste
Republican alternative to Obamacare: “Pray you don’t get sick!”
Republicans sleep in twin beds; that is why there’s more Democrats.
Resigns; not fired. That’s the Michigan GOP for ya. ;
REV 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell; save he that had the mark; or the name of the beast; or the number of…
Rev 16:3 And the 2nd angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man and every liv…
Revelation 8:8 And the second angel sounded; and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the se…
Revenge is a dish best served cold. It will be very cold in 2018.
Review the “manner of a king” outlined in 1 Sam. 8; and how God sanctified it not only for Saul; but for all time.
Review the Pure Word of God in Romans 9. The clay has no power to say to the potter why did you make me thus?
R-[Flash forward] A third Gerash son is brought before the Ornis patriarch.
Richard Stallman has dibs.
Rides at Xenaland
Rights are the inherent property of man. The Constitution is a set of limitations on government power. A Civics…
Rigor Mortis Tortoise
RIP Miriam.
Roe v Wade set an objective criteria by which the state interest in preventing late-term abortions may be balanced…
Rogue 1 didn’t have an opening crawl because it was born from an opening crawl and if it had one it would be born p…
Roll two six-sided dice and seven is the most likely sum. It doesn’t take a God to declare it should be so. This…
Rom. 14:21 It is good neither to eat flesh; nor to drink wine; nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth; or is o…
ROM14:5 One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuade…
Rom. 5:10 says even as his enemies; “we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son.” So obedience would be for…
Romans 13 asserts that secular authorities are agents of God. But there are no human rights delineated anywhere in…
Romans 2:7 To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality: eternal life.
Romans 9:21 Hath not the potter power over the clay; of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour; and another…
Round up. Get it?
Ryan’s only the fellow who can impeach your ass; Donald.
Sad thing is; with Trump as POTUS we need to be doing this shit again.
Said the daddy who touched his daughter’s hips and thighs and stuff.
Said the same errant priest who also said Jewish houses should be razed and destroyed; in his book “On the Jews and…
Sales of white duct tape spiked in the wake of the release of The Fifth Element.
Salvation is like Tony Soprano taking money to “save” a “client” from being kneecapped by Furio; who; incidentally; works for Tony Soprano.
Same principle. If you detect something happening “before” the “beginning” then the beginning re-adjusts to that s…
Same way Christians do ever since they handed Matrimony over to state control. “By the power invested in me by the… https
Satan and parables
Satan’s missing out. There’s better undies coming down elsewither.
Satan’s typewriter. Most fellas I know use a manual; but I prefer an electric.
Saturday Morning television bliss; #LandoftheLost
Save the trees … Wipe your ass with a Northern Spotted Owl
Saw some today at Bonney Lake.
@SayeBennett stereotypes can be such fun.
Says the atheist who had a panic attack and promised God in the emergency room to come back to the foot of the cros…
Says the Christian who sits on the porch whittling until the Rapture; after which time he can safely watch the Grea…
Says the man who also just said atheists are the most disliked religious group.
Say what? I thought we had another fifty million years before the surface of the Phobos gravel pile reached its ow…
Scalia’s theory of judicial interpretation was textualism; but it was no bulwark against the constant shift of the meaning of English words.
Scary for the parasite; maybe. The white cells are white hats.
Schadenfreude sounds much more…final!
Science flew 24 men to the moon. Religion flew 19 men into three buildings. #atheism
Science has discovered the muon; exactly like an electron but 207 times more massive. No reason why it exists. Bu…
Science just can’t support having the sun set in a mud puddle in Morocco or bats being birds.
Science Major: “Why does it work?” Engineering Major: “How does it work?” Humanities Major: “Would you like fries…
Science operates on data. As an atheist I’m ready to immediately operate on your god data. Got any?
Science shows us the world is mostly made up of electrons; protons; and neutrons. Religion shows us the world is mostly made up of morons.
Science works like this: Evolution is the claim; a fossil found out of sequence in the strata falsifies the claim.
Scientology is taller money.
SCOTUS ruled that accepting a pardon is admission of guilt. Everyone currently in office would have to quit.
Scripture also predicted that the land of Egypt would lie fallow for forty years; with no inhabitants. I can’t tru…
Scripture says Jesus is the author and finisher of faith; but nowhere is anyone given as the author of our life. F…
SEALs commute to work by parachuting to a destroyer; take out rocking and rolling pirates from a rocking and rollin…
Seattle and the Olympics; looking west by northwest.
#Seattle #WashingtonState
Seattlites are such snowflakes; you’d need another ten inches to shut Denver down.
Second best argument is the 40:60 male:female ratio at universities these days.
Second only to putting Americans of Japanese descent in concentration camps.
Second Thessalonians
Seeing is believing but touching and groping is more fun!
Seems to me it was P.G.T. Beauregard ordered the SC militia to open fire on Old Glory out there in Charleston Harbo…
See them all in eighteen months with “out of touch” campaign ads assailing them.
See you all in November of 2018; Republican guys and gals. Gonna be darker’n Blade Runner for y’all. https
Send Joel Osteen a check for exactly $1.09; forcing him to agonize over whether it’s worth cashing it or not. Strai…
Separated at birth? #Sessions
Sergei Prokofiev – Symphony No. 2 in D Minor; op. 40 / 1st movement
Seriously? I had the fricken’ 8-Track when it came out.
Set phasers to “tease”
Seven dollars for the 400 meter run; there and back. Nine dollars for the 1.3 kilometer run; one way. Butuan City…
Sex is a beautiful thing some believe was created by God to enable humans to fulfill the command to be fruitful; mu…
Sez abortion should only be only to save the mother’s life. Sez homosexuality is like drinking and swearing. Defe…
SF = The Andromeda Strain; 2001; AI Fantasy = Star Wars; Guardians of the Galaxy; Abrams’s Trek abortions. Ne’er the twain shall meet.
S-GERASH PATRIARCH: My own sons will travel to House Kulsu and Antero and convey your orders.
She can’t imagine a creature with roughly the same level of intellect as herself not having free will.
She married a bloke; it was “very brief” and obtained for her British citizenship. Tarrant burned his evidence tha…
She played the flute Had no B.O. But her legs scratched #Xena let her go Chakram Shave!
Sherman didn’t kill folks so much as carve Georgia a new asshole sixty miles wide; order left oblique march; and do…
She’s a cheese-eating surrender Coulter.
She’s definitely a Linux Gal; but she can also do Windows if she must. https
She should cover completely up. A person could sink right into those two dark globes before they knew what was hap…
She’s like Veruca Salt telling her daddy to get her an Oompa Loompa NOW; except that her daddy already IS an Oompa…
She’s such an impossibly great role model. Read the introductory write-up in the newest Titan book.
She’s the Mary Sue of Tennis!
She was more rationalizing than rational. Her characters smoked like she did; and went into diatribes on the symbo…
Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart!
Show me the long form return.
Show me the long form return.
Shows are only about $30 for tix.
Shunned? 1 Peter 3:15 “…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope tha…
Shunning family members is a crime that contains its own punishment. Very Tao.
Shut up and take my money! Blondie; Garbage Announce Rage and Rapture Tour https
Side-eye Rover!
Signs You Are An Amphipolis High School Spartan #xena
Signs You Are A Xenite Motorist
Since every individual defines which Bible verses are literal and which are allegory; everybody has their own “abso…
Since God has given us the papacy; let us enjoy it.
Since I’m interested in accuracy; Nixon was about a week away from impeachment in August of ’74; and quit before it…
Sincere. You said lesbians want to date manly women. Doesn’t it follow that manly lesbians want to date womanly w…
Since when does an Article II Executive usurp Article I powers of appropriations with an EO?
Since when is love subject to having a scientific explanation? #lgbt
Sin is a violation of the command of some god. I don’t have a god.
Sin is the violation of some deity’s commandments. I have no deity; so I am sinless.
Sir G only went to Modesty for a few big ones early on; took a shine to her; hated to see her get wrapped up in mor…
Sit sideways in the boat Drink more to help you both
Size of a VW bug; but just 58;000 klicks up raises eyebrows.
Slapmeat Johnson
Slipped those boys a Mickey; he did.
Smartassic Park: See the Thesaurus; the pedantic dinosaur!
Smart scales.
Smidgen of Pigeon
Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!
Snickers are on the house. Atheists have a bounty of snickers.
Snoqualmie Falls; from the base.
Snow-fed lakes; like Spirit Lake; are only for hardy souls to swim in.
Snow storm this morning; no power; the only thing we could do is get legs entangled and keep each other warm. Nice…
Snowtroopers have entered the base! #StarWars
So about one micron in width. There are only about 10;000 atoms in a micron.
So a chicken pizza would be all four food groups in one.
So are you advocating for sterilization of Muslim-Americans?
So call it a human reboot.
So Corey has access to the product of FISA intel and just spilled it on Fox.
Sodium inner loop goes solid if the reactor ever shuts down; has to be junked. Lot of Soviet Alfa class hulks rus…
So for centuries prior to Darby’s brainflash in 1830 the whole Church was in the dark as to the meaning of the scri…
Softball diamonds are a dyke’s best friend.
Softball diamonds are a dyke’s best friend.
Softball field!
So heartwarming to see the GOP has abandoned American Exceptionalism.
So how did Jesus get in? #atheism
So if God said there are five lights; even when there are only four; then there would be five lights by definition?…
So if we find out the cause of the universe was an alien post-grad dropping a test tube; do we call that fellow God?
So if we take a person and start chopping things away; at which point do we not have a person?
So I guess that means Eve ate some pussy before recommending it to Adam. #atheism
So I’m in Beast Mode; as we say in Seattle.
So it looks like my local Goodwill.
So it was a warning from Trump to Langley not to spill the beans.
So kiss that Peach goodbye; boys and girls!
Solomon was the most wise man in human history; and his marriage consisted of one man; seven hundred wives; three h…
Solomon was the most wise man in human history; and his marriage consisted of one man; seven hundred wives; three h…
So Maddow doesn’t want to take up Kellyanne Conway on her standing invite to come to “The Tower” and get smoke blow…
Somebody turned Chris Christie’s undershorts into a gown. ;
Someday he’ll even do it with a partner!
Some folks are just at the far dumb end of the curve; AE.
Some hardcore libertarians say taxation is theft. In our democracy; we have opted for taxation rather than a toll-…
Somehow we do overcome impossible tasks and carry on even when broken! Might wanna check your premise that those… ;
Some of the early BASICs (I think Sinclair) had GOTO n; which could be powerful.
Some of them!
Someone get Jimbo some light machine oil for his head gymbal. 🙂
Someone *was* in the pod. The tracks go off in this direction.
Some people erroneously hold that over infinite time; every possible thing will happen. The cardinality of the two…
Some people like to use the FSM; or the IPU; but I like to reference Tolkien when demonstrating the futility of ass…
Some “sacrifice”. Before Genesis 9:3 men weren’t even authorized to eat meat. Abel had to waste every animal he…
Some say baldness evolved because animals were getting used to fleeing at the sight of an afro rising over a rock;…
Something I made to get your heart’s beats-per-minute up over a hunnert.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Sometimes I am questioned by rationalists who see me Tweeting scripture; assuming that I believe it. I use it agai…
Sometimes walk with my Momma at the Beaver Pond wetlands; butts up against 205 at one point.
Sometimes we go crazy but it hardly ever lasts for more than a minute and then the orgasm is over.
Some viruses have RNA for genetic code but it’s iffy whether we say they are alive or not. Same with prions.
So much for “Make America Great Again”; eh?
So much for that old free will canard; eh? #atheism
So no putting his dogs up on day seven; looking at it all; and saying it’s good? “Whoops; this needs doing too!”
So nothing but dust bunnies for @ceartas
So now we know what the C’s in CPAC stand for.
Sorry Bobo; I’m doing an experiment with a bash script tweeting for me.
Sorry if you slipped through the cracks.
Sorry; ‘Pubs; no nukes for you.
Sorry Trumpsters; but you already know how this movie plays out. #TheResistance
So scripture is inspired because scripture says so! Circular Definition (n.) – See Definition; Circular.
So that part where Jesus said take up one’s cross and follow him; he never really meant that?
So the “no religious test” clause (COTUS Article VI) for federal office requires a religious education to understan…
So the “Son of Man coming in his kingdom” was really Emperor Hadrian; who changed Jerusalem into a Roman colony nam…
So they have to pass the bill before anyone knows what’s in it.
So this Epicurus fellow who lived in the 3rd Century BCE; he doesn’t get any credit?
Sounds like something from the OJ trial. “If the facts don’t fit you must edit.”
Sound the horn of Buckland! Awake! Awake! Fear; Fire Foes! Awake! REASON_DEEP_SLEEP_AWAKE = 5 ;
So upset by cartoons he orders a hit.
Southern Wiccan sign off – “Blessed be; ya’ll.”
So was the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II. So was the fact that women couldn’t vote before 1920…
So we can show off our labrys tat. https
So what do you call the gay club bombing in Orlando; just for the record? People considering the way of the Nazare…
So what is the penalty for lighting off your nuke? $10;000 and ten years in jail?
So what is your take on freemartin cows; which ranchers have observed from time immemorial?
So what we really need is small government. So small it can get in your vajayjay and make sure you carry that fetu…
So what you do; morons; is carry a flip phone too; and dump that on the table so you can still hide something from…
So when does Melania Trump walk the Green Mile?
So when God affirmed that he sometimes deceived the prophets (Ezekiel 14:9); he was lying?
So when Hitler caused the death of 56 million people in World War II; the Bible is okay with that because it was ju…
So when Jesus is reviewing your paperwork what’s He going to say about your hobby as an online troll instead of mak…
So when they stoned the poor fellow who gathered sticks on Saturday; that was all about Jesus Christ? I don’t wan…
So when your daughter asks; “Why is the sky blue” just tell her Rayleigh Scattering !
So who’s the git? Bernie Sanders?
So you reject religious images as heretical; making you a (wait for it…wait for it…wait) iconoclast!
So you’re saying Jesus is not God?
So you’re telling me to stop playing with my food.
So your non-multicultural Israelite kingdom went from Saul to Solomon; inclusively (Jeroboam set up the calves). T…
Spacechart and Starplot
Space is inserted dynamically between things as we observe today (red shift). If you are willing to accept it; we a…
Speaking of Lisbeth Salander… Fifth ‘Millennium’ book to hit the streets on September 7
Specific impulse about four times better than H2/LOX; but not enough thrust to be a first or even second stage.
Specify the nature of the data; please.
Spirit literally means breath. The same root word is found in respiration. A fetus has no spirit.
Spirits; souls; and bodies
Spotted Kellyanne Conway.
Sruffaunnabolybaunia !
Stabilized for the rotation of the Earth; obviously. My brother’s 3″ refractor we track by hand. https
Stand by; 44; for heavy blamestorming.
Starring Jehovah Binks.
Starry Jitterbug Nite
Starting to listen now.
Starting to listen now.
Starts like something from the Nutcracker Suite; then opens onto a fanfare worthy of the glory that was Rome.
State the case; and the level of standing. Not some night court in Hooterville.
Statue of Liberty would be a 900 foot Jesus. Free AR-15 ammunition with every fill-up.
Stay tuned on Twitter; we have a really big shew!
Stay within the lines you must.
Steampunk; emphasis on steam.
Steely Dan’s “Aja”: Eight Minutes of Genius
Steve Pool Lied #komonews #weather
Still waiting for his secret 30 day plan to destroy ISIS to finish.
Still waiting for those scientific observations of God and heaven.
Still; we give it the ol’ college try.
Stock image.
Stonebridge ft. Therese – Put ’em High (Claes Rosen Lounge Mix)
Stop rebooting Spider-Man. How many times does Uncle Ben have to die to satisfy you monsters?
St. Paul said (Col. 1:24) that his own sufferings completed what was lacking in the sufferings of Jesus on behalf o…
Stranger Peaks. Like Twin Peaks; but…you know.
Strangers in Paradise vol. 1 and 2 (synopses):
Stranger Things; even the title font looks like the paperback of Salem’s Lot and the music is authentic synth cheese. The apotheosis of 1983
Stranger Things theme. 1983 incarnate.
Stylized 747 sans engines
Such a thing could only be entertaining to those without a sliver of empathy. https
Such a thing would never be tested. The GOP only creates debt; war; recession; poisoned water; racial conflict; an…
Such concern expressed for Science by a god botherer is touching; really. #atheism
Suffer little children to come unto me; and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
Summary: Donny: “Barry did it too; Dad! Until you check it out; I’m going to shut up!” Dad: “Good.”
Sun keeps drifting; need the extra time to catch up to ‘er.
Sunrise; from Mt. Hood; Oregon.
Sunset on Mars; the colors are always backwards.
Supposing a thing does not necessarily necessitate it. We can postulate the universe itself is a necessary being…
Sure; after doing the thing that makes us drowsy.
Sure. And it’s been around since the Dubya days. Never needed it until now.
Sure; and Nixon wanted to save money by erasing one of his tapes so he could recycle it.
Sure; and when the indictments come out anyway; Trump will learn the limitations as well.
Sure; atheists are insecure; that’s why he’s blocking me; and I’m not blocking him.
Sure. He can be the modern Ford.
Sure he did. Especially the part where it says Moses died in Moab and “no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this d…
Sure he is! Hence the warning 7/18/16 that the 2016 RNC convention could be the last one with “white people” comma…
Sure; if you’re okay with getting sloppy seconds after their own brother got dibs.
Sure it is. And celibacy is a sex position!
Sure; romantic couple. Adam to God: “The woman whom thou gavest to be with me; she gave me of the tree; and I did…
Sure. The things Trump worries about is news outlets showing small crowds at his rallies. Verily; he already has…
Sure; Trump is eliminating the home mortgage tax deduction; but it shouldn’t impact the average American living in the concentration camps.
Sure; what a model republic that dictatorship was. I’m talking about democratic republics.
Sure. Who’s gonna indict? Sessions?
Sushi Master : “He say you are brade runner.” Deckard : “Tell him I’m eating.”
Syd was so awesome.
Synthetic forays into metaphysics are all that theists can manage in the absence of objective evidence of their cla…
Synthony – Track 10: Retvac
Synthony – Track 12: Seeds
Synthony – Track 12: Seeds ; ;
Synthony – Track 15: Pills
Synthony – Track 17: Northsound
Synthony – Track 19: Interluude
Synthony – Track 1: Candra ; ;
Synthony – Track 21: Pebbles
Synthony – Track 22: Forget
Synthony – Track 2: To the Coast (preferably with a good sub-woofer)
Synthony – Track 3: Kinetic
Synthony – Track 5: Pickup
Synthony – Track 7: Jack In Drop Off
Synthony – Track 8: Riparian
Sysop: The person sitting there laughing as you type!
Tacitus was born 23 years after Jesus was executed. That would be like me; born in 1965; writing an “eyewitness”…
Take a good look at the tone of Deuteronomy vs. Exodus. There’s a major uptick in holy violence.
Take Me To Your Leader
Take the prisoner to the Comfy Chair!
Takin’ Care of Argo (Sung by Joxer the Mighty to the tune of “Takin’ Care of Business” by BTO)… ;
Talk about beauty and the beast. She’s both!
Talkin’ bout My Grill!
Tamara de Lempicka; Art Deco era artist. Yes she was. Yes; she did. #lgbt
Taoists smile a lot more than Buddhists
Taoteching 37
Taoteching 52: When you recognize the children and find the mother; you will be free of sorrow.
Tastes great; less filling! https
Tell anyone who says that to you; “I GOT YOUR STEM RIGHT HERE!”
Tell him to produce a fucking warrant.
Tell me how a flat earth doesn’t create a straight shadow on the moon.
Tell me if you get annoyed being compared to other artists; but it’s an efficient way to review in 140 characters.
Tell me if you get annoyed being compared to other artists; but it’s an efficient way to review in 140 characters.
Teresita/Ruby/51/F/Gay/USA/Married/Boots/Cheese/Cancer survivor
Terminal Cruise – Chapter 1
T-[Flash forward] The Ornis patriarch has the Gerash son cast down from a height.
Thank God It’s Friday!
Thank God that we can practice Atheism in this country
Thank. I missed this because Ken Ham blocked me for some reason.
Thanks for reading; Bobo! Forgive the little boo boos here and there.
Thanks for the Holst; the only music I had heard from him previously was; you know.
Thank the Lords of COBOL; as Commander Adama used to say.
That already hit the streets. They call it the Book ofMormon.
That; and Caitlyn’s support of fucking Trump.
That; and memory of pain.
That assumes he was executed in a certain year when Passover lined up with the weekly Sabbath properly. John and…
That assumes that God kept up to date with the introduction of the zero since the Bible days; lest we up hard driv…
That bass sequencer ostinato is the quintessence of the TD sound.
That Catholics have scriptural evidence for their purgatory doctrine; for those who do accept scripture as evidence.
That’d be like fucking our way to virginity.
That does it; I’m microwaving the water for me tea from now on!
That doesn’t do much to recommend the Quran to women; does it?
That eternal soul part; where’s that; (book; chapter and verse)? Sounds more like Plato’s stuff about the psyche.
That explains why every time I ask a theist for evidence of God; he or she goes into word salad mode.
That goes both ways. Now everyone can see how much gay porn anti-gay Republicans surf.
That high school voc-ed metal shop in the palace on Alderaan really paid off.
That is not equivalent to the inverse; “The one who says in his heart there is no God is a fool.” But the unlearne…
That is precisely why I posted it as my new Twitter bio!
That is some aggressive job searchin’ https
That is the case already; with relativistic time-dilation.
That is the only immortality we really have; to make the human community a little better during the time we each ha…
That makes it difficult for atheists; you know; when you are vague about what God it actually is we’re trying not t…
That makes sense; but many Protestant theologians of the Reformed bent lean toward a total depravity that erased a…
That must have been what did it. I wrote video games.
That name don’t sound Amurrican like Billy Ray or Bobby Lee!
That only works for electric guitars with an infinite sustain pedal.
That passage always confused me. If body and soul are actually destroyed in hell; then how does the smoke of our t…
That; plus the talking animals and sun standing still.
That reminds me of the one time they wanted me to audition as a redshirt for an episode of Star Trek titled “Transp…
That’s 2nd Chronicles; there weren’t any Christians in the time of David and Saul. So the Bible says kill all non…
That’s a Christian male for you; thinks a penis is so magic its use can transform a man & woman forever from one ar…
That’s a crying shame. Viewers have a right to know more about the Bowling Green Massacre.
That’s a good thing. Our foundations featured chattel slavery; no female suffrage; naked land grabs and broken tre…
That’s all over now Baby Blue.
That’s almost tautological. No one claims their ownparticular hobby horse is not the True Horse.
That’s also why you can’t get free wi-fi at Mass. The Church hates competing with an invisible power that works.
That same book lets a slave owner beat his slave to death; as long as he doesn’t die immediately.
That’s a pretty wide stance to take; Geoff!
That’s a ridiculous request. Secular means a state where Christianity does not run amok.
That’s a shame; I have uptime measured in months and most recently rebooted because Twitter changed things and I th…
That’s a shame; Trump was thinking of making him Social Media Czar.
That’s a shame; we all share one humanity.
That’s beautiful.
That’s because his voter base is US stupidity.
That’s cold dark matter. Billions of particles of warm dark matter (neutrinos) slice through you every second and…
That’s enough of your sauce. 😉
That’s entirely from the Protestant KJV.
That’s exactly what I felt in The Phantom Menace when Iread; scrolling up the screen; “The taxation of traderoute…
That’s exactly why we do it!
That’s fine; he can pray for that; as long as he doesn’t try to hurry God along.
That’s fine; I happen to think my atheism is a relationship with reality.
That’s fine. I’ll wait for a Christian who is ready to bring his
That’s funny. Like the Navy wasn’t already steaming off NoKo. Propaganda isn’t news; folks.
That’s funny to me; there’s a BK in Tacoma that closed down and sold their building off to…Popeyes.
That’s going to be a lot of billable ours. I guess Fox can pay for it with all the ad revenues O’Reilly is bringing…
That’s good; because I don’t know anybody else who likes the Trump brand.
That’s his profile pic; getting a knobby on the road.
That’s how it starts; but the follow through; alas.
That’s how they ditch the body in the American remake of La Femme Nikita.
That’s ‘John Big-boo-tay’ TAY! TAY! TAY!
That’s just great. Game over man! Game over!
That’s just what I did.
That’s like banning people from promoting left-handedism. Same fetal brain wiring causation.
That’s like suing the Wright Brothers for Pearl Harbor.
That’s like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia saying women have produced no land speed records.
That’s Lisbeth Salander’s daddy Zalachenko.
That’s makings for a lot of Trumpwiches! #maga
That’s my favorite Genesis album; especially the extended Home By the Sea; but prog-rock aficionados are horrified…
That’s nominally my job.
That’s okay; instead of bringing grub to our seniors; we’ll bring the seniors to the polls. See ya in 2018; Pubs!
That’s okay; the 9th Circuit wants to leave the USA and become part of Canada.
That’s okay; they can pray and maybe the cancer will go away.
That’s okay; they’ll be back to vote for him again in November 2020 when the Democrats nominate a non-WASP to run a…
That’s one thing Xians seemed to be confused on. If Satan runs hell; and hell is for punishing sinners; then isn’t Satan a double-agent?
That song was banned in parts of the USA because the idiots in the South thought they were singing White House and…
That’s only the first of the four years of bad shit that gets dumped on O.
That’s oogly. Use wire-wrap wire; dental pick to get it around the pins; then the smaller the blob the better the…
That sounds like a civil rights lawsuit in the making. There’s a little thing called the 14th Amendment.
That’s precisely my gig on Twitter; Dark Ram 6. I’m a former Christian (Catholic variety) and there’s little I do…
That’s pretty good; because on that nanoscale; body fluids feel like swimming through warm asphalt.
That’s science; right? Never assume; it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Kick phlogiston and the aether to the curb.
That’s the Dark Lord Sauron in the fabulous and shapely hour-glass figure armor.
That’s the “edgy” DC reboot of Teletubbies on Warner Brothers.
That’s the first starkly anti-lesbian sign I’ve seen in this century.
That’s the first time I’ve heard of reporters actually doing their fucking job in two years.
That’s the hit; The Gunner’s Dream is the standout though.
That’s the most unrealistic thing about the character. She’d be running Gentoo Linux if Stieg Larsson had a clue.
That’s the Oklahoma City bombing; done by Christian terrorists in 1995.
That’s the problem with the shallow end of the gene pool: No lifeguard.
That’s the story I’m into right now.
That’s the way the Wookie grumbles.
That’s the wonderful thing about modern science; I can deny it any time I also produce contrary evidence. Not so w…
That’s totally fine now at Mt. Rainier; Denali; Crater Lake or Rocky Mountain Nat’l Parks.
That’s true; but when they translated the Jewishscriptures to Greek in Egypt; they used parthenos;which does mean…
That sucks; and reminds me how every song Aimee Mann ever wrote wasn’t really about being jilted by a lover; but by…
That’s what Catholics say with respect to all of John ch. 6; but Protestants insist that the bread and wine are not…
That’s what I’m looking for; BrianMOG; someone to hit back with scripture rather than: “That was OT Christians don’…
That’s what Sir Gerald Tarrant thought as well.
That’s when God separated the waters above from the waters below (Gen.1) and put all the stars between them.…
That’s where atheists must demur from the Catholic propensity to shrug and call things a mystery. We have brains;…
That’s why a large fraction of my argumentation consists solely of citations from Sacred Scripture.
That’s why atheists call it the Crucifiction.
That’s why I find it particularly foolish that the EO doesn’t block incoming migrants from countries that actually…
That’s why I wear platform shoes and drive Fords; so I can hide!
That’s why; near the end; they went with the Comfy Chair.
That’s why Science goes with falsifiable hypotheses. All you have to do is produce a counter-example to send ’em b…
That’s why the GOP wants to shut it down. The Stork Theory ought to be good enough for our children. Teach the c…
That Syrian port is just a prestige thing. There’s a long logistics nightmare getting any Russian warships to tie…
That the universe has a beginning is not evidence of a pre-existent creator God. England “begins” at Land’s End wi…
That totally works for me; fer shure. Younger ones don’t have enough on their minds to fill up the 140 character li…
That was before Marbury v. Madison; of course.
That was quick. Trump said he would pick only the best people.
That was the Unix philosophy before they rolled out Microsoft Systemd 2017 Enterprise Professional Logoff Manager f…
That was until the priests figured out it didn’t pay.
That way when their girlfriends ask them what it is they do; they can just say; “I’m a hacker!”
That will change in 2020 when our former FLOTUS is elected POTUS.
The 4 food groups: Caffeine; Chocolate; Honey and Sex
The 6;000 year old world looks like it was made 4.56 billion years ago; so one of God’s invisible attributes seems…
The 9-11 terrorists were not from the seven nations on Trump’s ban list. So there’s that.
The addition of movie dialogue at a key point gives it a kind of club mix feel; and by club I mean; actually; you k…
The airline requests all travelers to Papa Westray check in three hours prior to the scheduled boarding time to pas…
The answer is exactly the same as “where do we get our color vision without God”; which is to say; we obtained it b…
The antagonist in @GreatDismal ‘s most recent novel “The Peripheral” is called Matryoshka after the Russian nesting doll. That’s Team Trump.
The average velocity of air molecules in Earth’s atmosphere is about ten times slower than escape velocity. That’s…
The banjo boy in Deliverance; all grown up now!
The basic groove that starts with this track runs right through parts six and seven too. Equinoxe is one of the b…
The basis for all logic is the law of non-contradiction; and if you deny that “A is not non-A” you simultaneously a…
The best place to live is is my hometown
The best place to live is my hometown
The best tulips in Washington State (ahem!)
The Bible commands us to burn witches; stone adulterers and gives rules on how hard to beat slaves. It says to do…
The Bible doesn’t say anything about the Bible; because there wasn’t a Bible until men voted on what books to inclu…
The Bible is a terrible math textbook. 1000 = 1. The 10 Commandments embrace 15 actual imperatives. Pi times 10 equals 30 rather than 31.
The Bible lets us beat a slave to death. 152 years ago the US Constitution did “leave against the Bible” and won’t…
The Bible praises God for making herb to grow for “wine that maketh glad the heart of man” (Psalm 104:15). Human tr…
The Bible says A) Egypt will go into captivity 40 years and B) Jesus is coming any minute. Hard to see how both ca…
The Bible says the Earth was created five days before Adam; and you can trace Adam back from the 587 BCE fall of th…
The Bible says there’s a solid dome over the earth with windows in it that open to let it rain. So there; atheists!
The “Big Bang” is a sloppy term that promotes an incorrect idea. The universe has decreased in density. Time bega…
The bill for cleaning up our yard from the Winter of 2016-17 (trees down) will be almost a grand. No choice; can’t mow until it’s done.
The bill is estimated to raise $67 trillion dollars in the first year of implementation.
The bill is estimated to raise $67 trillion dollars in the first year of implementation.
The boy could sing; knew how to move ev’rything Always wanting more; he’d leave you longing for Black velvet and…
The camel toe you can never unsee.
The carrier Trump said was steaming off NoKo to send Fat Kim a message wasn’t even in the same hemisphere.
The carrier was down there expressing Trump’s displeasure to the PM for that phone call.
The Catholic Church may have had authority; but it was never moral.
The Christian narrative is salvation depends on believing there is a pig in the poke and no one ever finds out if…
The Church doesn’t mess with the Blessed Sacrament the way the Mormon Church handles Temple Recommends.
The Church of the Sub-Genius. Moses parted the Red Sea; Fermi split the atom; but J.R. “Bob” Dobbs cut the crap!… https
The concept of an afterlife was invented precisely because the wicked seemed to live longer lives than the wretched…
The Constitution goes one better and says no slaves at all.
The Cosmological Argument exempts God from the requirement that everything has a prior cause. This is called speci…
The county is almost bankrupt and must now cut jobs; but the important thing was the ten million in tax incentives…
The Creation of the Universe’ was made possible by a grant from Texas Instruments.
The critters love Glacier National Park just as much as the folks do.
The ‘Dan – Kid Charlemange; with two guitar solos that are pure SILK.
The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.
The deity who killed every baby on planet Earth because their parents broke commandments that wouldn’t be written f…
The Devil Goes Down On Georgia.
The devil is much nicer than God; he only killed 10 folks; not 2 million; and only because God made a bar bet and s…
The difference between a lawyer and a rooster is that the rooster gets up in the morning and clucks defiance.
The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. – Tom Clancy
The discovery phase ought to be very interesting!
The Earth’s human population is always matched to the food supply; plus or minus the few weeks it takes to starve.
The Emperor has no mind.
The entire Bible is a claim that God exists. The Dead Sea Scrolls only offer some of the oldest extant copies of… https
The explanatory power of God; however; failed when we didn’t run into his solid firmament over the Earth with stars…
The father of all science; Galileo; was threatened by theists with torture for saying he saw Venus at three-quarter…
The fat lady is already gargling.
The first interracial kiss on TV was on Star Trek. The characters were forced to kiss by telekenesis and the ep was not aired in the South.
The first rule of politics is don’t get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.
The Force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.
The fourth skin job is Pris. A basic pleasure model. A standard item for military clubs in the outer colonies.
The FSM or the IPU are simple thought experiments demonstrating that any property you assert for Yahweh can be asse…
The general rule of thumb that has developed is that you don’t upgrade until you get a new phone.
The Genesis hypothesis that water existed before stars could cook oxygen from lighter elements is falsified by astr…
The God described in the Bible regretted making all living things (Gen6:7) and regretted making Saul King (1Sam15:1…
The godfather of electronic music:
The Golden Arches lead to the Pearly Gates.
The golden ratio (1:1.618…) made its way into a lot of Greek architecture; based on the Fibonacci series and spir…
The GOOD George W.
The GOP thought they could catch the tiger by the tail and ride into power; now they daren’t let go of the tail.
The Grand Tetons; just south of Yellowstone. We call the parks a “two-fer”.
The Great White Republican Congressional Leader runs a close second.
The Greek word used to show the relation of Jesus to James; Joe Jr.; Simon and Judah is adelphoi; which means “of the same womb”. Brothers.
The green light is when he sits in the cockpit of Air Force 1 and goes “Vroom! Vroom!”
The Greens vs. the Grays
The Handmaid’s Tail
…the head pig said sheepishly.
The “H” in Jesus H. Christ must stand for haploid. All he had was the 23 chromosomes from Mary’s egg. #atheism
The History of European; African; and Asian Teams in the World Series
The hit. Second only to “Popcorn” in recognition among early synth-pop.
The Holy Spirit cares like Michael Corleone cares. Say something rotten about either one; and forgiveness is not f…
The Holy Spirit doesn’t call people? Judges 11:29 Then the Spirit of the LORD came upon Jephthah; and he passed ove…
The important thing is not to baptize children of lesbians; because that would be; you know; ungodly.
The important thing is to be on the side that tries to stop the virus.
The incomparable Oregon coast.
The Incredible Shrinking Brain. That’s the mouse side of the trap you’ve placed your arms and neck; numbnuts.
Their child was Barry White.
The irony is that if you open it and read it; James 5:12 says don’t swear; but let your yes be ‘yes’ and your no ‘n…
Their pamphlets are blank.
Their sin was adding to the Word of God. First person to do so was Eve; when she told the serpent even touching t…
Theists get around it by saying God is not a “thing”; and doesn’t need a cause. That’s why I charge them with spec…
Theist: “Shut up!” Old Atheist: “Okay.” New Atheist: “No!”
Theists still haven’t come to terms with the Popper revolution of the scientific method; dropping proof in favor of…
Theists try to paint atheism as another religion. In so doing; they project their own suspicion that having a relig…
Theists use their ESP to bend the will of an invisible deity from His perfect plan to another one where Uncle Juliu…
The Jesus of 3 Nephi zaps three or four cities Sodom and Gomorrah style before he even introduces himself. Not th…
The Karl Popper revolution threw the inductive baby out with the positivist bathwater. But why am I telling you th…
The Kettle Range in Washington State; our little corner of the Rockies; looks like this very much.…
The last two work for having cats.
The law of conservation of linear momentum is the principle behind rocket thrust; and it works in a vacuum or no.
The L Word: Labia; Ladies; Lao-Tze; Laughter; Learning; Legs; Liberalism; Lipstick; Life; Linux; Literature; Logic; Love; Lucy Lawless; Lust
The Mandelbrot Set
The man is actually going with the atheist atrocities fallacy years after Hitchens exposed it.
The Maryanne look always won out over the Ginger look in my book; and most fellows agree!
The Modern Synthesis (Darwin’s ideas plus Mendellian genetics) is simplicity itself. Runs on auto.
The Moral argument simply postulates the necessity of a human invention (God) to permit the existence of another hu…
The #mormon paradigm relies on emotions being epistemological tools. They freely admit it. Proud of it. #lds
THE Mountain.
The mud puddle thing was fairly subtle. Water fits the hole; but thinks the hole was cut to fit.
Then after everyone was drunk he stood on the water in the pool and invited everyone to try it too.
Then again; Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown is a kind of Huckleberry Finn for the flannel set.
Then either everyone is saved; or God’s will is thwarted and he’s not omnipotent. We report; you decide. #atheism
The new 2017 Chevrolet Trump.
…then goes door-to-door giving away the resultant pamphlet. #atheism
Then he’s doing a public service getting money out of the hands of stupid people. His own money will recycle when…
Then I must assume you are only going to complain about Muslim-Americans being a US demographic time bomb with no p…
Then the Media should take their ball and go home. Don’t give your Enemies air time.
Then the Romans zapped the Jewish homeland (66-70; 132-134 CE) leaving only Paul’s Mediterranean Gentile network as…
Then watch your cat paw all the TP off the roll loaded the “right” way.
Then we change into apples; then we change into people again!
Then when its our turn (as it must be; in a two-party system) we’ll do the same thing and point to McConnell’s prec…
Then why is one of the ten commandments; “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” ?
Then your 100 mm is about an inch bigger; and that much trickier to mess with; tracking planets. https
Theology for Dummies is a tautologically redundant plethora of surplusage.
The one on the left is child abuse.
The ones I do have are each worth 100;000 followers!
The only denominations God loves are $1; $5; $10; $20; $50; and $100.
The only god I pray to is made of porcelain.
The only good part of Hole was bassist Melissa Auf der Maur.
The only man righteous enough to be spared in Sodom offered up his virgin daughters to be raped by a mob and then knocked them up himself.
The only ones talking about the origin of life are theists. The rest of us wait for data to arrive. Father Galileo taught us patience.
The only OT law still applicable is the one against homosexuality; and it is expanded to both genders. Otherwise C…
The only people who say he’s a big thinker are people who lisp.
The particles don’t “whoosh” like little flies; they’re actually a standing deBroglie matter probability wave. All…
The passage specifically says; “…be ready always to give an answer to every man…” and doesn’t qualify things s…
The Phallic Cymbals
The pink should have been a clue.
The Prophet be praised; Aisha; those are some damn nice sticks!
The Psalm says fools have suppressed their fear of divine reprisal for their actions. It does not make a positive…
The public education system and transportation infrastructure (bridges; roads; tunnels) is socialized so we’re alre…
The real reason why construction work takes so long
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don’t!
There are far more anti-gay preachers turning out to be gay than there are Gay Days at Disney World followed by hurricanes striking Florida.
There are no such things as laws; only tentative; useful; and superb theories.
There are two sushi-eating scenes in the film Rising Sun; only one of which involves sushi.
There could be 7.5 billion Christians on Earth; and one atheist; and there still wouldn’t be tangible evidence of a…
There could be 7.5 billion people saying there is a God and just me saying there is none; and God would still be Mi…
The recruit gets the toaster oven. The recruiter’s reward is in the recruiting!
There goes Assad’s aspirin factory.
There is a grav. gradient radially and an apparent attraction 90 deg. to that; this is the tide; it falls off with…
There is a logically sound argument that the aether must exist. However; evidence obtained by Michelson and Morley…
There is an exterior objective reality; and there is an interior mental model of that reality. Truth is when both…
There is a scrupulosity now that reminds me of Pharisees. The water from the sacristy has to go to ground rather t…
There is microcode; which moves data around in a microprocessor. Where the mind (software) / body (hardware) probl…
There is no dark side of the moon; really. Matter of fact it’s all dark!
There is no data from the very beginning of life and the universe. In the absence of observational data Science is not asking about origins.
There is no miracle of birth. A miracle is an exception to the rule. Birth is the rule. Just ask any one of 7.5 billion people. #atheism
There is no race.
There’s 19 starving kids in Japan who could live for a week on the contents of the grocery bag Pastor John Hagee ta…
There’s a couple Tomita LPs in the usual place.
There’s a look and feel to the Terran Trade Authority art that appeals to me. Firefly/Serenity captured it.
There’s already a bill for that; called the Bill of Rights.
There’s an apt for that.
There’s a neat park in Bellingham; Washington with waterfalls and swimming holes.
There’s a rotating black shield inside the moon that twirls once a month; blocking the central light; and makes the…
There’s Dattch; but all those things are a good way to get a case.
There’s even 7-11s in San Jose del Monte; Bulacan; Luzon; Philippines; complete with Hot Dogs and Coke Zero.
There’s more; but it wasn’t going anywhere; so…
There’s no √-1 in team!
There’s no global Islamic movement headed by a single Caliph; it’s divided and subdivided; any local Imam can claim…
There’s no god; so there’s no evidence; it’s all a house of cards built on warm fuzzies and some word salads about…
Theres’s a John fragment from 125 CE though; so we can go with early 2nd Century for that; at least.
There’s some smoking lesbians out there; I can attest to that!
There’s still a long list of amphibians that we haven’t yet studied their sex lives in microgravity.
There’s the guy who put that earworm back in us; Twitter; get him!
There’s this little thing for Linux called youtube-dl. Does exactly that.
There’s this weird thing where 99 percent of the customers of both Playboy (back when they had nudes) and Playgirl…
There’s two outlooks in this world: 1) All matter; including wine and sex; is evil. 2) The good things of the wor…
There used to be a “Burton” with a Burnt Bridge Creek; Handy Andy’s; Evergreen up the hill; you’d get lost now if y…
There was an earlier set of books before Titan; different sequence. I’ve pieced together some of my missing ones th…
There was in the days of Herod…a certain priest named Zacharias…and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron; and…
There was no Muslim Pharaoh. Cleopatra VII was the last Pharaoh and she died almost seven centuries before the Qu’…
There were outliers during the pivot like Jimmah Carter; but I find myself frustated by Party of Lincoln dudes who…
There we stupid liberals go again; taking Trump literally.
There we stupid liberals go again; taking Trump literally.
There would be a larval stage as the rednecks and peckerwoods got their shit together and meanwhile the Donks would…
There you go; various and sundry enemies of America! Just hire yourself a Russian and put him anywhere you want to…
The road from Shoshoni; Wyoming to Thermopolis; beautiful; none like it.
The Romans had a saying: If you give a man a fish; he will return tomorrow for more fish….but if you cut a man up he will be your chum.
The Romans used to think Christians did the same thing; when they weren’t allowed to attend Mass.
The Russians must have that handy memory-wiping gadget Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith use in the MIB movies.
The Russians need to stop contracting out their spy work to Administration hacks!
The same one that Samuel used to order Saul to wipe out the distant descendants of the Amalekites who harrassed the…
The same peckerwoods who shot Old Glory to tatters at Fort Sumter now have 10 Army installations named after their generals (ie. Fort Hood).
The same way as everyone else; we just don’t go one step further and identify it as a spacecraft from another plane… https
The same way you got the table of contents of the New Testament; which is not part of the inspired text.
The San Juan Islands between Washington and Canada; eh? Just like the Visayas; but cooler and with Christmas trees…
The schoolgirl pleated skirt thing; who doesn’t love that? https
The “science fiction” film Fantastic Voyage (1966) approaches the level of Armageddon (1998) in the sheer amount of…
The scientific method cannot study God because there’s no God data set to be analyzed. And no Bigfoot data set to…
The scriptures used by Christians says execute gays; so treating us with respect would actually be unchristian.
These are round figures.
The Second Coming must have been buried in the news cycle when Caitlyn Jenner came out as a Republican.
The self-immolation of the GOP over the next two to four years relies on precisely that.
These little fingers are not worth the effort. Come; let me get you something.
The Senate Select Committee on Climate Change.
The set of all things which are detectable; or detectable in principle.
The shit sandwich gets another scoop.
The Sinclair ZX-80 had GOTO n; which was almost forgivable.
The sky above the port was the color of television; tuned to a dead channel.
The sky above the port was the color of television; tuned to a dead channel. – @GreatDismal #WilliamGibson…
The slaveowners turned to your Bible for justification. I’m glad we passed the 13th Amendment and ended that pract…
The source of “objective morality”; the Bible; allows slave owners to beat their “money” to death; if they don’t ex…
The Spring 2017 ready-to-wear line is in stores now.
The stir-fried fajitas I cooked for dinner and setting my buddy-pal @FimusTauri up with some Isao Tomita music.
The Syrians would have to kidnap one of their friends first.
The Tapeworm Diet doesn’t actually work; but at least when you stand on a scale you can say; “Fifty of that 200 is the tapeworm; not me!”
The Teleological Argument (argument from design) creates infinite regress. Any designer must be more complex than…
The text specifically says “he” (God) could not drive out the chariot owners. Didn’t God trust himself? #atheism
The thing I like about Dell is they continue to support their hardware with downloadable drivers. I have about twen…
The Trappist-1 star system is just now getting Wolfman Jack. They probably think we’re coming out on his 250;000 w…
The trilobite layer is global. If it was located above a mammalian layer; it would indeed falsify the entire theor…
The turquoise water and purple trees planet.
The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and jackassery.
The universe has been expanding across the entire domain of time. Cause and effect are time-dependent terms. No gap…
The universe is eternal in the sense that it has existed for all time; from 0.0 seconds to 4.4 x 10^17 seconds.
The universe itself is uncaused. To postulate a bearded homophobic fellow who then creates the universe multiplies…
The universe was sneezed out by the Great Green Arkleseizure. So I live in perpetual fear of the coming of the Grea…
The US Constitution sees the Bible on the morality of owning slaves and raises; “No you can’t have any.” #atheism
The Vice Presidency isn’t worth a bucket of warm piss!
The way I see it; there won’t be a GOP in 2018. Trump is way ahead of schedule.
The way to disprove Einstein is with observational data. I don’t suppose the deniers have some.
The White Face has an albedo of 0.12 and it still hurts our eyes and helps winged Wraiths look for our Precious!
The White House is like a cactus; except the pricks are on the inside.
The whole point of a catechism is to explain doctrine to those who don’t understand it.
The word iPad was invented in 2010. You won’t find this word in The Lord of the Rings. You will find the word Pal…
The word on the street is that pages from Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” make good insulation if you stuff them under drafty doors.
The world’s first Spice Girl.
The Wrath of Chaka Khan
They affirm that the Bible doesn’t say anything at all about what happens in the afterlife; other than “His servant…
They already showed him the Roswell file and told him the Greys would whip out their anal probes if he talked about…
They already vote.
They also call people who accept a spherical Earth “ballers”. @AtheistEngineer
They also end up proving a powerful alien undergrad dropped a test tube and created a baby universe (ours).
They also had Jolt Cola; for those mornings when you were feeling like Frankenstein’s monster.
They also make jackboots for Breitbart.
They also punched holes in people’s head to let the evil spirits out when people had syphilis. Didn’t work either.
They are exactly the same; but a gaseous thrust has a much finer grain.
They are the dreams that stuff is made of.
They call it Globester’s Propaganda System.
They consistently have forty second status orgasmus climaxes; but that’s classified.
They couldn’t find seventy or so Democrats to get to a simple majority. So they’re saying its the Dems’ fault.
They couldn’t get their software past all the division by zero errors.
They’d hardly need to get involved. The lowest federal court would vacate it.
They don’t even grok grokking.
They do; you just won’t like hearing “America the great is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the ho…
They get you on the “Jesus is the Word of God; the Bible is the Word of God; so Jesus wrote the whole Bible” defens…
They got the electric shock idea from Pence.
They know the word “religion” is bash-worthy; and no atheist would dignify creation as science.
They’ll be here; and immediately go to the Off World Colonies to work for Tyrell Corporation.
They’ll say “Give me a sista I can’t resist her; red beans and rice didn’t miss her!”
They might have to push out an update to the Bible allowing it.
They missed a spot: (1 Thessalonians 2:14-15) …even as they have of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus; and…
They must be going by the thirty-five feet of stuff for cooters in your average grocery store personal care aisle.
They must have forgotten the “Thou Shalt Not Kill” part.
They must have read Machiavelli. Means to an end and all that tommyrot; wot?
They need it to keep all the Benjamins they expect to be in the plate every Sunday safe.
They never had any standing to clear him of wrongdoing; they refused to even look in the eyepiece at a gibbous-phas…
They never had to. They got plenty of suckers to vote for them simply for promising to end 44’s plan.
They never needed one of these in any science fiction film or television show except 2001.
They often go well out of their way to avoid the criminal justice system.
They punted because they represent the American people; and we didn’t want to expand the Forever War into Syria.
They’re a funny kind of Jews though; forgot all about Shabbat and worship on Sunday just like the Protestants that…
They’re looking for a Mike Ditka type that SNL will never be able to find a woman to parody.
They’re not even accurate within the context of ST. In the second one; Khan beams to a world light-years away. If…
They’re not surrounding us; that AGI is sitting there transmitting orders to Trump.
They’re sending Snowden right away.
They’re shocked to see one of their fellow journalists practice actual; you know; journalism.
They say “theory” like that’s a bad thing; like there’s anything more.
They should turn that shit around; say; “CNN denies White House access”. After all; Trump’s running an entirely m…
They told you they would; but didn’t; so they got their cake and ate it too.
They try to say that because they insist the paper is only 6;000 years wide. #atheism
They used a well on the Tropic of Capricorn that reflected the noon sun only on the solstice; and some high school…
Think of the hundreds of millions of babies mass-murdered every time you go into the bathroom with a copy of the Vi…
Thirty years ago this coming September 22 I met my software. But Britney’s married for 11 hours; Evangelicals are…
This ain’t like dustin’ CROPS; boy!
This basically sums up Seattle in 2017.
This bill is sponsored by several corporations running private prisons in Texas. Profits will be coming unscrewed.
This cheesy 80s electronic music by Michael Garrison (RIP) plays during the laser light show at Grand Coulee Dam.
This idea is the ancient heresy of Nestorianism. Modern Protestants revive it to assert Mary only gave birth to Je…
This is a rather science-fictiony view of Seattle. I’m speaking; of course; of the blue sky.
This is a Round Table King Arthur Pizza. The four major food groups; all in one; and not just for breakfast anymor…
This is because we become invested in covering up the fact that we let ourselves be bamboozled for so long.
This is big.
This is my definition of child abuse. Bruises heal; mental wounds do not.
This is the bleeding edge of cosmology right now; along with quantum gravity.
This is the first glimmer of Roger Water’s pet ruminations; in this case his father who died at Anzio in 1944. Hap…
This is the great 1987 comeback of Berlin School that made me realize it was forever and ever. SEVEN stars.…
This is the Home of the Brave. Maybe Trump’s in the wrong country.
This is the primary reason the Catholic Church can claim so many adherents. #atheism
This is where I call “Poe”.
This little one’s not worth the trouble.
This looks like a piece of the Titanic after being raised off the ocean floor.
This Make America Great Again moment brought to you by the NRA; the owners of Congress.
This must be why I’m blocked by Ken Ham.
This one is halfway between the trip-hop of Portishead and the chillout lounge of Air.
This results in a conclusion that either a universe is necessary; or a universe-making God is necessary. I choose t…
This screen-grab technology isn’t new; we used Print-Screen and MSPaint back in the early 90s.
This site is a gem; but I hardly ever need to use it because I mostly run (duh!) Linux.
This time when the peckerwoods open fire on Old Glory they can stay the hell out of the Union. I ain’t chasin’ aft…
This track; marking a transition to a deeply contemplative second half of the LP; hits precisely when the creeper w…
This was from my first trip to Mt. Baker / Mt. Shuksan last year. It’s my new favorite place in Washington State.
This was the cover of the paperback for Isaac Asimov’s “The End of Eternity”
Thomas Paine must have a been a time traveler then. He wrote The Age of Reason a hundred years before Hitler was… https
Thomas Paine was a deist back in the Day; today he’d be hardcore New Atheist.
Those jackpot sex abuse lawsuit payouts come first.
Those starving kids in Japan really appreciate the Bibles you’re giving them; they think they’re just delicious. #atheism
Those who cannot remember history are doomed to vote for Republicans.
Three Dog Night was what we listened to in Kindergarten!
Three quarks for Muster Mark!
Three rights make a left! https
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky; Seven for the Dwarf-lords in halls of stone; Nine for Mortal Men;…
Tidal forces in a stellar (not galactic) black hole will do just that.
Time initiates at maximum density. There’s no “before the Big Bang” because the word “before” only operates over t…
Time is an emergent property of things moving relative to another. Time doesn’t exist in a universe consisting of o…
Time to hit the hot tub and try to forget about the Falcons.
Time travel? Anyone? Bueller?
Tires got stuck in the snow for a few minutes after I got this picture.
Titled “Gollum Has His Precious”; 2017
T-LAM C uses visual recognition; just like a self-driving car.
To avoid contempt charges. They must have heard stories about the DC lockup.
To avoid giving some of the gals in the lesbian community a case of the twitches we prefer to say flight deck inste…
To be human is to rise above living on a perceptual level like the other animals; and reach a conceptual level; whe…
To belabor the point; if it requires post-mortem consciousness to be disappointed in the case of no afterlife theis…
Today’s Book of Mormon doesn’t look too much like the original either; what with thousands of redactions of the Mos…
Today’s desktops would render the spy’s face long before Costner could finagle an out.
To defeat one’s enemies; to see them driven before you; and to hear da lamentation of da wimmin!
Toes Go In First.
Tom Baker was my Doctor. You kids don’t know how bad you have it.
Tomita led me into Classical and he was already there!
Tomita performs “Sunset” from Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite on the Big Moog. Lush.
Tongues are indistinguishable from gibberish. Even if they were a valid; but unknown; language the practical effe… https
Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s Nineteen Ninety…Four!
Tony Soprano says get Cap’n Paulie Walnuts into your life; you need to pay him to save you from his zip Furio from…
Tony Soprano says get Paulie Walnuts into your life; you need to pay him to save you from my zip Furio from kneecap…
Too bad Comey thought the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop was worthy of throwing the election and these…
Too bad he didn’t let the press go along with him to verify that he even tried to do some diplomacy before saying i…
Too bad infinity isn’t a number; or I might believe that!
Too bad it wasn’t on a weekend; now I gotta drag my ass out of bed with a wine headache and go to work.
Too bad it wasn’t the Constition he swore by.
Too bad it wasn’t the Constitution he swore by.
Too bad there’s this thing called the First Amendment protecting a free press and the freedom of people to practice…
Too bad they never got that baby to be reliable enough to be man-rated. Competition is good!
Too late! Ezekiel 14:9 “And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing; I the LORD have deceived that…
Top 10 Christian Extra-Biblical Traditions
Top 10 Rejected Names for the Show “Xena: Warrior Princess”
Top Ten Reasons Xena Didn’t Work Out As Batman’s Sidekick
Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines In Xena: Warrior Princess
To quote Luther from 48 Hrs: “WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK?!?!?!?”
To Sirloin With Love
Totally; dude!
Totally worth it!
touch will also update the “last modified” date of a file; or create a new empty file if it doesn’t exist.
Tough Women Attack Team Training Farm
To Wong Foo Fighters; Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
To Wong Moo With Love Julie Moomar
Toys for twats
Track 3 is brief; dark; moody; reminds me of Klaus Schulze from just before his early-90s “sampler” period.
Track 3 is brief; dark; moody; reminds me of Klaus Schulze from just before his early-90s “sampler” period.
Track 7 is back to the epic movie soundtrack mode; I love it.
Track 7 is back to the epic movie soundtrack mode; I love it.
Track six is good too; a bit like Larry Fast (Synergy) if you’ve ever listened to his stuff.
Track six is good too; a bit like Larry Fast (Synergy) if you’ve ever listened to his stuff.
Track two is from a future Tarantino masterpiece; Vangelis channeling Ennio Morricone . Round ’em up; head ’em out…
Track two is from a future Tarantino masterpiece; Vangelis channeling Ennio Morricone . Round ’em up; head ’em out…
Traditionally; they have an out. They merely say the ones who didn’t heal didn’t pray hard enough.
Traffic is never not fucked downtown.
Trick question. All of Ayn Rand’s protagonists ARE villains; prima facie; ipso facto; fait accompli.
Trouble follows Modesty and Willie around too; seems like.
Trump and Care go together like Political and Process.
Trump can’t even manage a lemonade stand; let alone a national database of suspicious people.
Trump couldn’t run a lemonade stand; let alone a false-flag terror attack.
Trump could open a whole Shit Subway franchise.
Trump doesn’t even know there’s been a grand pivot and Republicans would be rooting for Marse Robert these days.
Trumpence figure if they don’t talk about it the whole thing goes away.
Trump hates those pictures of him with a double chin.
Trump is one step ahead of you; he’s drafting an Executive Order to rename the month “Obey”.
Trump is such a tough negotiator he got the President of Mexico to pay for it with IOUs. https
Trump is too stupid to realize he’s affirming the legitimacy of the reports by calling for the heads of the leakers.
Trump: “I want you to head up the Bureau of Alcohol; Tobacco; and Firearms.” White: “You had me at alcohol!”
Trump; Pence; and Dolly Parton: Four big boobs!
Trump pulls out; Melania asks; “Is it out yet?”
Trump’s choice to head the EPA.
Trump’s down to just Microsoft’s idea of “Win”
Trump’s first candidate for a pardon.
Trump’s global handlers call an emergency meeting to discuss the rapidly developing situation with Mike Flynn’s bid…
Trump was in contact with Russian intelligence agents all this time? Better enlist Ms. Blaise; @CountItsvan
Trump wearies us all with the patter of little feats.
Trump will be a two-term President. One in the White House; the other in federal lockup.
Truth consists in allowing one’s mind to model objective reality without contradiction. So we get truth from the r…
Truth consists of mentally modeling reality without contradiction.
Truth is from modeling reality without error and logic is the set of tools by which we do so; both are discovered b…
Truth is where you find it.
Try his second release; Cyborg; 1973. Preferably with the chemical substance of your choice.…
Trying to keep the Putin bots off me.
Try my USB stick; Mr. Creosote. It’s waaafer theen!
Try not to make the same mistake the Mormons do and impose your own situation on a Biblical truth. If I did that; E…
Try the gyros; not bad.
T-shirt fails.
Tumblr is mostly a cesspool of free porn but apparently they are trying to clean that up. I’m more into blogging…
Turns out he got it from Faux News.
Tuvalu; so they don’t bitch about the rise of the sea level.
TV evangelists don’t want a second coming. If Jesus ever came back there goes the Italian cut suits; lizard leather shoes and Rolex watches.
TV Truth #39: Mothers actually worry about brands of peanut butter.
Twerk it like Regan!
Twice five syllables Plus seven can’t say much but That’s Haiku for you!
Twitter changed the UI; you have to RT old-school to reply with an image.
Twitter is a 140 char. window; but the grape juice was an important thing. If it is really Christ’s blood; then t…
Twitter…is in a better place.
Twitter needs something other than a like button.
Twitter only has 140 characters; so please summarize only the BEST piece of evidence you have (from your “lots”) fo…
Twitter will figure out you’re not seeing ads that way and block twidge.
Two more after this and it’s over. 😦
Two more Death Stars get blown up after that. Hopefully they are financed by Russian oil money.
Two of ’em are girls; they’ll probably toss ’em back.
Two Wongs can’t make a white!
UFOs; which I will do in another post soon.
U-GERASH PATRIARCH: The families must unite and prepare for the years when the land will be frozen.
Uh; because they’re girls? https
Ultimately; only tangible wealth is real; and money is simply the markers we use in lieu of barter; even gold.
Unfortunately for goal post shifters; they inevitably go off-sides and outside of Sacred Scripture; then I blow the…
Unfortunately that sentiment seems to be totally at odds with the Executive Orders of the President favored by Jesu…
Unfortunately; the faith tradition I came out of (Catholicism) used Paul’s statement as part of the basis for the d… https
Unfortunately the Tablets are in the Ark which is in a warehouse in Area 51.
Unfortunately; we read that the will of the father of Jesus Christ includes killing witches; adulterers; and gay fe…
Unify? Seriously? 1 Cor.1:23 But we preach Christ crucified; unto the Jews a stumblingblock; and unto the Greeks f…
United States. Woman has an abortion; the state sniffs around asking how old the fetus is. Tosses around words…
Unless one of our friends was in the Upside Down! #StrangerThings https
Unless there’s no god and no heaven; then forgiveness doesn’t even come into the equation.
Unless we store our knowledge so that those who come after us may stand on our shoulders; and others may stand on t…
Unless you’ve got a Catholic Bible; then it’s four times!
Unmasked. As if anyone bought the mask; other than the Deplorables.
Unstable. Which is to say; we don’t feel like nuking Pyongyang if Kim Jong-Un says Schwarzeneggar is a better host…
Untag me from this one Tim; please.
Used a bash script to unblock the over 3;000 people I’ve blocked over 9 years. Clean slate going forward.
Used to be DoT; but after 9-11 got rolled up into Homes.
Used to lie out on the porch overnight; read the Foundation Trilogy until sunset; then watch the “satellites” come…
US Navy ships have one or two R2-D2s with a Gatlin gun (CIWS Close-In Weapon System; or in Navy parlance “Christ It…
Vanna White found dead. Police suspect vowel play.
Vatican City.
Veni; Vidi; Eggo.
Veni; Vidi; Velcro. I came; I saw; I stuck around.
Very good; Jason!
Very nice; I never listened to Vangelis much in the 90s and beyond.
Very very good.
Veteran of the Bermuda Triangle Expeditionary Force 1990-1951
V-[Flash forward] The fourth Gerash son rides to the castle of House Sala
Virgins are over-rated. Gotta learn ’em everything.
Visit before it becomes a gated Trump beachfront community.
VLC media player 32bit 2.2.4- Multimedia player for Audio/Video.
Voodoo; voudou; Taoism; Daoism; Bombay; Mumbai; Peking; Beijing; Burma; Myanmar; tomayto; tomahto; let’s call the w…
Waaaaa fuckin’ waaaa!
Waiting for the island to sink under the North Sea; Atlantis-style. Any day now.
Waiting for the ol’ “me too!”
Wait ’til she’s old enough to subscribe to Teen Vogue!
Walk away from the whole mess; Dems. Let the ‘Pubs own the train wreck and go Single Payer in 2021.
Wallace Falls State Park
Wal-Mart figures they can cash in on shoppers who were also dumb enough to vote for Trump.
War is America’s business; and business is good.
War is rooted in the time of single cells. Eat or be eaten.
WARNING: This is a 100% matter product. Do not contact with antimatter.
War Powers Act gives POTUS sixty days of free reign.
Was she the vocals on that last Youtube?
Watching the film is even better!
WATERSPORTS: Swimming; surfing; canoeing; etc
We ALL float down here!
We All Live In A Yellow Subroutine!
We already have socialized education; highways; defense; police; fire department; emergency rooms; retirement; what…
We are all born without belief until our parents and clergy start lying to us. That’s why every small child has the…
We are intellectually superior because we have evaluated Pascal’s Wager and found that it applies to every god who…
We assert human dignity ourselves by choosing values which operate on a conceptual level; rather than the perceptua…
Weather outlook for tomorrow…HOT!
We bagged Luke Cage but Jessica Jones bored with the first episode and it went in the circular file.
We calibrate C-14 dating with dendrochronology (tree rings). So the Bible’s claim of 6;000 years for the age of the…
We call that the fallacy of the appeal to authority; the idea that expertise in one area of human endeavor is carri…
We call them Cafeteria Christians. “I’ll have one of these; and one of those; and oh; that anti-gay bon bon right…
We can imagine being the other fellow and suffering alike; so we refrain from causing suffering to him. This is the foundation of morality.
We can use celestial mechanics to send a probe to Pluto but the “science” of human psychology is a series of 1 sigm…
We certainly can imagine a homophobic bearded guy who created the world; we just choose not to believe he exists be…
We do it the way James 5
We do not think we are smarter than everyone; for example; we consider the intelligence of other atheists to be on… https
We don’t believe in the devil either; Your Grace.
We don’t call it “gay marriage” we call it “marriage” and there’s a little thing in the Constitution called the equ…
We don’t get the Seattle Weakly out here in the Burbs!
We don’t get upset; we just laugh because the same creation story has him create a dome in the sky embedded with st…
We don’t know what psaltery Willy had in that gaol.
We don’t like Home Depot anymore. We’re still sorting out which brands are in bed with Trump. https
We don’t need to understand bigotry. But it sure doesn’t make your Lord and Savior look good.
We don’t run things because things (and people) actually run themselves. Men only think that things need to be run.
Wed to Tomita’s version.
Week argument of the month.
We follow the lead of right-wing Christians who kill civilians in Iraq and Syria and realize it’s just a “suggestio… https
We get truth by making our thoughts conform to the way things really are. God doesn’t come into that picture.…
We had an alcoholic priest; he consecrated grape juice along with wine; said; “Don’t worry; this still works.” Plu…
We have a cancer within; close to the presidency; that’s growing.
We have a more recent case study to serve as a teaching parallel to the birth of Christianity: the rise of Mormonis…
We have standards for evidence that excludes synthetic mental forays into metaphysics such as talk of a “necessary…
We have Total Wine; which is about as big as a Toys R Us.
We kinda don’t have a choice; since God couldn’t even figure out the germ theory of disease for us; and gave us the…
We know her R2 unit hacked the Death Star; showed terrorist Kenobi how to sabotage the tractor beam. Holographic m…
Welcome to Amateur Hour in the West Wing.
Welcome to Amateur Hour. #MAGA
Welcome to the Century of Light. Blue ones were the holdout.
We like to think Washington State resembles Imladris or Lothlorien; where the evils of Mordor (DC; Dixie) can never…
Well; back in the TwenCen it was because we were in the United States Navy. https
Well; because this year it was on a Friday night!
Well; during the work week the timing has to be right. I only get a few hours of Tweet time.
Well; during the work week the timing has to be right. I only get a few hours of Tweet time.
Well; for that we have the good ol’ Second Amendment; in case my home address gets out and someone comes calling on…
We’ll get ’em on the rebound. We have a TWO party system; you see.
Well; getting hit with a few dozen rounds of twenty mike mike is quick; at least.
Well it’s just an interim solution until we are driven everywhere by our Google Car Overlords.
Well; it’s the central devotion of Catholics; the last belief to come to converts and the first to go for lapsarian…
Well; make no mistake; I do like several of his films; Dogma; Jake and Silent Bob Strike Back; and his turn as a to…
Well; none who are out.
Well; not much of a choice on Twitter; right?
Well now you’re talking Hwy 12; which is also beautiful. We get there by the back door; Skate Creek Road.…
Well; remember; nothing gets Republicans more aroused than a gun.
We’ll see if that’s still the case after there are many more Flint Michigans.
We’ll see; if we get to 2021 without getting nuked.
Well that’s no good at all. Satan’s paying me to attack Christians specifically; not some bizarre New Age theism.
Well; that’s why atheists have a problem with believers of Allah too. Some of them actually carry out the brutal co…
Well; the important thing is that the dumb black guy isn’t in there anymore. Only Trump can fix Obamacare. He sai…
Well; there was also a lot of purple Klingon blood on that K’tinga class cruiser they raided in ST6: The Undiscover…
Well; these are just YouTubes. Good ones.
Well; three inches is about 75 mike mike; right? https
Well; when the scrutiny is over; I’ll enjoy reading the write-up in Nature.
Well you wore out your welcome with random precision…
Welp; two more Titan MB books; then I go looking for the odds and sods that slipped through my clutches.
We need a Twitter social media expert to help us get rid of all the social media experts; and then at the end we just need to get rid of HIM
We overturned slavery too; no more beating slaves to death. God handled that fine; sent no plagues; he’ll handle ma…
We park in a driveway and drive in a parkway; on our way to work in a business “park”.
We’re all Warsaw Pact now!
We’re a long way from needing the 3 Laws of Robotics. The prerequisite for that is Strong AI; and robots recogniz…
We’re closing in on Trump steppe by steppe.
We’re down to attempts to “prove” God’s existence; as though he were Fermat’s Last Theorem and not the all-powerful…
We’re gonna explode!? I don’t wanna explode!
We removed the pain of childbirth (Eve’s curse) with ether and God didn’t do anything to us.
We’re moving off mainstream media to social media. Trump knows that; and he will hang himself by that even as he n…
We’re too busy protesting Saudi Arabia laying 70 lashes on the withered back of a grandmother for being out without…
We say he got dotty in his dotage and hedged his bets.
We should; when it comes to sin my wife and I definitely overpay.
We simply demonstrate that there is no movement in a state where density is infinite. No movement; nothing for tim…
We stand on the shoulders of giants who cared about the future; so we can do no less than stand up as well.
We take maths at Uni and learn about statistical noise. https
We think that Mark was put together during the Jewish War (66-70); about 30-40 years after the execution; using an…
We thought there was a face monument on Mars until we sent another orbiter with a better camera; and went; “Nevermi…
We try to forget the voice-over edition ever happened.
We’ve been binge-watching Celia on Netflix; from Columbia; that’s damn fine show.
We’ve been claiming lack of evidence since the days of Socrates. They made him drink hemlock so they didn’t have t…
“We were convinced that the people need and require this faith. We have therefore undertaken the fight against the…
We will have a recognizable America in 2018; but we already see a Republican Party that is revealed by the low tide…
We will never have good data on abiogenesis; anything on the border of life would be food for life; and the data se…
We would use a different name; but no other monster in human history drowned all the babies and puppies on Earth.
We Yankees wouldn’t touch the metric system with a 3.048 meter pole.
W-GERASH PATRIARCH: And two other sons will bring your commandments to Houses Ornis and Sala.
Whaddya mean; Doc? Praying that you don’t get sick isn’t an alternative?
Whaddya mean I’m not helpin’ him?
What about Emerson; Lake and POWELL (with Mars: The Bringer of War) ?
What about The Burmuda Triangle; with Prokofiev? 😉
What about the Soylent Green Corporation? 😉
What about when a former Christian like me makes an argument from the Bible. Did I do a big data purge when I deco…
What a coincidence; in the wake of discoveries in the quantum realm no serious atheist would say that everything ne…
What a coincidence! Me too!
What a finely tuned machine the orange shitgibbon has there.
What a “Party” !
What a “Party” !
What a “Shining” example!
What atheists like to do instead is observe the thing first and then form ideas about whether it is ultimate or wha…
What does Israel do with the people inside the expanded borders? If no suffrage; that’s raw apartheid and Israel l…
What do we want? Sub-orbital hypersonic routes! When do we want it? When we get our flying cars!
What do you mean I ain’t helpin’ him?!
What evidence do you have that the perps were atheist? Is it in the same class with your evidence that God exists?
What has 75 balls and screws old ladies?
What is the link please?
What is the value added for God that we believe in him before an arbitrary deadline?
What is wanted is not the will to believe; but the will to find out; which is the exact opposite. – Bertrand Russel…
What makes a liberal “worse” than another one? They want the same health-care situation the rest of the industria…
What makes Republicans stupid is their short-sightedness. They are willing participants in Putin’s revenge for US…
What makes the ontology of an eternal God operative and the ontology of an eternal universe inoperative? #atheism
What makes you believe that observed regularities of succession (such as conservation laws) are ready to fail the i…
What persists? Not the throne of David; now vacant. Not the temple of God; now a mosque. Not the one flock; whi…
What really happened was that Jews didn’t embrace Christianity; but the Greeks did; so the Church slowly deprecated…
What’s Kellyanne Conway been up to lately? #maga
What’s the difference between cauliflower and boogers? Kids won’t eat cauliflower.
What’s the point spread on WWIII?
What’s the rush; he’s still got 970 years to be totally digested.
What’s the success rate of those who do have a prayer?
What? The Polonium-210 milkshakes are better than anything at Jack in the Box or even Sonic!
What was he supposed to do; go out and get a job copying the Torah? #atheism
What we do is girlcott that restaurant and put ’em in chapter 11.
What? Who doesn’t dig p and s orbital hybridization?
What will it be like when Trump gets us nuked?
What would an undergraduate do at such a college? Certainly not go look at strata for his prof.
What would Jesus say; now that he shed his blood once and for all for sin? “Neither do I condemn thee: go; and sin…
When 65 years old you will be; look as good you will not.
When are ya gonna get back to the science you did back in the Day: al-Gebra; al-Chemy; naming stars like al-Gol; a…
When cannibals come home late for dinner they get a cold shoulder.
When do I place my order?
When everyone has a self-driving car the 1% will insist on actually driving their cars to differentiate themselves…
When he steals stuff where does it go? Surely not hell; that’s where he goes at the end of the book.
When I bite; it feels like being run over by a truck.
When I fly to the Philippines with my wife we always use EVA Air. Great food! Perfect safety record!
When I read recipes I feel the same way I do after reading science fiction. I say; “Well; that’s not going to happ…
When I read the Bible sometimes it says marriage is between one man and seven hundred women.
When Irish eyes are smilin’; the six pack’s almost gone.
When I said Ken Ham “blocked me for some reason” I meant that literally.
When it rains; it’s because God is crying over something you did. https
When I was 14 they told me Carter was the Antichrist; when 28 they told me Clinton was the Antichrist; when 42 they…
When I was 7 I saw the strip in the funnies; but I ignored it because it wasn’t funny.
When I was about 11 years old and first saw this; I was all; “Houston; we have a problem!”
When I was a newborn baby girl and I smiled they said it was just gas.
When I was a wee lass I played music on these round black things that spun around under a sapphire needle 100 times…
When my toes curl I say; “Oh Random! Oh Chance!”
When non-believers issue a simple call for evidence; believers dive into the rhetoric of epistemological nihilism a…
When Ross Dress for Less drops her; stick a fork in.
When’s the last time God did that? Lately he can barely burn a discernible image of his face on toast. Must be a l…
When that didn’t work he made Beans & Frank; Leg of Sam; Peteloaf; and Moo Goo Guy in a Pan.
When that didn’t work he made Beans & Frank; Leg of Sam; Peteloaf; and Moo Goo Guy in a Pan.
When the alarm clock goes off at 6 AM and it’s time to get ready to go to work.
When the ice was melting about 12;000 years ago; Dry Falls; Washington was the biggest waterfall the Earth has ever…
When the Jews were taken to Babylon they didn’t bother to sing in lament; assumed Yahwah couldn’t hear them. Karen…
When the women of Shiloh come out 4 their dances; rush out from the vineyards; and each of you can take 1 of them home to B your wife!
When they were bought; who took receipt of the money?
When this was fully implemented; we had centuries of dark ages. The Solar System might be thoroughly populated by…
When Trump makes all Americans; great and small; rich and poor; free and slave; accept the Mark of the Beast then t…
When Voyager II photographed Neptune; was it conscious?
When we are submerged; nanobots break down the fat cells in our body to oxygen and they also replace our bone calci… https
When will Christians stop calling ASCII text criticizing them as it scrolls up a monitor on a site they volunteer t…
When women began to enter the workforce in the mid-20th Century often they would sneak their babies to work; hope t…
When you get back home; you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in…
When you lose Kmart it’s over. Brides-to-be gotta fall back on WalMart and shit.
When you’re dead you will be an atheist; since you will; at that time; lack belief in supernatural deities.
When you swim in the sea And an eel bites your knee That’s a moray!
When you wank upon a star; wear your wellies; you’ll go far.
Where and how; exactly; does an immaterial force get traction on a material thing to move it? Asking for a friend…
Where does all the white go when the snowflakes melt? #maga
Where’s his little red ball cap?
Where’s Kellyanne “Hotlips” Conway?
Where’s my flying cop cars?
Where you been Haydn the Cabernet?
Which is it Brian? “We are not under the law” (13m ago) “We are to keep the great commandments” (28m ago)
Which is it; center of the earth or the sun? If you aren’t sure; maybe hell isn’t real after all.
Which is to say; 900 megahertz!
Which is to say; it’s not gonna smack into the Earth on the other side of the orbit.
Which will be responded to by IDF F-16 ground attacks. And so it goes…
Whidbey Island from Pass Island; Washington State.
Whidbey Island; Washington; from atop Mt. Eire on Fidalgo Island. Glacier scraped this Road Runner view.
While I acknowledge Mormons are polytheistic; whether they are “Christian” or not is one of the most boring topics…
Who being in very nature God; did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather… ,
….who being naughty in my sight; shall snuff it. ,
Who cares how weird Angelina Jolie is when she’s got lips like two trampolines? Chapstick hadda invent a spray for…
Who do I make the check out to? ,
Who run Bartertown? Pencerblaster run Bartertown!
Whosoever blocketh the Fabulous Son of Man on Twitter the same shall be blocketh at Club Pearly Gates. ,
Whosoever shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so shall be called the least in the kin…
Whosoever shall say to his brother; Raca; shall be in danger of the council: whosoever shall say; Thou fool; shal… ;
Who understands muggles?
Who wants to be the last SEAL to die for Trump?
Who ya callin’ snowflakes? #TheResistance
Why didn’t God direct that bullet into the wall instead?
Why do breeders think lesbians must explain ourselves?
Why do Christians do it? Don’t they have the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians in their New Testament?
Why do discussions about the existence of God always end up doing circles in the dictionary and thesaurus? Oh; rig…
Why doesn’t the GOP repeal Obamacare; since they have the majority in the House and Senate? Oh; that’s right; no a…
Why do spiritual/religious people have such weak faith that they are vulnerable to having it downplayed by joyful a…
Why do straight fellows think real lesbians do any of the things they see gay-for-pay gals doing in their online po…
Why do women get to wear slacks or skirts; but men only get to wear slacks? It’s something like that.
Why do you say we lie when we say there is no evidence? Got evidence?
Why do you think calling people “sheep” is an insult? John 10:27: “My sheep hear my voice; and I know them; and t…
Why should we be respectful of a crime family that runs a child sex and pornography ring out of a pizza restaurant?
Why so many illegal leaks? Oh; I dunno Donald; maybe it was the time you were discussing N.Korea in a restaurant.
Why; thank you for the warm compliment!
Why would anyone wear a robe or a dress and hang out up in the sky? Just setting yourself up for any voyeur to ge…
Wicked; wicked Zoot! You must spank her well and after you have spanked her you may deal with her as you like and…
Wife’s 7 lappie got hit by ransomware once; but she only uses it to run Skype. I backup my Lubuntu box every time I…
Wife’s birthday is today; so wine. I’m right there where one more sip is too much. I can feel it.
Will God hold me accountable for not believing Peter first met the risen Lord in Galilee or for not believing Peter…
William Gibson (@greatdismal) often wrote about the Bowling Green-Atlanta Misinformation Axis (BAMA) https
Willie and Modesty shit; shower; and shave together after theiri workouts and no fuss; because they know the score.
Willie Garvin sure had a great rapport with our cousins.
Win7: Brake in the middle; gas on the right. Win 8: Brake on the right; gas in the middle. Win10: Back to Win7; called greatest OS ever.
Wi nøt trei a høliday in Des Møines this yër? See the løveli cørn røws. The wøndërful telephøne system. And mäni…
With all the miscarriages that happen maybe Jesus needs to read his own fucking billboards.
With Soviet Russian Mezcal; the worm eats YOU.
With that alleged video of two hookers in Russia; Trump has a lot of nerve talking about leakers.
With trilobites in every location on Earth; at the same strata; the antediluvian world must have been underfoot wit…
Wokking Tall
Woman by birth; lesbian by Grace. If you see Grace; tell her ‘hi!’
Women are less visual; so we have clit lit.
Women; collectively: “What is this ‘free time’ of which you speak?”
Women have a saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and he will drink beer with…
Women’s Beach Volleyball…. ::frisson::
Women who just want equal pay with men lack ambition.
Word on the street is that if you have a drafty outhouse you can stuff temple garments in the gap under the door to…
WordStar running under MS-DOS; Win 3.11 running in a second window; Win XP running in a third window; all running t…
Worked in the Gulf of Ton Kin.
Worlds’s thinnest book: A Treasury of Sapphic Humor.
Worse than that; she went through RCIA and became (gasp!) a Catlick! Evangelicals haven’t been this quiet since D…
Worst Jimi Hendrix Concert bathroom ever.
Worst part is when they go in the same men’s loo where we like to go.
Wouldn’t a hollow Earth be sort of dark?
Wow; just like his fucking red #MAGA ball caps!
Wow; just like in another set of books I read once called the Chronicles of Narnia. #atheism
Wow; that’s different from the Mormon Adam and Eve!
Wow; Trump just created his first job.
Wow; you can even see the crap coming from the malfunctioning West Point sewer treatment plant! 😉
Xena Bands ; ;
Xena Warrior Princess Airlines: Coffee; Tea or Mead?
X-[Flash forward] The fourth Gerash son is dragged before the Sala patriarch
Xians tell me I must check the entire universe before saying there is no god. All I need to do is not find an omnipresent God in 1 location.
X: We’re on a tight budget this week; Gabrielle; we have to choose between chocolate and massage oil. G: Lower. Le…
XX is female. XY is male. XYY is male too. XYY males are 10 times more likely to commit crimes; which says something about the Y chromosome.
Ya always get what you vote for; good and hard.
Yah; snow when Seattle has none.
Ya think? Wrassling. Oil. Or go to church. Tough choice!
Yeah; about 30 minutes after I created my account (in 2009) I posted something like; “Well lets see if THIS works.”
Yeah; after that Maybellene close call I thought he was one of the immortals.
Yeah; and I demand a flying car too. Hey; Daily Stormer? Request DENIED.
Yeah; and the Israelite God comes off the better in that story; shockingly enough.
Yeah; and why do guys change from Mr. to Messrs. when they get together? Whazup widdat?
Yeah; and world hunger; that was Obama too.
Yeah atheists; use your ESP to ask God to apply the blood of Jesus to your account which is in arrears because Eve…
Yeah; but when he blamed Obama he thought he was blaming Kenya.
Yeah; gosh; Putin or Assad might get tipped off to a strike or something.
Yeah; he’s going to sell it off to Lighthouse of the Blind.
Yeah; ICE is already kicking down grandpa’s door and sending bad hombres like that back south.
Yeah; I know how it is with beer.
Yeah; imagine that; thinking that God’s word means exactly what it says. How silly! #atheism
Yeah; it’s about raking in so much money Jesus can see your house from space.
Yeah; just like he “paid” his contractors. https
Yeah; like the Lord really took care of six million of His chosen ones in the Holocaust.
Yeah; now everyone is gonna hock the arsenal they went into debt to build when Obama was coming for everybody’s gun…
Yeah; perks like getting into a hair-pulling match with some lady who grabbed the last iPhone.
Yeah; right next to the reels of Song of the South.
Yeah; Senator; the President has lots of buttons!
Yeah; that thing about wearing stiletto heels in a water bed; that’s always been a set-piece for Hustler centerfold…
Yeah; the AquaNet and Spandex period is so over. https
Yeah; the Jewish scribes on the Babylonian Vacation saw that and went; “Me too!”
Yeah; there’s a nice juicy gap you can scoot your god into for a little while. Bit cramped though. #atheism
Yeah; there’s be at least one or two people standing in the Science queue.
Yeah; they didn’t have any tweets praising Dear Leader.
Yeah; we just saw how he got ahead of the Freedom Caucus in the House.
Yeah; we really need to stop knocking on doors and stop handing out blank pieces of paper.
Yeah; we’re seeing that cultural rejection big time. Two Muslim ban EO’s shot down; RyanCare vote cancelled in the…
Yeah; we’re talking 6th AVE.
Yeah we silly moonbats and our justice for the poor; healing the sick; feeding the starving and comforting the mour…
Yeah; what ARE you doing back in DC; Pubs?
Yeah; what you see (orange; one finger) is what I got. Amazon is using a pink cover that was probably Titan Books’…
Yeah; when I saw on CNN how the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his…
Yeah; women with no voice or authority; slavery was legal; land could be taken from existing occupants by genocide.…
Ye Evil Woman (ELO; high quality)
Ye have heard that it hath been said; An eye for an eye; and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you; That ye resi… ,
Yellowstone Falls in October. This; boys and girls; ladies and gentlemen; friends and enemies; is the most beautif…
Yellowstone in October. The animals own the park; you’re just visiting.
Yellowstone is fricken MECCA. I could spend a whole summer there.
Ye might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written; that no one of you be puffed up for one agai… ;
Yer either with Trump or yer with Qaeda! ,
Yes; and I snagged their latest Double LP; amazing. ,
Yes; and it shows how species do not necessarily
Yes; and she gets a Gold Star. Silver Star lesbians sleep with a man only once; and if she is very good she can…
Yes; but the only way I can get ’em is by quoting a counter-quote that IS in the Bible. Then they are forced to d… ;
Yes; but you’re recycled electrons and protons and neutrons; and they’re eternal; maybe. Individual patterns of the…
Yes; he’s been ordered to head an away team to infiltrate Sietch Tabr on Arrakis and obtain the Water of Life.
Yes; I cited that in support of you.
Yes. If all of the god-beliefs in the world contradict even one previously established fact about the world then n…
Yes. If one of Earth’s god beliefs does not contradict previously established facts about the world; then it could…
Yes indeed he’s a leaving God; he left at Bethany; floated into the sky; and hasn’t been seen ever since; except by…
Yes; I see that you retain
Yes; I used to buy off on all that stuff. Now I use my powers for the Dark Side.
Yes; my favorite track is “Heaven or Las Vegas”
Yes; six bowls; listen to Isao Tomita’s “Kosmos” on a typical dark Pacific Northwest afternoon; time ceased to exis…
Yes; the ol’ “watch implies a watchmaker” ploy that ignores how probabilities are radically trimmed by chemical law…
Yes; wasn’t that Dubya’s solution? Don’t insure everyone; that’s communism; just let them go to the Emergency Room…
Yes; we already know Red States are net accounts-receivable from the Federal teat. If they wanna secede from the…
Yes; we always remember how momma told us not to run when we do it. https
Yes; we atheists say there’s no Santa Claus; Easter Bunny; Tooth Fairy; Fairies; Elves; Jesus; God; Mary; Hubbard a…
Yes; we will have to explain why we didn’t believe the animals were all designed by an invisible bearded fellow who…
Yet the numbers say the unchurched; or “nones” are the fastest growing denomination in America.
Yet your own book says in the very beginning; when there was no Heaven and Earth; only light (energy); there was an…
Yoda: Warrior Princess
Yo momma is so stupid; she dialed 911 for information.
Yo momma so fat she has a gravitational lensing effect.
Yo momma so fat she has her own zip code.
Yo momma so fat she’s got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook.
Yo momma so fat they use the elastic in her underwear for bungee jumping
Yo momma so fat when she gets on the scale it says to be continued.
Yo momma so fat when she wears a Malcom X T-Shirt hellicopters try landing on her
Yo momma so greasy she used bacon as a band-aid!
Yo momma’s underwear is so full of holes that when she farts they whistle
You already admitted you deny Christ; so it’s no shock that you call a citation of the gospel of Matthew a lie.
You are thinking of John Boanerges; brother of James; purported author of one gospel; three epistles; and the Apoca…
You can actually see atoms (or at least the photons that pour off them) with the human eye after they are slowed do…
You can hit any post any time at
You can spot these guys immediately. They call the CIA “The Company”. And you can ask a fake vet about his .208…
You can’t even say that with a straight face.
You can use apt-get but it has a Fisher-Price software “store”. RePC in Tukwila has a Zorin fetish; I usually inst…
You’d need some kind of bungee cord wrapped around the hips of both partners; like the one they use to resist the r…
You don’t believe in eternal punish-MENT; but eternal punish-ING in vengeance for a finite “crime”.
You don’t understand what I’m saying. If something existed “before time” then time would have started then. We sa…
You don’t want him to take off his shirt these days; hon. There’s a sell-by-date on that shit.
You go; girl. I’ll stay down here and crack open a Coke Zero.
You got my word; not a scratch!
You have your GOP in charge of all three branches of government; and you still lament the demise of the republic?…
You know how Modesty and Willie roll. Sex with others means little. Sex between themselves would mean too much.
You made a mistake letting deists in your club. Deists are atheists; by definition; believing in a god who does not…
You need to have major delusions of grammar.
You need to put your big girl panties on and let go of this god thing.
You’re followed by a lot of people with no bios and no profile pics. With friends like those; who needs Pepe?
You’re insisting on logical positivism (verificationism) which Karl Popper kilt with fire.
Your lack trembling in the face of the unspeakable post-mortem horrors of the Tartarus of the Greek god Hades is…
Your spy car is a MINI?!?
YouTube; Twitter and Facebook; or YouTwitFace.
Zaphod Beeblebrox: “The Best Bang since the Big One.”(Eccenttrica Galumbits)

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