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Genesis 2

GENESIS 2 By an oversight, the chapter and verse numbering convention which was imposed on the Bible centuries after it was written creates an unnatural break in the creation narrative, which actually continues a few verses into Chapter 2. When … Continue reading

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1 Nephi

1 NEPHI The Book of Mormon begins with a man named Nephi writing eleven years before the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. Writing in  Hebrew? No, Nephi writes in Egyptian, which is remarkable because the Jews thought they left all that … Continue reading

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Genesis 1

GENESIS 1 The conditions at the beginning of the world were thus: It was dark, there was nothing but water everywhere, and God’s spirit moved around in it. It doesn’t say that God created the water, for all we know … Continue reading

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HELL Say a little Mesopotamian girl who never accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior died 6,000 years ago, and went to the eternal lake of fire Christians always tell us about. Then she will be always 6,000 years … Continue reading

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Windows in Linux

Friends on Twitter tell me they don’t run Linux because they use Microsoft Access, and that only runs under Windows, and the Windows emulator WINE isn’t ready for prime time.  Well, VirtualBox to the rescue. Shown here is Debian Linux … Continue reading

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Peppermint Linux

PEPPERMINT LINUX Peppermint Linux – An extremely lightweight ‘stro that leaves most of the heavy lifting for the Cloud. I set it up with 1 GB of RAM and it reports 667 MB available while running, and it uses less … Continue reading

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The Age of the Earth

THE AGE OF THE EARTH If you believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, there is no way around the fact that the bible teaches the Earth was created in 4163 BCE and that the flood was in … Continue reading

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