The Reformed End Dome Church makes a few changes after departing the mother
church. Prophet Klaus Hansen lays down the law. He says no more card play-
ing, no more dancing, and no more Demon Rum. The parishioners star to roll
in sawdust on the floor of the barn that is their alternate sanctuary and
they babble in tongues to be saved from the fires of hell. A deacon named
Paul Bergin is appointed the Apostle to the Whites and he begins to handle
snakes during services and go door-to-door in Greendome with tracts promis-
ing damnation.

Jerry Shybear put out feelers and arranged a parley. The “sit-down” was
between Klaus Hansen and Paul Bergin on one side, with Jerry and Haziel on
the other.

Hansen and Bergin are directly descended from families who settled the area
in the very beginning. Both men are white, of course, which is a departure
from the tradition of the mother Church that the Prophet and Apostle should
always alternate between the Red and White wings of the Church, but for the
Reformed Church it is unavoidable.

For the sit-down in the Temple rectory the required exposition prayer is
made by Paul Bergin: “May God bless this gathering of his righteous believ-
ers today, and may the peace that passes all understanding fill the hearts
of everyone gathered together here, in the name of Yeshua, God’s only Son.”
And there are amens all around. The irony is that God is actually sitting
right there in the person of Haziel while the Reformed Apostle offers his

Klaus Hansen sees that Haziel is wearing a Star of David necklace. He turns
to Jerry and asks, “Who’s the kike?”

Jerry says, “If you had the slightest glimmer of who she really is you
wouldn’t dare to speak of har in that way. Sha is the human incarnation of
the very God you purport to serve.”

“What happened to Peter Twofeathers and his wife?” Klaus demanded, ignoring
Jerry’s claim. “Why isn’t Peter here?”

“They are in a better place,” Jerry says.

“What does that even mean?”

“God has called them home.”

“Then how did they die?”

“How did Kim die?” Jerry counters, and Klaus has no answer, so Jerry asks
a second question. “Why did you go out from us?”

Klaus can make no objection to the phrasing of that query. He has to admit,
after all, it was the Reformed End Dome Church that walked away. He re-
plies, “The office of Prophet was void when Twofeathers proposed to marry
you off to that twat. The union of you and Kim Zinter was a disgusting
thought. You’re not only not cousins, you’re not even of the same race.”
“That whole cousin thing was always just a Church tradition,” Jerry coun-
ters, “not a dogma or even a doctrine.”

“Our founder, Prophet Mark Lange, believed otherwise. So there was terrible
persecution in state after state, and his pilgrimage clear across the Unit-
ed States to this place.”

“The founder was Chief Wanica actually,” Haziel says. “He took the Golden
Gift from me with his own hands.”

“Look Paul, the race traitor speaks,” said Klaus Hansen, referring to the
fact that Haziel is clearly white, yet sides with the Red Wing. “Captain
Smalley would have taken it away from him if Chief Wanica didn’t beg for
sanctuary in Mark Lange’s wagon train.”

Haziel and Jerry glance at each other, puzzled by Klaus’ fuzzy understand-
ing of Church history.

He turns again to Jerry. “But we hear Kim is dead now. I can’t say I’m
choked up about that.”

“And no wonder,” Haziel says, “you do not even honor your own dead with the
Golden Gift. Yet you do not seem overly concerned, even with the salvation
of your very soul hanging in the balance. Will you return and seal the

“Perhaps that is possible now,” Klaus admits. “Kim’s betrothal to Shybear
was a living affront to God’s eternal principle of racial holiness.”

“Racial holiness?” repeats God, shaking har head in astonishment.

“What are you talking about?” Jerry demanded.

“Thou shalt not amalgamate humans with animals,” Paul Bergin intones,
though from what scripture neither Haziel nor Jerry had any idea. Perhaps
he had just scribbled it on black crayon on the basement wall.He was call-
ing Jerry an animal.

Klaus clarifies things a bit. “You must know that we do not recognize Peter
Twofeather’s authority to change the eternal laws of the Church to allow
you to marry the late Kimberly Zinter, may she rest in peace, etcetera.
That is the heart of the argument we have with the mother Church. Such sa-
cred things must never change by merely human whim.And there is also the
issue of Jerry’s friendship with Hunky and Dory! We know of a surety those
two girls have unnatural affections.”

Bergin nods. “It is an ancient sin. The apostle Paul explicitly condemns
that particular moral defect in Romans chapter one.”

“Paul was just as deluded as you are,” Haziel says. “He complained that
women were exchanging the natural use of their bodies for that which was
against nature. But allow me to break the news to you gentlemen: Women are
not objects to be used.”

Jerry adds, “This racist streak of yours has divided the Church but it is
all just a lot of silly nonsense over nothing. There are no races, Prophet
Hansen. There is only one human race. The Bible and the Buron acknowledge
only ethnicities. In the Sacred Scriptures we read only of peoples and kin-
dreds and tongues, not Whites and Blacks and Yellow Menaces and the Red
Men. The nephilim are called the White Beards and Red Beards and so on, but
they are all the same race, and indeed they are the same species as humans,
because they can still breed with us, and that will be true for thousands
of years.”

Paul Bergin recovers somewhat. “What are you talking about Jerry? There are
indeed races. I can see them with my own eyes!”

“You can?” Haziel cuts in. “Then how many races are there?”

“I say there are three races: Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid.”

“Really? That makes the dark people in India and Pakistan the same race as
the blond people in Scandinavia. And what about the aborigines in Austra-
lia? They have Caucasian and Mongoloid genes, but they are as dark as Ne-
groids. If you go by appearance, Jews are identical to Arabs. Mexican peo-
ple are a mixture of Mongoloid and Caucasian.Even my own child Yeshua is a
lovely brown.”

“Brother Paul is right,” Klaus Hansen says, choosing to ignore Haziel’s
repeated claims to the Godhead. “I see three races as well. They can be
traced right back to the three sons of Noah.”

Jerry catches Haziel’s eye on that remark and winks. “Noah.”

Haziel winks back and says, “The same thing happens with the colors of a
rainbow, it all depends on who looks at it. Some see three colors, some see
seven, some see even more. But it’s really a smooth continuum, you know.
And arguing about where to set the dividing line is the biggest waste of
time there is in this universe.”

“We see evidence in the Bible that dark skin is the Mark of Ham,” Paul
says, “who was cursed for seeing his father Noah naked.”

“Apostle Bergin, there are different levels of pigments in human skin and
that is a good thing. A ginger would not fare so well on the savanna in
Kenya. Traits like color, or the epicanthic fold of Asians, are a vestige
of the isolation of human settlements in ancient times, but that’s chang-

“So what is this meeting all about?” Hansen sneers at Jerry, “Blasphemy
from your crazy God broad? Airing our grievances and moonbeam theories and
going home?” His mouth twists up in a sour expression of disgust, for nei-
ther he nor Bergin have taken to heart a single thing Haziel and Jerry have
said about race. They refuse to believe they are actually in the presence
of their own God, and God is not in the least bit amused by their attitude.
Jerry says, “You left the Church, we stayed. That gives us a bargaining
chip. But if one certain condition is met, then I will propose that Haziel
name you the Prophet of the reunified Green Dome Church.”

Klaus is on the verge of launching into a tirade against Haziel and the
authority Jerry claimed that she had, but he realized it would be fruit-
less.”What condition?”

“I keep the Golden Gift.”

“The relic needs to switch sides.”

“Take the offer or walk, Mr. Hansen.”

“Alright, but I have a few conditions of my own before I’ll let you make me
Prophet again.This idea Twofeathers had that Red and White can get married,
we forget he said that. It never happened.”


“Two. I’m naming Paul here to be the Apostle. That means both the Prophet
and the Apostle are going to be white, from now on, and forever.”


“Three, this God broad here who pretends to be ancient Haziel from the Bu-
ron, I don’t want to see her around anymore.”

“Don’t you worry about that, Prophet Hansen,” sha says.

“Four, the Golden Gift doesn’t leave this temple. I don’t want to find out
you’ve been loaning it out to dig more tunnels or some shit like what hap-
pened with Kim Zinter’s father. And if I think of any more conditions,
I’ll let you know.”

Jerry turns to Haziel, shrugs, and nods.

“Thank you, Prophet Hansen,” Haziel says. “In that case I’ll make it offi-
cial. You are now the Prophet of the Green Dome Church, and Paul Bergin is
the Apostle.”

“Sure, lady, whatever you say.”

After Kim Zinter’s body is found draped over the Tri-State monument and the
crime is reported up the chain by Sheriff Roddy Walker, Agent Mark Felt, a
relatively new FBI hot shot currently assigned to a field office in Texas,
is dispatched to the town of Greendome by Director J. Edgar Hoover person-
ally. Only thirty years of age, with an aristocratic air and look about
him, Felt has already worked on a few occasions with Domestic Enemies Con-
tainment, Observation and Neutralization.His current job in Texas, in fact,
consists of evaluating which cases of wartime espionage and sabotage war-
rant being transferred from FBI oversight, where the Constitution of the
United States still applies, to the black hole of DECON where it simply
does not.

If you’re passing along blueprints of the latest proximity fuses to German
spies, you go to DECON.If you’re extorting wartime ration cards and selling
them on the black market, the Bureau owns your ass.

On the phone, Hoover tells Felt that the Greendome case is a basic homicide
but it is compounded by special circumstances. For one thing, the body was
found lying across three different states. Felt is to be in charge of the
criminal investigation, but Hoover warns that DECON would probably assert
certain protocols with respect to the classification of evidence. Felt’s
job is to navigate the minefield.

Agent Felt arrives at the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Roddy pours him his
first cup of coffee and lays out the documents in his growing case file for
him.”The victim’s name is Kimberly Zinter,” he begins.”She’s a local girl,
age eighteen. Her mother lives in town, but Kim hasn’t been seen anywhere
around Greendome for about a year.”

“Why not?”

“She’s been in the custody of an agency called DECON. Before today I did-
n’t even know there was such a thing as a DECON.”

“I know all about them,” Felt says.”The Director told me the body of the
girl was found by yourself, lying on a marker, on the exact point where
three different states meet.”

“Yes. I figure the perpetrator did that deliberately, to elevate the case
to your level.I’m therefore assuming this is premeditated murder.”

“Did you do an autopsy?”

“I did the rudiments of one with a local doctor. Early this morning DECON
sent out their own doctor. He’s downstairs with the body right now.”

“What did your local doctor come up with?”

“The cause of death was heart failure after multiple penetrations with a
knife through the chest, from the front. My doctor counted thirteen

“Did you find the murder weapon?”

“The perpetrator tossed the knife some distance from the scene, but we
found it by using a bloodhound.It was a kitchen knife, homemade, not store-
boughten, with a unique handle carved from wood. The blood type on the
weapon matches the blood of the girl and we have one set of prints.”

“Okay, I’ll go down to see the girl in a minute, but first tell me if you
can think of anyone who might have had a motive to kill this girl. What’s
the local situation, Sheriff?”

“What we have here in Greendome, Agent Felt, is basically a one-church
town. Some have said Eleven A.M. is the most segregated hour in America,
but that’s just not true here in Greendome.The Church of Green Dome has two
halves, a white half and a red half. By red I mean the Plains Indians.Two
wings, but one Church.The two wings are kept separated by the central dogma
of the Church, which is that only cousins may get married.”

“Are you a member of this Green Dome Church, Sheriff Walker?”

“By birth, but I’m not in good standing anymore. You might say I’m a
lapsed Greendomite. But I’m still plugged in, you might also say, and I
hear things. Recently the Prophet of the Church, Peter Twofeathers, an-
nounced an exception to that cousin law so that the victim could marry a
boy named Jerry Shybear.When he said that, half the white members of the
church walked out of the service.”

“So that narrows it down a bit,” Mark Felt said, tongue-in-cheek.

“Later on that same Sunday three local boys tried to talk sense into Jerry
with a bullwhip and put him in the hospital.After that some of Jerry’s
friends, we think, talked with the three boys who messed up Jerry and put
them in the hospital too.”

“So are Jerry’s friends in your holding cells?”

“No. I don’t know who they are.Jerry won’t talk.The three kids missing
their feet won’t talk either.”

“Missing their feet?”

“Some kind of Indian torture. The doctor considered it a kindness to ampu-
tate.Add to all that, Prophet Twofeathers has suddenly gone missing, and
now they say there’s a new prophet.”

“It sounds like things are getting out of control in your little town,
Sheriff.Lets go downstairs and see the girl.”

Sheriff Walker makes the introduction. “Dr. Trochmann, this is Agent Mark
Felt from the Bureau.Agent Felt, this is Dr. Ian Trochmann of Domestic Ene-
mies Containment, Observation, and Neutralization.”

The doctor is in the middle of his autopsy, so with his gloved hands cov-
ered in Kim’s blood he bypasses the traditional handshake. “How do you do,
Agent Felt?”

Felt asks, “Did you confirm the cause of death, Doctor?”

“Fourteen wounds in the chest with a knife,” the doctor says.”Your own doc-
tor missed one, Sheriff.”He catches Felt’s eye again and nods at a manila

The agent puts on rubber gloves and extracts the murder weapon to examine
it. As weapons go it is not as seriously dangerous as a hunting knife
would be. The blade is thin, flexible, nothing more than a steak knife per-
haps, but with a hand-carved handle.

Felt says, “Director Hoover told me DECON might choose to classify evidence
in this case.Is that true?”

The doctor flips Kim’s body over so she was face down, and moved her pony
tail out of the way.He said, “This bony structure is classified.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve been studying it for a year, and I still don’t know.”

“A year?”

“All the way up to the day when Kim here and her friend Sophie escaped from

“How did they escape?”

“That’s classified too.”

“Classified because knowing the answer will damage the interests of the
United States, or classified because knowing the answer will embarrass DE-


Deputy Bob and Deputy Bill knock on the door of the Zinter home and the
door is opened by a girl who looks exactly like the murder victim.After a
pause, Deputy Bob asks, “Is Clara Zinter here?”

“No, she went away for a while,” the girl answers.”Her son-in-law was
whipped, her daughter was murdered, I told her I didn’t think Greendome
was safe for her right now and she agreed.”

“Who are you?”

“Robyn Zinter. Kim was my twin sister.”

“Do you mind if we come in to ask some questions?”

“Sure.” Sha opens the door wider and lets the officers in. “Have a seat,
fellas. Would you like coffee?”

This they kindly refuse, because they are already loaded up on joe.Deputy
Bill says, “If you don’t mind me saying, Robyn, you don’t seem to be too
cut up after the death of your twin.”

“We weren’t that close.I don’t even live here in Greendome, I’m only house
watching while my mom is away.”

“Where do you live?”

“I live in a place with a funny Indian kind of name. The Land We Know,
they call it. Have you arrested Klaus Hansen and Paul Bergin yet?”

“Why should we?”

“Well, uh, because they murdered my sister!”

“How do you know that?”

“Means, motive, and opportunity,” Robyn says. Sha holds up the pinky of
har left hand. “Means: My sister was killed with a knife from Klaus Han-
sen’s kitchen. Today’s Friday. Trash pick-up day. If you dig in his
trash can you’ll find the whole set.”

“We’ll need a warrant,” Deputy Bob says.

“Not after the trash lands in the truck,” Deputy Bill replies.

Ring finger now.”Motive: She married Jerry Shybear. Any children they
would have had could have married their cousins in both the Red or the
White Wing of the Church.Klaus Hansen walked out of the Church for precise-
ly that reason, and now I hear he’s back in as the Prophet.”

“We didn’t know they were already married,” Bob says.

“Didn’t you collect the jewelry she was wearing? Kim had both an engage-
ment ring and a wedding ring.” Sha holds up har middle finger now.”Final-
ly, fellas, opportunity: Kim was in the custody of DECON for the last year
or so, but she escaped, and came home. Klaus and Paul scooped her up at
knife point.”

“Why do you think Klaus and Paul killed her, and not more of the same boys
who whipped Jerry?”

“The boys who whipped Jerry didn’t do it because they wanted to do it, they
did it because they were told to do it. Those boys may not have talked to
you, but they talked to Jerry’s friends for a couple of days, and Jerry’s
friends aren’t quite so reticent. The merciful thing you can do is arrest
Klaus and Paul now before they have to talk to Jerry’s friends too.”

Deputy Bob says, “You’re not under arrest, Robyn, but you seem to know a
lot more about this case than you should know just by being Kim’s sister.
We don’t have a warrant, but would you object to letting us take your fin-

“Not at all, officer.You’ll find my fingerprints don’t look anything at all
like those of Klaus Hansen’s wife.”

“Billy, go get the kit.”

Later, Deputy Bob is deep in the middle of a garbage truck, up to his chest
in trash, when the truck stops in front of Klaus Hansen’s house. The
trashman tosses two bags into the back of the truck where it is caught by
Bob, then stands on a step outside of the truck as it moves along. He dips
his head inside the truck to take a look.

“Did you see Hansen?” the deputy asks him.

“He was standing on his doorstep, making sure his trash was unmolested un-
til it was mixed with the rest, I figure.”

“We’ll molest it at the station.Let me out when you round the corner.”
Deputy Bill was waiting for him in a county mountie car.

At the station, Earl G. Roland has arrived. He has already taken his report
of Kim’s autopsy from Dr. Trochmann. Now Roland is explaining to Sheriff
Walker and Agent Mark Felt that he is the director of what DECON is calling
the “Kim & Sophie Project” and he is still looking for Sophie.

The stinking deputies come in and dump their stinking trash on the floor.
Sheriff Roddy chews them out but Bob, wearing gloves, digs out of the trash
a wooden block with several knives in it, all of identical make to the mur-
der weapon. He sets it on a table.

“Who?” Agent Felt asks.

“Klaus Hansen. I think the print on the knife belongs to his wife. And
Mr. Paul Bergin’s in on it too.”

“I’ll pick up Hansen with the sheriff. You and Bill get cleaned up and
then bring in Bergin.”

After Sheriff Walker throws Klaus in the slammer, Mark Felt compares the
print taken from the murder weapon to the ones he got from Hansen’s wife
when the arrested him and he gets a match.He goes to the part of the sta-
tion where the cells are located and he says to Klaus, “You may have worn
gloves during the murder, but the knife used to kill her came from your
house.That’s already Murder in the First Degree and the chair.”

Klaus says, “Ah, but the way you found the girl means this isn’t county or
even state.

“We’ve got that covered, Mr. Hansen. I’m from the FBI.”

“I mean higher than that.”

“Talk to me,” says Earl Roland, who has followed Felt and the Sheriff out
to the holding pens.

“Who are you?”

“DECON.I’ve taken a special interest in Greendome lately.”

“I’m the Prophet of the Green Dome Church,” Klaus tells him. “I alone can
get you in to witness the funeral of the girl.”

“Why would I want to see that?”

“Because the Green Dome Church alone in all the world has tangible evidence
of the existence of God.Something you can see and hear and touch.”

This claim intrigues Roland very much, and Felt can see it.”Bullshit, Ro-
land!” he explodes. “I don’t care what he has to show you, this is Murder
One. He’s staying right there in that cell.”

“I suggest you make a call to Director Hoover, Agent Felt.Perhaps he can
re-clarify for you exactly where you and I stand in this case.”

The funeral for Kim Zinter is the first opportunity for the latest Prophet
of the Green Dome Church, Klaus Hansen, to preach in his new role.He has
nothing to say about Kim at all, nor her parents, nor how she has been
missing for the last year , torn out of the lives of her friends and class-
mates. He doesn’t even know the girl, and in fact despises her for marry-
ing Jerry Shybear and thus ripping apart the One True Church. So instead
of giving anything like a decent eulogy, Klaus says to the flock, “Please
join me in turning in your Bible to the book of First Kings chapter eleven,
verses four through eleven.”

Paul Bergin stands in front of Klaus in a white robe, but one step down,
holding a large Bible open for the Prophet to read, marked with tabs. And
Klaus quotes, “For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives
turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with
the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father. For Solomon went
after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomina-
tion of the Ammonites. And Solomon did evil in the sight of the LORD, and
went not fully after the LORD, as did David his father. Then did Solomon
build an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that
is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of
Ammon. And likewise did he for all his strange wives, which burnt incense
and sacrificed unto their gods. And the LORD was angry with Solomon, be-
cause his heart was turned from the LORD God of Israel, which had appeared
unto him twice, and had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should
not go after other gods: but he kept not that which the LORD commanded.
Wherefore the LORD said unto Solomon, ‘Forasmuch as this is done of thee,
and thou hast not kept my covenant and my statutes, which I have commanded
thee, I will surely rend the kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy

After this the people in the congregation thought the Prophet was through,
but then he said, to their dread, “Now turn please to the book of Nehemiah
chapter 13, verses 23 through 27.”

More page flipping, less eager this time.

He said, “In those days also saw I Jews that had married wives of Ashdod,
of Ammon, and of Moab: And their children spake half in the speech of Ash-
dod, and could not speak in the Jews’ language, but according to the lan-
guage of each people. And I contended with them, and cursed them, and smote
certain of them, and plucked off their hair, and made them swear by God,
saying, ‘Ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their
daughters unto your sons, or for yourselves. Did not Solomon king of Israel
sin by these things? yet among many nations was there no king like him, who
was beloved of his God, and God made him king over all Israel: nevertheless
even him did outlandish women cause to sin. Shall we then hearken unto you
to do all this great evil, to transgress against our God in marrying
strange wives?'”

The prophet Klaus Hansen goes on and on, quoting favorite parts of the
scriptures having to do with the sin of inter-marriage, until even most of
the Bunners are in tears, desperately wishing he would stop.When the litur-
gy of the word finally gives way to the Final Rite everyone is greatly re-

Jerry Shybear is carrying out a small deception. He has already given the
original Golden Gift back to Haziel and constructed his own copy of it.
Since it makes the effects of the quantum micro-world efficacious on the
macro scale Jerry calls his copy a macro. It is about the size of a Zippo
lighter, and for the sake of the Last Rite he has encased it in a facsimile
of the original Golden Gift which is covered in gold paint.

Wearing white robes in his role as the Extraordinary Lay Minister of the
Final Rite, he stands over the embalmed body of Kim, which is laid on har
back on the altar, and says the following prayer:

“Lord, when Prince Melchizedek first came to Father Abraham, he used the
Golden Gift as a sure sign of your divinity.In the years that followed,
Michael, the Captain of your hosts, used the Golden Gift as a shield
against the slings and darts of the enemy at Jericho.Closer to our own time
the Golden Gift came into the hands of Chief Wanica, and through it today
we now commit the body of our beloved sister in faith and my own wife, Kim-
berly Barbara Shybear, directly into your hands, and we eagerly look for
the time to come when she will receive again in paradise the years that
were taken away from her on Earth. Amen!”

And Jerry uses his macro to make every scrap of Kim’s body disappear, even
taking swaths of the concrete altar with it, though Jerry carefully tries
not to do so.Periodically a new altar surface needs to be poured and cured.
Earl Roland watches this astonishing sight, then gives the signal to go.The
sanctuary of the Green Dome Church is constructed like a wheel, with aisles
forming twelve spokes. Earl Roland, Dr. Trochmann, Sheriff Walker, his two
deputies, Klaus Hansen, Paul Bergen and five agents of DECON descend toward
the altar, each in his own aisle, making straight for Jerry, who has al-
ready made his macro disappear, but he keeps the phony shell.

Sheriff Roddy Walker is the first to reach Jerry, and he tackles him, flip-
ping the young man face down. The fake Golden Gift falls out of his hand,
and Dr. Trochmann reaches it first. Roland makes the doctor hand it over
to him right away.And he is angry to find it is nothing but an empty shell.

“Where is it, you son of a bitch?” he screams at Jerry.

Jerry is already cuffed, but now he’s being poked and prodded and rolled
over and over by at least four different people.The members of the congre-
gation are beginning to stream out of the temple, and even the Bunners are
muttering, angry that Klaus Hansen actually permitted outsiders to witness
and now defile the Final Rite. At one point the five DECON agents tip over
the altar itself in their search for the innards of the Golden Gift.

Jerry is hauled down to the station, strip searched, body-cavity searched,
and thrown into a cell. But the DECON people stay in the Temple and begin
to tear it apart, looking for Kim’s body and looking for Jerry’s magic
tricks.They find the storeroom directly under the altar, and they find the
little anteroom with the stone floor where the cairn had been built over
the avatar of Chokhmah, but the white dome with needles is long gone.

In their frustration, DECON sets fire to the Temple and razes the entire
structure to the ground. It is the Abomination that makes Desolate.

Around nine o’clock at night Jerry pulls his macro from the fold-space
pocket that goes wherever he goes, and cuts his way out of his jail cell.
As an immediate result the entire Green Dome Church, including the Bunners,
becomes an outlaw cult subject to official persecution from the United
States government.B Before Klaus Hansen and Paul Bergin can be re-arrest-
ed, Jerry’s friends with the sledgehammer, knives, and blowtorches gather
together even worse instruments and invite Klaus and Paul to spend a week
with them.