Chapter 68

Robyn, Jill, Hunky and Dory are wandering around in the tunnels underneath Greendome when a strange woman appears before them wearing some sort of army uniform none of them recognize. The woman also has a young black man in tow.

Jill assumes they are some of the DECON bastards who are looking for Robyn and Hunky, She draws her macro and lets the beam out for about a foot. Then she says, “Who the hell are you people?”

“I am your God, but you may address me as Lilith, dear Jill, who until recently was both Jerry Shybear and Rebecca Roland.”

“Sure,” says Hunky, a woman of faith and easily offended. “God is an English woman dressed like a meter maid.”

“Dressed as a Lieutenant Colonel, rather, Miss Hunky, not a meter maid. And I am no longer English, I’ll have you know, but my new country doesn’t quite exist on this timeline, alas.” And when Jill doesn’t stow her macro, Lilith draws her own version and lights it off. It’s the original Golden Gift.

“Where did you get that?” Robyn demands.

“I created it, Robyn. That’s what deities do. I also gave Jill, when she was Jerry, the tools to make the one she has.”

“How do you know our names?” Dory asks, also growing angry.

Lilith says, I already told you how I know, Dory, but you must have a problem listening. Dory hears Lilith’s words both vocally and in a more direct way that can be heard by Dory’s mind at the same time.

And Dory sinks to her knees. “Haziel, I didn’t know it was you!”

Robyn and Hunky sink to their own knees as well. Jill isn’t sure what to do.

Lilith says, with a small amount of irritation, “Do stand back up, children, and do not drop to your knees before me again unless I command you to do so. Time is far too short for any of that fooferaw. I’m God. I already know I am great. I do not need the reminder.”

“Unless you command us to do so?” Jill says, incredulously.

Lilith draws near to Jill and says, “All of you children have been running loose toying around with your own little copies of my golden gift, and you have stumbled onto a very unproductive path in my opinion. Rats living under people’s houses, is it? It’s far past time you had a little supervision. Your little club, your little group that you call the Boda, we shall have to step that up a bit.”

“Who is the young gentleman that you brought along with you, Lilith?” asks Dory.

Che steps forward and says, “I’m Mike Morrich. Lilith tells me we share something in common.” Che turns hez back to them and moves hez hair out of the way to reveal hez connector.

Hunky says, “We all seem to have some special power, now. What’s yours, Mike?”

“Lilith says I’m a healer,” che replies. “Sha says I’m filling a role that we lost when we lost Haziel.”

Jill gasps. “We lost Haziel?”

Lilith says, “Sha’s gone forever, but gone in the best way you can imagine.”

Robyn has been in a very mellow mood for several minutes. Her babies Ariel and Edgar were safe with Mom. Since the arrival of Lilith all the visions of immanent doom dropped out of her mind. Lilith senses this. Sha smiles at Robyn and nods. “Sorry about the delay, Robyn, and for shaving things so very close to the time when DECON was to come in here and take you all into custody, as you correctly foresaw, but I had to fetch Mike, and Freddy too. He will join us presently, or rather, we will join him.” Lilith turns back to face Jill. “Yes, I do issue commands and I expect them to be obeyed, yet none of you are my slaves, and each one of you is perfectly free to stay down here in the dark and snatch a few morsels from the homes above until DECON scoops you up. Or you can take your rightful place as demigods in my project. The choice is entirely your own.”

They all agree to take the first step, at the very least, which is to evacuate Greendome. One by one, Haziel embraces them and takes them instantly to a forested area south and east of Seattle, Washington, where the one Lilith named Freddy is waiting for them.

They are all assembled near an old wooden gate blocking access to an overgrown forest road. A police car is parked right there, and Freddy has the keys in his single hand. They see the other arm is just a stump.

After Lilith introduces Freddy to everyone sha says, “We are going to work to reverse certain evil deeds of an eloah named Thaumiel. You might have heard of him. He also goes by the name Satan.”

“The devil? He’s real?” Robyn finds that a little hard to believe, even knowing that God is real.

Lilith nods.  “He is quite the fucker, and lives up to his reputation. But here’s where you make your final choice. Follow me down this dirt road and we’ll go very, very far from here. Or you can stay here in America, take this car to town, maybe use your new powers to build a new life for yourself.

“I’m in,” Robyn declares right away, simply because Lilith is so fun. And Hunky and Dory immediately side with Robyn, because after all, they are the original Boda.

Mike Morrich accepts with no hesitation at all, because Lilith has already saved him from a painful death.

Jill takes a longish pause to consider it. At length, she says, “I’ve always felt like I was the one on the outside looking in. Not even marrying into the Boda worked. Well, now I’m going to make it official. Deal me out, Lilith.”

Robyn and Hunky and Dory look at Jill with exasperation, but they say nothing. Lilith nods, letting Jill go without an argument, because if she did raise an objection then her claim of a “choice” was void. But when this choice is made by Jill and accepted by Lilith, Robyn sees a mountain of events well up and focus around Jill, a very strange future indeed, a kind of alternate, darker, unhappier b’nei elohim that nevertheless serves Chokhmah and Binah well.

So that leaves Freddy Aspin, who ponders things for a bit as well, knowing that hy has a lot more options now with his new talent to start fires. And Jill isn’t half-bad looking to hym at all, especially considering how hy hadn’t been with a woman since hy was arrested for killing Oboe Man. But Freddy knows that the path hy is considering would only be extending hyz old life. Here was a clean break, a good way out, free of charge. So hy tosses the keys of the cop car to Jill and goes with Lilith.


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