Calibre – Ebook management

Dia – A free program for drawing graphs and charts.  I’m using it here to build a network of the nearby stars with each connected to its three nearest neighbors.


Link a remote server and your hard drive with a two-pane file manager.


gparted – Partition your storage media. Does everything Partition Magic does for you, but it’s free, as in free beer. One caveat: if you try to set up a disk for Windows 98, the installation disk doesn’t like it so you need to use the ancient fdisk program under MS-DOS for that. EN9SyngUUAEBOTK

Hacky Linux

In Puppy Linux you can mix down your current state to a new live CD and boot from there. Lather, rinse, repeat. I called my line of remasters “Hacky Linux” and this is Hacky 1.0.

Pan – USENET newsreader